About Us - EveryThingWhat.com

Have you found yourself in situation when you have a question in mind and want a quick, to-the-point answer to it? You query on your favorite search engine only to get bombarded by text-heavy webpages which you need to scour through mostly irrelevant information till the end only to find simple three sentence answer you are looking for.

It is a real pain and we all have been through it most of the time. People want quick and shorter answers. They are not always in in the mood to go through all the lengthy texts to find what they are looking for. Here at EverythingWhat.com we exactly try to do that.

There is no doubt that answer to your question is hidden inside a pile of few thousand words. Our task is to find and bring it to you from the relevant text. Sounds easy but this is actually a hard problem to solve. It involves the use to machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Moreover, if you want detail to it, then simply click the button next to the answer’s end, to read full answer. But sometimes it may happen (although not very often) that our answer to your question may not be relevant or altogether incorrect. Our algorithm is being trained and gets smarter. In any such case you can contact us to help rewrite the answer. Your small effort can help community a lot.