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Can you back a Kickstarter project twice?

Can I pledge to a single project more than once? It's only possible to pledge to a project once. Accordingly, backers can only choose one reward tier per pledge.

Correspondingly, can you back a Kickstarter project after it is funded?

Kickstarter does not issue refunds. Transactions are between backers and creators directly. To request a refund for a pledge, please contact the project creator. To message a creator, visit the project page and click on the creator's profile name.

Subsequently, question is, what happens if my Kickstarter project fails? On Kickstarter, if a project does not reach its Goal by its End Date (aka if a projectfails”), then you do not get charged the amount that you donated to the campaign.

Additionally, can you run a Kickstarter campaign twice?

If you crowdfunding campaign has been complete you and you've delivered for that product than you can launch another campaign. If your crowdfunding campaign failed than you can relaunch but it is recommended wait a few months and have a real plan.

Can you have more than one Kickstarter account?

We don't permit running multiple projects at the same time, or launching a second project before fulfilling your first one. Moreover, running a project is a lot of work, and having more than one live project will likely dilute your attention and energy.

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What happens if Kickstarter project is overfunded?

Sometimes when a project is overfunded, it lets the creator put that money back into the project to create something better for the backers and themselves. This often means that the creator can continue the project beyond Kickstarter — and backers are part of that story.

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What is the maximum amount you can borrow from Kickstarter?

The maximum amount you can pledge to a project is: US-based projects: $10,000.

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Do you pay back crowdfunding?

Exchange Crowdfunding is not regulated. If you are raising money with Exchange Crowdfunding: You don't have to pay it back – but you do have to provide your backers with the product when it is completed. You may be responsible for sales tax.

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What happens if a Kickstarter project fails to deliver?

Kickstarter doesn't issue refunds, as transactions are between backers and the creator. In fact, Kickstarter never has the funds at all. When a project is successfully funded, money is transferred directly from backers' credit cards to the project creator's Amazon Payments account.

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Do you have to pay back Kickstarter backers?

The answer is straightforward: yes, you have to refund the money raised. Backers don't give you money for anything. They invest their money in your project to have something back. So, if you are not able to provide them with what they paid for, you have to return them their money.

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What percentage of kickstarters are successful?

Among all projects, about 36.6% succeed in meeting their goal, and 63% fail. But these rates vary widely by category. Four categories — theater (60%), comics (57%), music (50%), and art (42%) — far outpace the average success rate, while tech (20%) lags far behind it.

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What happens to extra Kickstarter money?

Yes, you will receive all funds up to and in excess of your funding goal once your campaign reaches that goal (minus Kickstarter fees, payment processing fees, and uncapturable funds due to issues with backers' credit cards).

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Can Kickstarter make you rich?

Kickstarter won't make you rich, but it gives you the an affordable ticket to the creative world, where artists, designers, and entrepreneurs are able to make a living off their creations. You can get your product into the hands of REAL people and get feedback.

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Can you relaunch a failed Kickstarter?

If your campaign does not meet its funding goal, or you need to make changes to the project goal or deadline, you are more than welcome to relaunch! If you're planning to relaunch a project, we recommend taking stock of what worked and what didn't before submitting your new project for review.

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Can you see who donated on Kickstarter?

What information can I see about my backers? When a campaign is running you will see your backers' names and pledge amounts in your Backer Report, which you can get to through the creator tools menu to the left of your project page. Clicking on any backer will show you more information.

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Are kickstarters worth it?

Surprisingly, the all-or-nothing nature of Kickstarter is its greatest asset in ensuring projects hit their funding goal. These are, by and large, the sort of projects Kickstarter excels at funding — projects where, if a certain amount of money isn't raised, the project simply isn't possible, or isn't worth it.

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Can you cancel a Kickstarter campaign?

You are free to cancel your project at any time. To do so: Click on the “Menu” button located at the top-left of the project page. Click on the “Cancel project” link located at the bottom of the next page, also known as the “Project Overview”

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Can you back your own Kickstarter?

Kickstarter won't allow you to pledge to yourself, but you could easily pay four people $1000 to pledge $1000 and make your campaign a 'success', thus receiving the $6000 in legitimate pledges and $4000 of what is basically your own money.

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Do you have to use your real name on Kickstarter?

Originally Answered: Do you have to put your real name on an indegogo or kickstarter campaign page I don't want my employer to know? Absolutely. You even need to link to your Facebook or other social media profiles.

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Do you need an LLC for Kickstarter?

For this reason, it makes sense to launch a Kickstarter campaign through a legal business structure, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), as opposed to posting it as an individual. This is essentially a social security number for businesses, and you'll need it to open your business bank account.

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How long does a Kickstarter campaign last?

You can set a Kickstarter campaign to run anywhere between one and 60 days. Keep in mind, however, that projects lasting 30 days or less have Kickstarter's highest success rates.

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Can you extend a Kickstarter campaign?

So you can extend your campaign, but only once, and the project can run for a maximum of 60 days total. HOWEVER, you can run a Kickstarter campaign for the recommended 30 days and, if it's successful, extend it via a fulfillment service such as BackerKit.

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What do Kickstarter backers get in return?

What do backers get in return? Backers that support a project on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work, and Kickstarter cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans.

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Why do Kickstarter projects fail?

Thousands of entrepreneurs continue to launch fundraising campaigns on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in pursuit of raising cash to fund their projects. Some projects fail to reach their funding goals and others, even after raising the funds they set out to raise, struggle to deliver a product.