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Can AC be transformed?

AC can be converted to and fromhighvoltages easily using transformers. AC is also capableofpowering electric motors. Motors and generators are the exactsamedevice, but motors convert electrical energy into mechanicalenergy(if the shaft on a motor is spun, a voltage is generated attheterminals!).

In this regard, how is AC current generated?

An alternating current is produced by anelectricgenerator. As the wire rotates in the magnetic field, thechangingstrength of the magnetic field through the wire produces aforcewhich drives the electric charges around the wire. Theforceinitially generates an electric current inonedirection along the wire.

Likewise, can a transistor converts DC to AC? A single transistor cannot convert DCtoAC. But if you use a combination of minimum 2transistorwith 2 capacitors you can do it. Thecircuit is known ashalf bridge inverter circuit. The antiparalleldiodes across thetransistor only necessary for inductiveload only to pumpthe current back to the source.

Thereof, why can transformers only use AC?

Why Transformers Only Works WithAlternatingCurrent The main coil is linked to an ACsupply.The altering current generates a changing magnetic field.Thismakes an alternating voltage in the minor coil. This makesanAC in the circuit associated to thesecondarycoil.

Why does AC current travel longer?

AC is (otherwise) preferred because it isfareasier to convert to a different voltage using a transformer.Thereason why AC is primarily used for longdistancetransmission is due to the fact that it is very easy toincreasethe voltage of AC with a transformer.

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What is AC signal?

An electrical signal is a voltage or currentwhichconveys information, usually it means a voltage. The term canbeused for any voltage or current in a circuit.AlternatingCurrent (AC) Alternating Current(AC)flows one way, then the other way, continuallyreversingdirection.

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Why AC current is used in homes?

Since high voltages are more efficient forsendingelectricity great distances, AC electricity has anadvantageover DC. This is because the high voltages from thepowerstation can be easily reduced to a safer voltage foruse inthe house. Changing voltages is done by the useof atransformer.

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How is current measured?

The SI unit of electric current is theampere,which is the flow of electric charge across a surface at therateof one coulomb per second. The ampere (symbol: A) is an SIbaseunit Electric current is measured using adevicecalled an ammeter.

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How is AC converted to DC?

A rectifier is an electrical device thatconvertsalternating current (AC), which periodicallyreversesdirection, to direct current (DC), which flows inonly onedirection. The process is known as rectification, sinceit"straightens" the direction of current.

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Is power dissipated negative?

You cannot have negative power in aresistor,unless the resistor is generating power likedissimilarjunctions in metal. But the positive power isalways greaterthan the negative power, due to losses. Butthe overall timeaveraged power will be positive, ie,supplied from thesource and dissipated in thecircuit.

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Which is better AC or DC?

Why is DC better than AC? UnlikeAC,a direct current undergoes no switching. There are noperiods andthe current flows in a single direction with a steadyvoltage. Asalready mentioned, DC is prone to lose power asheat –a characteristic that Edison exploited to light thefirstbulb.

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What is the current?

Current is a flow of electrical chargecarriers,usually electrons or electron-deficient atoms. The commonsymbolfor current is the uppercase letter I. In analternatingcurrent (AC), the flow of charge carriersreverses directionperiodically.

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Is a sine wave AC or DC?

Pulsed DC is commonly produced fromAC(alternating current) by a half-waverectifier or afull-wave rectifier. Full waverectified ac ismore commonly known as Rectified AC.PDC has somecharacteristics of both alternating current(AC) anddirect current (DC) waveforms.

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Why are transformers rated in KVA?

The Copper loss(I2R) occurs due to the flowofthe current in the transformer winding and the Iron orcoreloss occurs due to the voltage. These losses do not depend onthepower factor so that is why the transformer rating inKVA notKW. These are the Three Reasons Why Transformeris Ratedin KVA.

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How do AC transformers work?

A transformer is an electrical apparatusdesignedto convert alternating current from one voltage to another.It canbe designed to "step up" or "step down" voltages and works onthemagnetic induction principle. A voltage is then induced intheother coil, called the secondary or output coil.

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Why can't transformers use DC?

Transformers are used to transfer electricpowerfrom one end to another through the medium of Magnetic Field.Dueto constant flux there will be no emf induced in primaryorsecondary and hence transformer will be of nouse.So, you can safely say that Current Transformerscannot workwith DC Supply.

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What is the difference between AC motor and AC generator?

Difference between the AC Motor and theDCMotor
In the AC motor, the source of power isACmains supply whereas in DC motor power is obtainedfrombatteries. In AC motors the armature is stationary andthemagnetic field rotates whereas in DC motors it isviceverse.

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Why do we use transformers?

A transformer is a device that is usedtoeither raise or lower voltages and currents in anelectricalcircuit. In modern electrical distributionsystems,transformers are used to boost voltage levelsso asto decrease line losses during transmission.

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What is rms value of current?

The RMS value of a set of values (oracontinuous-time waveform) is the square root of the arithmeticmeanof the squares of the values, or the square of thefunctionthat defines the continuous waveform. In physics, theRMScurrent is the "value of the direct currentthatdissipates power in a resistor."

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What is a step up transformer?

A transformer that increases the voltagefromprimary to secondary (more secondary winding turns thanprimarywinding turns) is called a step-uptransformer.Conversely, a transformer designed to dojust the oppositeis called a step-downtransformer.

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What happens when DC is applied to transformer?

When a dc supply is provided tothetransformer primary no self induced emf will begenerated(no back emf). Therefore heavy current will flow inthetransformer primary winding which may result in burningdownthe transformer primary winding.

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Can DC current produce electromagnetic waves?

In a DC circuit operating with aconstantcurrent, the electrical charges, usually electrons,onlyexperience very tiny accelerations and very little energyisradiated as electromagnetic waves. Thecurrentcarrying charged particles in AC circuits arecontinuouslyaccelerating and always emitelectromagneticwaves.

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Can we change DC to AC?

Inverters can also be used with transformerstochange a certain DC input voltage into acompletelydifferent AC output voltage (either higher orlower) butthe output power must always be less thanthe inputpower: it follows from the conservation ofenergy that aninverter and transformer can't give outmorepower

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Which is dangerous AC or DC?

DC is more dangerous in one respect inthatit causes more electrolysis in the tissues thanAC.Realistically (statistically) speaking, AC ismoredangerous that DC. This comes from the factthat120/240v AC is the voltage that we are most likelytoencounter - which can kill us.