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Can I use an old iPhone as a music player?

Make it a dedicated music player
You don't need an active cell connection tomakeuse of your old iPhone. Just connect to Wi-Fianduse it as a dedicated music streamer forAppleMusic, Spotify, Pandora, or whatever else you like. PopyourSIM card out of your old iPhone and you've got a reallyniceiPod touch.

Just so, can I use an old iPhone for music?

Answer. You can absolutely use theoldiPhone as a Wi-Fi-only device that can stilluseiMessage, FaceTime, and other apps included on iOS andthat you'vedownloaded from the App Stores.

Secondly, can I use my old iPhone as a camera? Using the iPhone Without a SIM You will be slightly limited in terms of onthego internet connection but as long as you are in WiFi, yourphonewill be completely usable. Common uses forolderiPhones are Music players, cameras, gamingdevices,iOS beta testers and so much more.

Beside above, can you still use iPhone without service?

Still, plenty of apps require noInternetconnection or cellphone service at all touse. TheiPhone is a perfectly capable devicewithout aservice provider or usage plan. You canuse youriPhone without any cellularservice.

Can I turn my old iPhone into an iPod?

To get started using an old iPhone asaniPod Touch, insert a SIM card into the phone—be sure the card is from the same wireless carrier that thephoneuses. Connect the iPhone to an Internet-enabledcomputerwith iTunes. The program will activate theiPhone,letting you use it as an iPodTouch.

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Can an iPod be used as a phone?

The iPod Touch is not much of acommunicationdevice. It does not have the capability of connectingto a cellularnetwork through a SIM card or otherwise. So, youcan useyour iPod Touch in any Wi-Fi hotspot or arounda Wi-Firouter to make unlimited local and international calls, forfree orvery cheap.

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How can I download songs in iPhone?

Install iTunes on your computer (just go download it). Now go to “Add toLibrary” or“Add File to Library” and select thetracks which youwould like to send to your iPhone. Connectyour iPhoneto your computer and go to the Devices menu ofiTunes. Choose youriPhone and go to the Musicsection.

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Can an iPhone 4 still be used?

There are plenty of people out there who arestillusing an iPhone 4. So if you're wondering ifyou canstill use iPhone 4 in general, the answer isa definiteyes. That being said, there are some limits as to whatyou'll beable to do with it and how smooth it will be touse.

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Can I use an old iPhone on WiFi?

Unlocked iPhones and olderiPhones(off-contract) can indeed be usedwithout a cellarplan. You just use WiFi instead. However,you willNOT be able to make WiFi phone calls(Skypeetc.).

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Can you trade in iPhone at Apple Store?

You can trade in Apple andthird-partydevices. Many Apple and third-party devices areeligible fora trade-in credit or an Apple Store GiftCard. Andall Apple devices are eligible forrecycling.

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How can I use my old iPhone without a SIM card?

Simply place a SIM card from the last carrierwithwhich you used your iPhone into the device, andactivate it.Then remove the SIM card. You can nowuse theiPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS as you wouldan iPod touch(Wi-Fi only, no cellular service). Note: You canuse theactivated SIM card from your newiPhone to dothis.

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How do I reset my iPhone before selling it?

Go back to Settings and tap General >Reset> Erase All Content and Settings. If you turned onFind My[device], you might need to enter your Apple ID andpassword. Ifasked for your device passcode or Restrictionspasscode, enter it.Then tap Erase [device].

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Can you use iMessage without phone service?

In the settings for Messages, toggle theiMessageswitch. International messaging: BecauseiMessage uses theInternet, you can message friendsand family in othercountries who have iPhones without theneed for aninternational data plan. Access on tablets: Youdon't haveto have a phone number to useiMessage.

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How do I know if my iPhone is using WIFI or data?

There you can see a check mark next to theconnectedWiFi. Also, on the top left, a WiFi iconshows yourconnectivity and strength to the network. Go toSettings/Wi-Fi andit will display any network it is connectedto.

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Can I still use my smartphone without phone service?

The short answer, yes. Your Androidsmartphonewill totally work without a SIM card. Infact, youcan do almost everything you can do with itrightnow, without paying a carrier anything or usinga SIMcard. All you need is Wi-Fi (internet access), a fewdifferentapps, and a device to use.

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Can you text without a SIM card?

Can I still text without a SIM card?Youcan text any cell phone with SMS using this app; theotherperson does not need the same app. By Pinger, it usesinternet totext anyone in your contacts as well as anynumber given toyou that is not on the list of contacts ontheapp.

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Can I still use WIFI if my phone is disconnected?

Yes, you can use the phone to browsetheinternet and do similar activities without a sim card. However,youwill not be able to make calls (except those placeoverwifi like FaceTime, Skype, Etc) or send textmessages(except wifi ones like iMessage,facebook,etc).

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Can you use FaceTime without cellular service?

As I know if your phone can connecttoInternet you can use facetime. No matter your SIM cardisdata or cellular, or even you don't have SIMcard,you can use facetime as long as your devicecanconnect to Internet.