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Can electromagnetic waves cause cancer?

No mechanism by which ELF-EMFs orradiofrequencyradiation could cause cancer has beenidentified. Unlikehigh-energy (ionizing) radiation, EMFs in thenon-ionizing part ofthe electromagnetic spectrum cannotdamage DNA or cellsdirectly.

Likewise, are electromagnetic waves harmful to humans?

The main effect of radiofrequencyelectromagneticfields is heating of body tissues. Despiteextensive research, todate there is no evidence to conclude thatexposure to low levelelectromagnetic fields is harmful tohumanhealth.

Also, do power lines give off radiation? Power lines produce low-to mid-frequencymagneticfields (EMFs). These types of EMFs are in thenon-ionizingradiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum,and are notknown to damage DNA or cells directly, according to theNationalCancer Institute.

Considering this, is there proof that EMF causes health issues?

Some people worry about EMF exposure andcancer.Some studies have found a link between EMFexposureand a higher risk of childhood leukemia, butother studieshave not. Other studies have not found proof thatEMF exposurecauses other childhood cancers. Studies in adultsdid notprove that EMF exposure causes cancer.

Can WiFi give you cancer?

There's no good evidence that wirelessinternet(wi-fi) could cause cancer. There has been somemediaspeculation that wi-fi could cause cancer but thisisn'tsupported by evidence. Like mobile phones, Wi-Fi usesradiowaves tosend information.

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What does EMF do to your body?

Scientists have found some possible weakconnectionsbetween low-level EMF exposure and healthproblems, likecancer. High-level EMF exposure is known tocauseneurological and physiological problems by disrupting humannervefunction. Interphone study reports on mobile phone use andbraincancer risk. (2010).

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Can electromagnetic waves cause brain damage?

A new study finds that radio waves from acellphone can affect the metabolism of braincells,though there is no evidence that the effect is harmful.Volkow knewthat some MRI scanners produce electrical andmagneticfields powerful enough to cause brain cells toconsume moreenergy, in the form of glucose.

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Can electromagnetic waves make you sick?

Household electromagnetic radiationdoesn'tmake you ill or give you cancer.

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Does EMF affect sleep?

EMFs have an effect on raised bloodpressure,pulse rate and affecting other dynamics ofcardiovascularfunction [6,7]. Recently, several studies reportedthat extremelylow-frequency magnetic field exposure might disruptnormalsleep [2].

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What electromagnetic radiation is harmful?

Prolonged exposure to ultravioletradiationfrom the sun can lead to melanoma and other skinmalignancies. Clearevidence establishes ultravioletradiation, especially thenon-ionizing medium waveUVB, as the cause of mostnon-melanoma skin cancers, which are themost common forms of cancerin the world.

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What stops electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic shielding that blocksradiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is also known asRFshielding. The shielding can reduce the coupling ofradiowaves, electromagnetic fields, andelectrostaticfields. A conductive enclosure used to blockelectrostatic fieldsis also known as a Faraday cage.

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What is an electromagnetic radiation detector?

PCE-EMF 823 is a portable handheldsingle-axiselectromagnetic radiation detector or Gauss meterformeasuring electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Designedandcalibrated to measure EMF radiation at differentbandwidths,the meter provides a quick, easy and reliable way tomeasureelectromagnetic field radiationlevels.

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What are the symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

The symptoms most commonly experiencedincludedermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, andburningsensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetativesymptoms(fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties,dizziness, nausea,heart palpitation, and digestivedisturbances).

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How far away from power lines should you live?

Work at a safe distance
This is the most important rule: Work at asafedistance from all power lines. TheOccupationalSafety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires thatequipment bekept at least 10 feet away from power lines withvoltages upto 50kV.

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Do cellphones cause brain cancer?

After evaluating several studies on the possibility ofaconnection between cellphones and glioma and anoncancerousbrain tumor known as acoustic neuroma, membersof theInternational Agency for Research on Cancer —part ofthe World Health Organization — agreed that there'slimitedevidence that cellphone radiation

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Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real?

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) isaclaimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, towhichnegative symptoms are attributed. EHS has no scientific basisandis not a recognised medical diagnosis.

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What is EMF measured in?

Electromotive force, abbreviated emf (denotedandmeasured in volts), is the electrical action produced byanon-electrical source. This potential difference can driveanelectric current if an external circuit is attached totheterminals.

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Does living near power lines cause cancer?

“There is no known mechanism by whichmagneticfields of the type generated by high voltage powerlines canplay a role in cancer development.Nevertheless,epidemiologic research has rather consistently foundassociationsbetween residential magnetic field exposureandcancer.”

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Does WIFI cause health problems?

Wifi as an increased cancer risk
No, it isn't. Wi-fi routers areweakertransmitters even than mobile phone masts, and users sit awayfromthem. The level of energy produced by a Wi-Fi router isverylow, far too low to be able to disrupt DNA, so there isnomechanism for it to be carcinogenic.

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Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity a real thing?

A quick guide to electromagnetichypersensitivity.It's one of the first times a court of lawhas recognized EHS, or“electromagnetichypersensitivity syndrome”— which is incredible,given that actual, hard evidencelinking adverse healthaffects and WiFi signals is prettynegligible.

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Is EMF a radiation?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) areinvisibleareas of energy, often referred to as radiation,that areassociated with the use of electrical power and variousforms ofnatural and man-made lighting. Ionizing:high-levelradiation which has the potential for cellular andDNAdamage.

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Are there any health risks living near power lines?

Most scientists believe that exposure to thelow-levelEMFs near power lines is safe, but somescientistscontinue research to look for possible healthrisksassociated with these fields. If there are anyriskssuch as cancer associated with living nearpowerlines, then it is clear that those risksaresmall.

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Which power lines are High Voltage?

Three-phase AC powerlines
Designation Voltage-Range Recommended classification
Low-voltage line 0 – 1000 V minor_line
Medium-voltage line 1000 V – 50000 V minor_line (up to about 45 kV only), line
High-voltage line 50000 V – 200000 V line
Extreme-high-voltage line > 200000 V line

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Does using a cell phone cause health problems?

Many people are concerned that cellphoneradiation will cause cancer or other serioushealthhazards. The weight of scientific evidence has notlinked cellphones with any health problems. Cellphones emitlow levels of radiofrequency energy(RF).