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Are there any cruises to Cabo San Lucas?

Last Updated: 4th March, 2020

With 18 pristine miles of coastline connecting your port to colonial San José del Cabo, you get two seaside cities in one on a Cabo San Lucas cruise. But, along with water-based activities like fishing, paddling and swimming, you can also add action — or maximum relaxation — to your itinerary.

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In this way, do cruise ships go to Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is an anchor port for all cruises sailing on Mexico's Riviera and Sea of Cortez itineraries, but passengers are a small minority of the tourists who flock there. Cabo also has some of the best sportfishing in the world, and it is the quest for marlin that put the town on the map.

Subsequently, question is, where do cruise ships tender in Cabo San Lucas? Cruise ships visiting Cabo San Lucas will anchor in the bay (Bahia San Lucas) on the Sea of Cortez. Passengers take a cruise ship tender to the Tender Dock. Here is a map of where you will be dropped off, centered on the + :

Regarding this, is it safe to cruise to Cabo San Lucas?

From a political and social viewpoint, Cabo San Lucas is considered by them to be rather safe. However, this does not mean that all tourists will be safe from everything. There may be certain issues that affect some of the travellers. For example, pickpockets might be an issue.

What days do cruise ships dock in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas cruise terminal

Day Ship Departure
17 January, 2020 Friday Pacific Princess 22:00
18 January, 2020 Saturday Crystal Serenity 18:00
19 January, 2020 Sunday Grand Princess 17:00
19 January, 2020 Sunday Seven Seas Mariner 16:00

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What is the best month to take a cruise to Mexico?

Mexican Riviera: February Through Mid-April
You can cruise to Mexico year-round, either as part of a Western Caribbean itinerary or as a dedicated Mexico voyage. The best time to visit Mexico is during its dry season, November through May. However, it's a popular destination even during the rainier summer months.

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What cruises leave from San Francisco?

Cruise Ship
  • Carnival Cruise Lines (1) Carnival Miracle.
  • Cunard Cruises (2) Queen Elizabeth. Queen Victoria.
  • Holland America Line (1) Nieuw Amsterdam.
  • Oceania Cruises (2) Insignia. Regatta.
  • Princess Cruises (5) Emerald Princess. Grand Princess. Ruby Princess. Star Princess.
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises (1) Seven Seas Mariner.

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What is the best Norwegian ship?

Norwegian Joy is the top-ranked ship overall.

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What cruises leave from San Diego?

Cruise Ship
  • Carnival Cruise Lines (1) Carnival Miracle.
  • Celebrity Cruises (3) Celebrity Eclipse. Celebrity Millennium. Celebrity Summit.
  • Disney Cruise Line (1) Disney Wonder.
  • Holland America Line (7) Eurodam. Koningsdam. Maasdam. Oosterdam. Rotterdam.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line (1) Norwegian Sun.
  • Princess Cruises (1) Emerald Princess.

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Does JetBlue fly to Cabo San Lucas?

JetBlue Airways Airfares to Los Cabos
When you have cheap airfare deals right at your fingertips, there's no need to spend a fortune on your next big trip. We provide a list of JetBlue Airways flight deals to Los Cabos, so you can save money when you travel.

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What do you do when you get off cruise ship in Cabo San Lucas?

Best of all, the tour starts a very short distance from the cruise ship terminal.
  1. Buccaneer Queen. Marina.
  2. Cabo Submarine. Marina.
  3. Cabo Sky Tours. Medano Beach.
  4. High Tide Sea Expeditions. Cabo San Lucas.
  5. Cabo Flyboard. Medano Beach.
  6. Cabo Expeditions. Marina.
  7. Playa del Amor. Cabo San Lucas.
  8. Caborey. Marina.

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Is Cabo San Lucas a tender port?

Cabo San Lucastender port. Cabo San Lucas does not have a cruise dock available large enough to facilitate cruise ships. Therefore cruise ships will drop anchor in the Cabo San Lucas bay. From here they will tender you to shore with their life boats.

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Does Royal Caribbean go to Mexico anymore?

Royal Caribbean pulls out of Mexican Riviera. Beginning in January, Mariner of the seas will no longer sail to Cabo or other Pacific coast ports of Mexico. It is being repositioned to Europe. Royal Carribean will not be replacing any ship in its place either.

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Is Cabo Safe 2020?

So, is Cabos safe? Yes, but it wouldn't be wise to assume that there's never petty crime. Due to the crime in other parts of the state, you'll experience most safety in Cabo San Lucas around your resort's property and in other touristy areas.

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Is Cabo safer than Cancun?

Cabo has a much safer feel than Cancun, has a more laid back atmosphere, has really great restaurants, and a ton of fun bars that you don't have to be indoors for or pay a cover charge to get into like many in Cancun.

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Is Cabo safe right now 2019?

No, but really, going through the objective explanation of it: according to the Department of State of the United States, Mexico is at a level-two alert. Now, to understand what this means, the Department of State based on crime and other statistics implemented four Travel-Advisory Levels: Normal exercise precautions.

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Is downtown Cabo safe?

There are always areas in any city to be careful of, but the marina and downtown proper is safe and I have never felt uneasy. The Rose is on a stretch of beach called Medando Beach.

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Which is better Cancun or Cabo?

Los Cabos is cooler and drier, similar to the beautiful weather in Southern California. Cancun is humid and in the Gulf of Mexico, which creates a greater chance of hurricanes and heavy storms. Cabo only has on average 10 rain days per year. For those looking to travel on a budget, Cancun is the way to go.

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How dangerous is Cabo San Lucas?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Cabo San Lucas has a medium crime level and pickpocketing and telephonic extortion are frequent criminal acts happening in crowded areas of the city.

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What is the best area to stay in Cabo San Lucas?

Either Medano Beach, or around the Pacific tip side are the two choices for places that are close to restaurants, downtown, activities, etc.

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What is the best time of year to go to Cabo San Lucas?

The best time to visit Cabo is from May to June, when the wintertime crowds have gone home and the summertime storms have yet to hit. October and November are also nice months for a vacation, but you'll need to begin your hotel search early if you want to save money.

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Can you drink the water in Cabo?

Can You Drink the Water in Cabo San Lucas? The water supply for Los Cabos is well water. While some drink the water directly from the tap, multiple factors can lead to contamination. We recommend drinking only bottled or purified water just as if you were anywhere else.

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Can I use Uber in Cabo San Lucas?

Currently, there is Uber in Cabo however, they cannot pick you up at the Los Cabos Airport or Cabo San Lucas Airport. If you get an Uber in Los Cabos to drive to the Airport they can only drop you off and this is still questionable being legal.

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Are there great white sharks in Cabo?

Great Whites swim in Baja California waters, but there's nothing to fear. If you're headed to a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, you might be worried about finding great white sharks in the Sea of Cortez. While great whites have definitely been sighted offshore, you don't need to worry about your safety.