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Can I put green antifreeze instead of Dex cool?

If your car or truck came from the factorywithDex-Cool, you should continue to usethatcoolant both as replacement and to top off the radiator,themechanics say. Last but not least, if your car came fromthefactory with standard "green" antifreeze,don'tswitch to Dex-Cool.

Also question is, can I use antifreeze instead of Dex cool?

Firstly, Dex-Cool andtraditionalanti-freeze don't mix well. Though they can worktogether ina pinch, after extended use, they canreact andcreate a gel, which can be very damaging tomultiplecomponents of your cooling system. For that reason, thebest thingfor your Chevy or GM vehicle is to stickwithDex-Cool.

One may also ask, what kind of coolant is Dex cool? DEX-COOL is a specific typeofantifreeze, found in select brands of coolants,createdusing organic acid technology. The manufacturers as well asGeneralMotors have claimed that DEX-COOL can extendtheservice life and function of your vehicle.

People also ask, can you mix Dex cool with green antifreeze?

This is a mistake and can lead toexpensiverepairs. The two coolants should never bemixedtogether as they do not react well. Whenmixedtogether they can form a thick, jelly-likesubstance thatcan completely stop all coolant flowwhich canlead to overheating.

Can I use universal coolant with Dexcool?

Dexcool is rated to last longer thannormalcoolant. If you mix Dexcool with regularanti-freeze,you lower the life expectancy. Also, some coolantswillsludge when mixed together. As long as they are the samecolors,you'll be okay.

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Can I put water in Dex cool?

Distilled, drinking water or TAP (with quite afewminerals). On GM's own consumer site, the debate regardingitsDexcool antifreeze continues. And in mixing anyantifreezewith water for a 50/50 mix, the use ofdistilledwater is highly recommended.

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Can wrong antifreeze cause overheating?

The wrong coolant or the wrong mixtureofcoolant and distilled water can cause your vehicletooverheat. Coolant actually becomes corrosiveovertime, accelerating the wear on the cooling system!

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Can universal coolant be mixed with DexCool?

When possible always get rid of the Dexcoolanduse one of the universal antifreezes. The DexCoolwould be gone if the vehicle was mine. Drain both the blockand theradiator and then just refill with the new coolantwith amix of 2:1 antifreeze to distilled water. It will begoodfor another 5 years or so.

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What happens if you put the wrong coolant in your car?

Using the wrong engine coolantcangradually lead to corrosion and damage to the water pump,radiator,radiator hoses and cylinder gasket. This can lead todamage to theengine in the worst case.

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Can blue and green antifreeze be mixed?

If so, you can put blue in agreencoolant car but not vice versa. Blue was used inall 08+Subis I believe. Green is supposed to be theuniversalcoolant than can be combined with anything,but thecolors don't guarantee anything. Try to use the listed'orequivalent' coolant for your vehicle.

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What causes coolant to gel?

What causes radiator sludge/slime and what can you doaboutit?
  • Additives dropping out: Coolant consists of a base(typicallyethylene glycol or propylene glycol) mixed with additivesandwater.
  • Contaminated coolant: A bad head gasket or cracked cylinderheadcan allow oil and coolant to mix, resulting in sludge.

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How long does green coolant last?

Ethylene Glycol, the green antifreeze we haveallbeen using as long as we can remember, did notreplaceethylene oxide as the industry standard until 1937. Life wassimplethen, just mix one part of the green stuff to one partwaterand you were good to go for up to three years.

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How do you drain antifreeze?

Remove the radiator pressure cap to allow the rest ofthecoolant to leave the radiator. Use a wrench to removetheengine block drain plugs. Let the anti-freeze flow fromtheengine block into the drain pan. Make sure allthecoolant has been drained from the radiator andthecoolant recovery tank.

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Does antifreeze go bad?

There is no expiration date on most bottles ofAutomotiveantifreeze. because it does notspoil ordenigrate in a sealed container.

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What is Dex Cool used for?

A dex-cool is antifreeze that isusedto keep the water in your truck's engine from freezing.Thedex-cool mixes with water in the enginecoolingsystem so as to raise the boiling point as well as bringsdown thefreezing point of the system.

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What color is peak 50/50 antifreeze coolant?

Yellow color will not change thecurrentantifreeze color when used for topping-off. Provides150,000miles or 5 years of maximum protection when a completecoolingsystem flush and fill is performed. Features aphosphate-free andsilicate-free formula.

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What color is Ford antifreeze?

The Colors of Coolant
It's true, coolant liquid comes indifferentcolors, most commonly green (orange forDex-Cool®). Eachcolor is a unique formula that shouldnot bemixed.