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Can I bring a guest to EOS fitness?

Unlimited Guest Privileges | EōSFitness. By adding Unlimited Guest Privileges to youraccount you have a permanent guest pass for anyone 18 yearsof age or older, or 16 years of age with a legal guardian, and withvalid local identification.

In this regard, how much does it cost to join Eos?

EOS Fitness Prices

Item Price
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (Gold Plus Membership) $20.95
Annual Rate Guarantee Fee (Per Person) (Gold PlusMembership) $39.99
Yearly Membership
Basic | Gold | Gold Plus

Likewise, is there a cancellation fee for EOS fitness? Not only that, but when you cancel youmembership, you pay 1 extra month and another $15 fee forcanceling.

Also question is, does EOS fitness provide towels?

Just show your ID for a new one. Workouttowel—the must-have accessory. (bring one forfree, or buy one from us.) Machines get sweaty, too.

Does EOS fitness have a sauna?

EOS Fitness is one of the Gilbert gyms thatoffers its members a sauna as well as plenty of otheramenities.

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What does EOS stand for in EOS fitness?

Entertainment Operating System. Community » News& Media. Rate it: EOS.

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Is EOS Fitness Golds Gym?

Sixteen Gold's Gym locations in Phoenix, LasVegas and Southern California are now called EOS Fitnessafter after being acquired on Feb. 3 by two private equity firms:Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co. BRS will bring great value asa partner to EOS Fitness and are excited to begin a newgrowth phase with them.”

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Does EOS stand for something?

If you thought that Eos beauty products just havea funny-sounding name, you're not alone. A writer at BuzzFeed tookto the internet to share her amazement at realizing that the namebehind the popular brand is actually an acronym. It standsfor "evolution of smooth" and is even written on some productbottles.

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What does EOS fitness offer?

Unlimited Guest Privileges
This membership benefit gives you a built-inworkout partner and lets you help your friends in theprocess. Many parents find that this is an easy costeffective way to introduce their older children (16 yrs and up whenaccompanied by a legal guardian) to a lifetime of health andfitness.

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How much is EOS fitness a month?

Join Now - Only $9.99/Month
There is a new name in fitness that provides ahigh-quality gym environment where anyone can pursue a rangeof fitness goals. Our clubs offer premium fitnessamenities like group classes and well-maintainedequipment.

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What is annual rate guarantee fee?

An annual rate guarantee fee of $49.99 will bebilled within 15 days and applies to all membership types. This isa month to month agreement which may be cancelled at any time with30 days' notice. BLACK -

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Does EOS have tanning?

3. Tanning. EOS Fitness offerstanning services to its members who want to partake ofthem.

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Can you go to any Planet Fitness?

You can use your membership at any PlanetFitness location, for one, and are allowed to bring aguest for free.

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Who owns EOS gym?

Integrity Square provided financial advice to Brad Nestewho founded Eos Fitness in 1985. NEW YORK, NY –February 3, 2015 – Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co.(“BRS”) and Performance Equity Management(“PEM”) today announced the acquisition of EosFitness Holdings, LLC (“Eos Fitness” or the“Company”).

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Does EOS fitness have free weights?

Free Weights and Resistance Machines
The key to a great workout is balance. That'swhy EOS Fitness has a full range of free weights andresistance machines that allow you to mix strength training intoyour workout in whatever way you prefer.

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Can I cancel gym membership contract?

Cancelling a gym membership. You'llnormally have to pay the full cost of your contract if youwant to cancel a gym membership early. You probablycan't cancel if you've changed your mind aboutwanting the gym membership. You can try, but you'velegally entered into a contract with the gym thatyou'll need to stick to.

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How do I cancel my ABC Financial Account?

Cancel Account
  1. In the Account Maintenance menu, click Cancel Account.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the desired options. For a detailed description of eachoption, see table below.
  4. Click Submit.