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Can AAA tow my friend's car?

According to AAA, the membership providesbenefitsto the actual member, not the vehicle. That meansif you arewith someone else who is having car problems, youcanuse your card to get service for their vehicle.The samewould work if you don't have a membership but afriendtraveling with you does.

Similarly, can I use someone else's AAA discount?

Most AAA mechanics will not even ask ifthecar belongs to the passenger or to the person withoutthemembership. On the other side of things, usinganotherperson's AAA membership card number toacquirediscounts on purchases, booking vacations, and othermemberbenefits is against the company's policies.

Also, can I add a friend to my AAA membership? Whether you have AAA Classic, Plus, orPremier,you can add one adult from your household andup toseven dependent children. But AAAAssociateMemberships aren't just for those who drive.Includeyour younger children for added peace of mind whenthey'reriding in someone else's car.

Moreover, can a family member use your AAA?

AAA membership benefits follow you,themember named on the card and are not to be usedbyothers. As a member, you are covered in any vehicle youaredriving or riding in at the time of disablement.Associatememberships are available for other familymembers.Can other family members use mymembershipcard?

How many times will AAA tow your car?

Basic membership gets roadside and short-distancetowing.As an AAA Plus member, you can tow up to 100miles andreceive lock-out assistance. Premier members get up to200 milesof free towing and 24-hour conciergeservice.

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Can I join AAA and use it immediately?

You can use your Roadside Assistance CLASSIClevelbenefits as soon as your membership payment isprocessed;however, there is a seven (7) calendar day wait forextended PLUS orPREMIER benefits. A service fee for memberswanting to joinand use Roadside Assistance the sameday mayapply.

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How many times can you call AAA in a year?

Every membership year, you and alltheother members of your family who join AAA are eachallowedup to four (4) free calls for RoadsideAssistanceeach.

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Do hotels really check your AAA card?

One of the easiest ways to save money onahotel stay is with AAA. Anyway,technicallythe rate terms when you book the AAA ratestate thatyou'll need to present your identificationatcheck-in. However, I can't recall ever being asked toshowmy AAA card. Ever, anywhere intheworld.

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Can I use AAA if I lost my card?

If you cannot locate it that way, youcantry using the AAA national hotline1-800-222-8252,the national membership hotline toll-free number.If you arestill having problems, you can try tocontact your localAAA office and they should be able to helpyou find yourAAA number.

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How much does it cost to join AAA?

Depending on where you live and the level of coverageyouchoose, AAA membership costs range from about $40 to$165 perperson, per year. To decide if AAA is worth theprice foryou, consider the costs and benefits ofmembership andpossible alternatives.

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Does AAA fix flat?

No, AAA does not do roadsidetirerepair. In the benefits, they list Flat TireService. If youclick on the link, you will see that theywillreplace your flat tire with your good spare ontheroadside. If that is not possible, they will towyourvehicle to a repair shop where your tire can be repairedorreplaced.

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How much is AAA a year?

Again, remember that costs vary across thecountry.AAA South, for instance, charges $66 a yearforClassic membership, $100 a year for Plus, and $126forPremier. The cost of adding other family members ranges from $30to$65 a year, although there is a discount in thefirstyear.

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What is the best roadside assistance?

Best Roadside Assistance Companies
  • Top Choice. Best Roadside Service.
  • AAA. The American Automobile Association, AAA for short, isoneof the best roadside assistance companies around.
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance.
  • Allstate Motor Club.
  • National Motor Club.
  • Paragon Motor Club.
  • AARP.
  • Better World Club.

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Is AAA for the car or person?

AAA charges annual membership fees totheirmembers and covers you as long as you are in the car.Itdoes not matter whether it is your own car, arentalcar, you are driving a friend's car, or you'resimplyriding in someone's car.

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Can AAA tow your car without you there?

When your vehicle cannot be started orsafelydriven, it will be towed without charge toadestination of your choice up to five miles fromthepoint of breakdown for Classic members and up to100 milesfor Plus members. Only one tow per mechanicalbreakdowncan be made at AAA's expense.

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What does AAA stand for?

American Automobile Association

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What does AAA Plus membership cover?

Staying on the go is important to you, and withAAAPlus at your side, you get the added protection andsavingsthat help you go forward with confidence. Plusmembershipprovides you up to four service calls permembership year.Plus benefits include: MORE MILES -Up to 100 miles oftowing.

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What does my AAA Plus membership include?

AAA Classic Membership
Classic members receive standard benefits suchasroadside assistance, member discounts, and accesstoAAA Insurance and vacation planning. Eligiblevehiclesinclude most passenger cars, trucks, SUVsandvans.

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Can AAA unlock my car?

If you have AAA you can call themtounlock your vehicle. The vehiclelocksmithblurb provided on the AAA website says: If the keythatoperates or provides access to the passenger compartment ofthevehicle is lost or broken, service will be senttogain entrance.

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Does AAA reimburse for towing?

You should request that they tow your vehicletotheir lot off the toll road so that you may contact AAAtorequest service. Otherwise, pay for the service and get anitemizedreceipt, which you may submit to AAAforreimbursement consideration.

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What is AAA Classic membership?

Join AAA. Classic membership gives youthe#1-rated roadside assistance in the nation which starts withfivemiles of free towing. Classic membership provides you uptofour service calls per membership year. You alsoenjoygreat, everyday savings with the largest memberdiscountprogram in the world.

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What are the benefits of having AAA?

Best AAA Membership Discounts andSavingsOpportunities
  1. Locksmith Services. Besides roadside assistance andtowing,AAA's locksmith discount is arguably its most valuableandconsistent benefit.
  2. General Retail.
  3. Dining.
  4. Food and Drink.
  5. Pet Products.
  6. Electronics.
  7. Automotive.
  8. Health and Wellness.

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How many free tows do you get with AAA?

Up to 4 calls per year including towing up to 100mileswith one tow up to 200 miles tow per membership.AAAprovides mobile battery testing andreplacementservices.

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How many times can you use AAA?

Each member (Primary or Associate) in your householdisallowed four Emergency Road Service calls per year. (If therearetwo AAA members in your household, each one wouldbeallowed four calls for a total of eight.) There is no waitingtimebetween Roadside Assistance calls.