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What are the height and weight requirements to be a Rockette?

Rockettes must be between 5'6″ and 5'10 ½” tall (measurements will be taken in stocking feet). Rockettes candidates must be proficient in ballet, tap, and jazz. To learn more about the history of the Rockettes, click here.

Accordingly, how much does a Rockette make?

Typically, each Rockette receives a paycheck of between $1,400 and $1,500 each week. Because these famous dancers only perform seasonally, this only amounts to between $36,400 to $39,000 per year. The Rockettes do receive their benefits year-round, though.

Furthermore, how old do you have to be to become a Rockette? You must be at least 18 years of age. Technically, there's no maximum age limit, but Rockettes typically aim to hit the goal of at least 10 years on the stage before hanging up their tap shoes.

Also, what is the average height of a Rockette?

Rockettes have to be between 5' 6" and 5' 10 1/2" tall (not counting those ultra-high heels). In kick lines, they stand with the tallest women in the middle, moving down to the shortest on the ends, which creates the illusion that they're doing everything in unison.

Do Rockettes have to sing?

Rockettes tend to get asked back year after year, which makes it one of the steadiest gigs in the business -- and one of the few gigs for jazz and tap-dancers who don't also sing.

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Why do the Rockettes not touch?

DURING HIGH KICKS, HOW TIGHTLY DO THEY HOLD EACH OTHER? Prepare to be astonished: “We actually don't touch each other,” says LaVergne. The dancers just lightly brush the women beside them with outstretched arms. They call it “feeling the fabric.” That ensures they're in line without pushing or leaning.

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How many black Rockettes are there?

For the first time in 10 years, the Rockettes will hold “open call” auditions outside NYC, with Chicago and Atlanta tryouts scheduled in May. Last season, the 80-member troupe — which features two casts of 36 dancers and four substitutes — included just four black women, or two per show, the company said.

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What should I wear to the Rockettes?

Most people wore dress pants or dress jeans and nice tops or sweaters. Since it's holiday time, good time to wear your holiday apparel.

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How much money does a principal ballet dancer make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dancers make a median hourly wage of $16.96 with the top 10 percent of dancers making around $30.95 per hour. Still, principal dancers can command much higher paydays such as $3,000-to-$5,000 per performance as guest stars with major companies.

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Who owns Rockettes?

In late 2016, the Madison Square Garden Company, which manages the troupe, agreed to have the Rockettes perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump. According to a report in the New York Daily News, there was an initial "edict" to perform at the inaugural.

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How much do Broadway dancers make?

Broadway Shows
New York Magazine, in an October 2011 article, listed seasoned dancers in New York as making approximately $1,500 a week, and said that top performers guest starring with professional dance companies made as much as $3,000 to $5,000 a performance.

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How many Rockettes are there?

There are a total of 80 Rockettes—40 Rockettes in each cast, and only 36 of us perform onstage at a time.

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What is the shortest Rockette?

And although I was the smallest of the bunch (the shortest Rockette is 5 ft.

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What is a kick line?

Noun. kickline (plural kicklines) A line of dancers who perform a kicking dance such as the cancan.

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What do Rockettes do in the off season?

During the off-season, they do cross-training to stay strong—some even teach classes. When they're not rehearsing precise choreography, the Rockettes do different types of workouts to keep them strong and in shape. Some of the women actually teach classes when they're not Rockette-ing.

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What shoes do the Rockettes wear?

That's right—heels. Granted, the shoes the Rockettes wear are custom dance shoes, but at the end of the day, they are dancing on at least a 2 1/2-inch heel for three months straight.

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Does the Rockettes Christmas show change every year?

That's why we've created a list of 11 impressive and amazing facts you should know about the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and the talented Rockettes. 1. Some of the songs, including “Parade of Wooden Soldiers” and the “Living Nativity” have been staged every year since the show's first staging in 1932.

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What should I wear to a dance audition?

Go-To Dance Audition Outfit: I'll usually wear a colored V-neck shirt from lulu (they are presentable but have a lot of give), jazz pants and a dance belt. Then, depending on the call, jazz shoes, character shoes, sneakers, etc. The Importance of Your Outfit: Colors matter!

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Can you buy Rockettes tickets at box office?

Tickets are available for purchase on the Rockettes site, at the Radio City Music Hall box office or at the Madison Square Garden or the Beacon Theatre Box Office, or by calling Ticketmaster at 866-858-0007.

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How long is the Rockettes show?

1 hour and about 37 minutes

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When did the Rockettes start?

THE Radio City Rockettes is the dance company founded in 1925 in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1932, the Rockettes have performed out of Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, New York City.

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How do you audition for the Rockettes?

How to Become A Rockette, According To the Coach Who's Trained 36 Of Them
  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Get in shape.
  3. Dress the part.
  4. Don't be discouraged if you can't tap.
  5. Skip contemporary class.
  6. Approach learning choreography as a skill.
  7. Focus on what's in your control.
  8. Practice good audition etiquette.

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How do I get to Radio City Music Hall by train?

Take Amtrak to Radio City Music Hall
From Penn Station, take the 1 subway train toward 215th Street to 50th Street-Broadway. Radio City Music Hall is about a 5-minute walk east along 50th Street from the 50th Street-Broadway station.