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Can a utility company come on my property?

The typical utility easement allows the utility provider, be they electric, water, gas, cable, etc., to come onto a property to install or maintain their physical infrastructure. Regardless, the utility company didn't run their services until they had guaranteed themselves an easement.

Besides, can Electric Company Enter your property?

For instance, if there is an electric line that runs through your property, you cannot take it down. If the utility company does not have an easement and is trespassing, you can file a trespass suit. However, you should make sure the utility company does not have an implied easement or an easement by prescriptive use.

Beside above, can you build in a utility easement? Yes, you can build on a property easement, even a utility easement. The dominant estate owning the easement may need to access the easement. Anything, from a house addition down to fences, shrubs, and children's playsets might need to be removed in this event.

Also asked, how do I find utility easements on my property?

If you want to know where any utility easements are located on your property, call the utility company. Or you can go to the county land records office or city hall and ask a clerk to show you a map of the easement locations. A survey of the property will also show the location of utility easements.

Can a utility easement be moved?

Easements appurtenant are adjacent to the servient estate (the underlying land). If the dominant estate (the property which enjoys the benefit of an easement over the servient estate) is sold or otherwise transferred to another, the easement over the servient land is transferred with it.

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Who owns land under power lines?

Homeowners and Easements
All types of utility companies are granted easements on the lands over or under which their lines run. Your electric power company, for example, usually has an easement to use the portion of your land on which its towers and lines sit. However, an easement holder doesn't own the land.

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How do I get a utility easement removed?

How to Get Rid of Real Estate Easements
  1. Quiet the Title.
  2. Allow the Purpose for the Easement to Expire.
  3. Abandon the Easement.
  4. Stop Using a Prescriptive Easement.
  5. Destroy the Reason for the Easement.
  6. Merge the Dominant and Servient Properties.
  7. Execute a Release Agreement.

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Who pays property taxes on an easement?

Easements don't change ownership of the property, so the land owner will still have to pay the property taxes on it. Some states and localities, however, give land owners a property tax credit for certain right-of-way easements.

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Do utility companies pay for easements?

Any number of individuals and entities may have an easement attached to your property. Like many property owners, you may have no idea to whom these easements are granted. Generally, the electric company does not pay compensation for a typical easement. One exception to this rule exists, however.

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What is the right of way for power lines?

What is a right-of-way? It is a legal agreement that allows us access to the property directly beneath and to either side of an electric power line. Also called an easement, the right-of-way allows us to enter the property at any time, to perform maintenance or repairs to our equipment.

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How much is an easement worth?

Member. 1) The value of the easement is less than the value of the land itself, so you can establish the maximum value that way (e.g., if land it $10000/acre, and the easement takes up half an acre, then it's worth no more than $5000).

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What is utility easement line?

A utility easement is an easement that allows a utility the right to use and access specific area of another's property for laying gas, electric, water, and sewer lines. The utility has the right to use a strip of land for the lines, and to enter the land for maintenance and repair of the lines.

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Can I refuse a utility easement?

As the owner, you have a legal right to grant or to deny someone's request for an easement on your property. No one can simply impose an easement on you. However, if the easement is sought by a public entity like a local government or utility, your denial may be challenged in court.

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Who is responsible for maintaining utility easement?

One issue that comes up from time to time is whose responsibility it is to maintain an easement. The short answer is – the owner of the easement is responsible for maintaining the easement.

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How long do you have to maintain land before you can claim it?

Assuming you draw a blank, you can try to acquire the site through "adverse possession". This involves occupying and using the land, to the exclusion of all others, for a long period – 12 years if it's unregistered, though some land owned by the Crown must be occupied for at least 60 years before you can claim title.

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Does an easement devalue my property?

Common easements have NO impact on property value as property value is determined by the principle of “substitution”. You can have a utility easement, with no utility infrastructure in it. Whether it does or does not is irrelevant. Your property value is based on the prices paid recently for neighbor's homes.

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What are the three types of easements?

There are three common types of easements.
  • Easement in gross. In this type of easement, only property is involved, and the rights of other owners are not considered.
  • Easement appurtenant.
  • Prescriptive Easement.

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Are utility easements public property?

PUE stands for Public Utility Easement. PUEs are not granted in the public streets and highways, but are upon the real property purchased by the purchasers of the subdivided lots. These easements are not granted to the county; instead, the easements are expressly dedicated to the public utility purposes.

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Can I plant trees on utility easement?

The easement only reserves rights for particular purposes; it does not otherwise prohibit you from using the land that you own. There is no reason you cannot plant trees or shrubs within the easement for privacy. Bear in mind, however

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Can you put a gate on an easement?

Matthew Ace Johnson. The short answer is that yes the land owner likely can close and/or lock the gate across an easement. However, the land owner would need to provide the easement holder with access (so a key to the lock for instance); otherwise they are

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What does it mean if you have an easement on your property?

An easement is a property interest that gives someone the legal right to use or own parts of the property owner's land. The person does not legally own or possess the land, but has the right to use it through an agreement with the owner. The property owner may exclude anyone but the easement holder from the land.

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How big is a utility easement?

However, the purpose and use will establish the width. Some widths may be less than 20 feet. Other Utilities: Power, cable, telephone, etc., require a minimum of a 10-foot easement, but may need more depending on the location of the easement.

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Can you fence in a utility easement?

Building a fence on an easement is risky, because the property owner may be ordered to take it down, or find it destroyed by a public utility that has easement access to the property. Utility easements can be above or below ground, and these are usually electrical power lines, gas lines and telephone lines.

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Can you pour concrete over a utility easement?

You can concrete ove an easement providing you get approval from the appropriate authorities (ie who owns the services). Although it rarely happens, just remember that they have the right to remove anything built over the easement if they need to work on the services.