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Where are my saved items in Facebook marketplace?

To view the things you've saved:
  • Go to or click Saved on the left side of News Feed.
  • Click a saved category at the top or click a saved item to view it.

Consequently, how do I find my saved items on the marketplace?

To view the things you've saved:

  1. Tap .
  2. Tap Saved.
  3. Tap a collection at the top or tap a saved item to view it.

Also, how do I view my saved videos on Facebook? How to find your saved videos on Facebook using a mobile device
  1. Open the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Tap the three bars in the lower-right corner of your screen to get to the Facebook menu.
  3. In the menu, tap "Saved," which has a pink and purple ribbon icon next to it.

Similarly, it is asked, why can't I see my saved items on Facebook?

When you save things on Facebook, they'll appear in your Saved Items that only you can see. If you're still unable to view your saved items, please use the “Report a Problem” link on your account to let us know more about what you're seeing.

How do I save something on Facebook marketplace?

To save items on Marketplace:

  1. From, click Marketplace in the top left.
  2. Click a listing that you want to save.
  3. Click Save below the Send button.

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Where are my saved Google Images?

Steps 1 and 2. Step 2: Tap on an image of interest and press the star icon to the bottom right of the image. Step 3: After saving, you'll see a new banner display that lets you view all saved images. You can tap this, or head to to see all saved images.

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Where are my saved links on Iphone?

To then access your bookmarks (the pages you have saved) tap the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner and tap Bookmarks. You will see your bookmark folders displayed. Tap the folder that you saved the webpage in to open it and view all the webpages saved in that folder.

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Where are my saved items on my Iphone?

To access your Saved folder, you must first scroll to the bottom of the sidebar menu and tap on Edit Favorites. Next, tap the + sign and select Saved from your list of Apps. Then tap Done. Now, you should see your Saved folder in the Favorites section of your sidebar menu!

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How do I delete saved items on Facebook marketplace?

To remove saved items on Marketplace:
  1. From, click Marketplace in the top left.
  2. Click Saved Items in the left menu.
  3. To remove a saved listing, click .
  4. Click Remove Saved Item, then click OK.

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Are Saved items on Facebook public?

For now, saved items are private unless you decide to share them, but considering this is Facebook we're talking about, it's likely that Saved could become viewable to your friends at some point in the future.

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Where are my saved drafts on Facebook app?

To retrieve your draft and keep working on it, simply click on “see draft” from your timeline, or go to your “activity log.” Then just work on your post as you would normally, save again as draft or decide to schedule, backdate or publish it as you would normally from your timeline. This is a great add-on by Facebook.

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How do you save a video off of Facebook onto your phone?

  1. Visit the Facebook Video Saver to save it on your mobile phone.
  2. Copy the facebook video URL which you want to save.
  3. Paste the copied URL to the facebook video saver and tap on the submit option.
  4. That's it, select the video resolution to save it on your phone.

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Is there a limit to saved items on Facebook?

Hi Alessandra, Great question! Your saved posts don't expire. If you're unable to see some of your saved items, it might be because the original post got deleted.

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Where are my saved videos on my phone?

Once you've installed the app, you can find your downloaded files by selecting the Browse tab at the bottom of the app, then tapping Downloads. Tap a file to open it, or long-press on it to select the file and delete, share or rename it.

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Where are my saved videos on Android?

Move files
Media saved from Storage location
Browser Download
Camera DCIM > Camera
Video Videos, or DCIM > Camera
Screen capture Pictures > Screenshots

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How do I recover an unsaved Facebook post?

Facebook Account Settings to Recover Deleted Posts
Click the “Notifications” link on the left side. Click on Email. Scroll down to the Wall Comments title and click the boxes next to the “Comments on a story on your Wall” and “Comments after you on a Wall story” to turn on the email notification feature.

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Can I download a video from Facebook?

How to download Facebook videos on Android. Open your Facebook app. Find a video you want to download, and click the three-dot Settings icon in the top right. Paste the URL and click the red "Catch Video" button.

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How do I download a video from Facebook to my Android phone?

Just follow these steps to download Facebook videos on Android:
  1. Open the Facebook video you want to download in the Facebook app or the website.
  2. On the app, hit share and then tap Copy Link.
  3. Open in a browser that supports downloading.
  4. Paste the link where it asks you to and click Download.