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Can an app be returned?

Within the first two hours after purchasing anapp, you can request a refund for any reason andautomatically get one. So, if an app doesn't work well or agame doesn't meet your expectations, you can return itwithout dealing with customer service.

In this manner, how do I return an app to the app store?

How to get a refund using your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Mail from your Home screen.
  2. Search for "Your receipt from Apple" if it's not immediatelyvisible.
  3. Tap on the receipt for the purchase your want refunded.
  4. Tap Report a Problem next to the purchase you want toreport.
  5. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.

Beside above, what does restore purchase mean on apps? Basically, if you delete the app, move to a newphone, whatever, your purchases will no longer be availableon that device. Restore Purchases asks iTunes what of theavailable in-app purchases you've paid for.

People also ask, can you get a refund on Apple apps?

If you experience a problem with music, movies,TV shows, books, or apps you purchase from iTunes or theApp Store, you can request a refund directlyfrom Apple.

How do I cancel an app subscription?

How to cancel an App Store or News+ subscription on iPhoneor iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap iTunes & App Store.
  3. Tap on your Apple ID.
  4. Tap View Apple ID when the pop up window appears.
  5. Enter your Apple ID password or fingerprint ID whenprompted.
  6. Tap Subscriptions.
  7. Tap the Subscription you want to cancel.

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What is Apple's return policy?

Standard Return Policy
You have 14 calendar days to return an item fromthe date you received it. Only items that have been purchaseddirectly from Apple, either online or at an AppleRetail Store, can be returned toApple.

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How do I contact the app store?

Product and Services Support
  1. U.S. iPod, Mac and iPad technical support: (800) APL–CARE(800–275–2273)
  2. U.S. iPhone technical support: (800) MY–IPHONE(800–694–7466)
  3. See all worldwide support telephone numbers.
  4. Contact a mobile carrier.
  5. Make a reservation at an Apple Retail Store Genius Bar.
  6. Beats support:

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How do I cancel a pending app purchase?

Choose Store > View My Appie ID, then clickManage Purchases, which is located in the Settings sectionat the bottom of the Account Information screen in iTunes onyour device. From the Manage Purchases screen, click theCancel button to the right of the item you would like tocancel.

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How do I get a refund on the Play Store?

To request a refund:
  1. Using a web browser, go into your Play Store account.
  2. Look for Order History and find the item you want to request arefund for.
  3. Click on the menu icon.
  4. Select Report A Problem.
  5. Select I'd Like To Request a Refund.

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How long do Apple refunds take?

If there is a legitimate reason, and those reasons arelisted in the drop-down menu, your refund request will beprocessed, usually within 2 or 3 days, though it can takelonger. Apple may contact you to verify the reason for therefund.

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Can you return iBooks?

Apple iBooks can now be returned after purchase.Apple has amended its returns policy to allow iBooks to bereturned within two weeks of purchase. When you get yourEmail bill from Apple near the bottom of page click report aproblem.

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Can you refund apps on Google Play?

You can get an app or game refundfrom the Google Play Store easily if you ask for itwithin 2 hours of purchase. Find the app or game youwant to return and tap Refund. Tap Yes, the appwill be uninstalled, and your money will berefunded.

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How long does it take for Apple to refund an app?

1 Answer. It can take up to approx. 14 days - butusually you should have your refund within 3-5 days.It varies according to the method of payment, which AppStore you bought from (i.e. which country), and how busy theApp Store is.

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What will happen to iTunes purchases?

iTunes Gift Cards and iTunes creditswill be maintained and can be used with the new appsand the App Store. iPhone, iPad, and iPod backup, restore, andsyncing will move to Finder. Movies and TV shows that youpurchased or rented from iTunes will be in the newApple TV app.

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How do I report a problem with Apple?

Report A Purchase
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Apple ID and password that you used to buy the item,then choose Sign In.
  3. Choose Report a Problem next to the item that you need helpwith.
  4. Choose your problem from the menu.
  5. Follow the onscreen steps.

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How do I stop iTunes from charging my credit card?

Cancel iTunes subscription: method 2
  1. Open iTunes and select Store > Sign In.
  2. Enter your Apple ID info.
  3. Click Store > View My Account.
  4. Scroll down and find Settings section.
  5. You will see Subscriptions option, click Manage.
  6. Click on the subscription that you want to cancel.
  7. Select the Off button to turn off Auto-Renewal.

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How do you request a refund on steam?

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Navigate to Steam Help ( and log in withyour Steam account.
  2. After you have logged in, click on A Purchase.
  3. Find the purchase you would like to refund and click onit.
  4. Select the problem you are having with the product.
  5. Next, click I'd like to request a refund.

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Why does it say in app purchases not allowed?

If you get hit with a message on your Apple iPhone oriPad that saysPurchase – In-apppurchases are not allowed” when trying to buypurchases from within apps, it may be related to arestriction setting on the device. Scroll down to the “InApp Purchases” option and ensure it is turned“On“.

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How do you restore in app purchases?

To restore purchases on iOS platform (iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch)
  1. Tap Settings > iTunes & App Stores.
  2. Tap your Apple ID and password.
  3. Tap Sign Out.
  4. Enter your Apple ID (same used to purchase)
  5. Open the app and tap Options > Restore purchases.
  6. Confirm your password if necessary.

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How do I enable in app purchases?

Head back to the Settings screen. Tap General, and then tapRestrictions. Type your Restrictions passcode. Tap the button forin-app purchases to turn them back on.

Here's how:
  1. On the iOS device, open the Settings screen.
  2. Tap the option to Enable Restrictions.
  3. By default, all of the apps and services are allowed.

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What does In App Purchase mean?

In-app purchasing refers to the buying of goodsand services from inside an application on a mobile device, such asa smartphone or tablet. In-app purchases allow developers toprovide their application for free. This allows the developer toprofit despite giving the basic app itself away forfree.

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How do I restore in app purchases on Android?

Restoring In-App Purchases (Android)
  1. Download and open the free app.
  2. Open the drawer from the upper left corner of the screen andselect Support.
  3. Select Purchases and Paid App from the menu.
  4. Tap on the menu option, located in the upper right-hand cornerof the screen.
  5. Tap on Recover Paid App.
  6. Open the list of recent apps used on your device.

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How do I enable in app purchases on Android?

Activating Google's account protection measures
  1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu (the three lines) on the left side ofthe search bar.
  3. Scroll down to Settings.
  4. Select the Require Authentication For Purchases option.
  5. Ensure the first option, indicating all purchases, isselected.

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Do you get your money back if you restore in app purchases?

If that time frame has passed, you canstill get your money back— but only if theapp has a technical problem. Contact Google Play's customerservice (, explain the issue, and requesta refund.