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Can you buy Hunter Douglas online?

Hunter Douglas. The Hunter Douglas brand does not offer its products online anymore, however we've been one of their preferred partners so we know their products well.

Considering this, can you buy Hunter Douglas blinds online?

Unfortunately, Hunter Douglas does not sell any of their window blinds or shades online. That being said you cannot purchase the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades online but rather through a local window blinds retailer. We, however, do carry a private label version of the soft sheer shades.

Similarly, how much does Hunter Douglas shades cost? Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization starts at $299 per shade, depending on the style. You also can't buy them online or in a store. PowerView Motorization Smart Shades are only available through specialists and home technology professionals. To learn more about Hunter Douglas visit its website.

Similarly, are Hunter Douglas shades worth the price?

Going With Hunter Douglas When you combine all of these factors, we think the answer is clear – Yes, Hunter Douglas blinds are worth the money. There are many benefits to getting these blinds, and just by saving you money on your energy costs and on your furniture, these blinds can end up paying for themselves.

Does Home Depot sell Hunter Douglas?

Perfect Lift Window Treatment - Hunter Douglas - Kennedy International - Window Treatments - The Home Depot.

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Does Costco carry Hunter Douglas blinds?

Costco offers the complete line of Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters as well as custom drapery. The latest innovation from Hunter Douglas, PowerView® takes motorized window coverings to a whole new level of convenience.

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Does Costco sell Hunter Douglas blinds?

Costco used to carry high quality Hunter Douglas window blinds and shades. The Bali line is of much lower quality, and Costco offers NO installation services for these window blinds and shades – so you are stuck with do-it-yourself installation, and if there is a problem or issue you are on your own.

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How much should custom blinds cost?

The cost of these units varies greatly according to the features homeowners select and the size of their window(s), but it starts at about $150-$200 per window with options that can add $1,000 or more to the final cost. Installation of these custom blinds generally costs between $80-$250, depending on their features.

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How long do Hunter Douglas blinds last?

Hunter Douglas motorization components are covered for 5 years from the date of purchase. Any conditions caused by normal wear and tear. Abuse, accidents, misuse or alterations to the product. Exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind, water/moisture) and discoloration or fading over time.

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Do Hunter Douglas blinds have a lifetime warranty?

If you are not thoroughly satisfied, simply contact Hunter Douglas at (888) 501-8364 or visit In support of this policy of consumer satisfaction, we offer our Lifetime Limited Warranty as described below. or consequential damages or for any other indirect damage, loss, cost or expense.

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HOW MUCH DO cellular shades cost?

The average cost of cellular shades depends on the size of your window, but most homeowners spend between $45 and $220 to install Duette blinds on standard windows.

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Can you cut Hunter Douglas blinds?

What is Blind Resizing/Cut Down. It is a process of cutting down the width of the blinds so they can fit into the windows they will be used in. Some blinds can also be shortened in the height of existing blinds. It is usually only worthwhile for valuable blinds like Hunter Douglas.

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What is the best brand of window blinds?

Our Top Picks
  • Best Overall: Levolor NuWood Faux Wood Blind at Home Depot.
  • Best Budget: White Cordless Vinyl Mini Blind at Home Depot.
  • Best for Kitchen or Bathroom: Allen + Roth Cordless Blinds at Lowe's.
  • Best for Living Room: Levolor Premium Wood Blind at Home Depot.

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Are motorized shades worth it?

Motorized blinds are one of the most modern window treatments on the market. Even though they may have a higher price tag than other types of blinds, motorized blinds are worth the cost because they offer many different advantages that no other window treatment can offer.

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Which is better Graber vs Hunter Douglas?

Graber Blinds vs Hunter Douglas Blinds: Hunter Douglas is your top-of-the-line product with a higher price tag, whereas Graber is a more affordable option with very high-quality products. They can help you choose the perfect blinds, shades, shutters, or drapery for your windows.

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Is Bali or Levolor better?

They also price less than Levolor & I think in certain products their finished product & quality is better. I do however think Levolor has more fashion forward fabrics & have kept up better with the trends in their cellular & wood products. Bali has only recently update their woods to be more on trend.

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What window treatments are in style?

Types of Window Treatments
  • Drapes. Drapes (or curtains, if you prefer) are most commonly made of fabric and designed to run the full length of your window or wall.
  • Blinds.
  • Shades.
  • Valances.
  • Woven Wood.
  • Silk.
  • Velvet.
  • Linen.

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Are roller shades expensive?

Shades, or “soft” treatments, are a notch more expensive and made of fabric. Vinyl roller shades can cost as little as $8 per window but typically range from $30 to $90, not including installation. Blackout options tend to be more expensive.

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Why are blinds so expensive?

Shades can be both much cheaper and much more expensive than blinds. A basic roller shade could be as little as $20 per window, while a roman shade with a high quality fabric and motorized lift could be quite a bit more. Because Blinds have fewer custom options, you can get a high end look for less.

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Are cellular shades out of style?

Are cellular shades out of style? Not exactly. Cellular shades are still a very popular option to choose due to the fact that they provide a variety of benefits. In addition, there are different options in terms of the material and fabrics that you can choose from depending on your personal preferences.

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Is Graber and Bali the same company?

Springs Window Fashions, which makes the Graber and Bali window products, was founded in 1939 by John N. Graber. The company sold to Consolidated Foods Corp of Chicago in 1967, under the name Graber Industries Inc, a year after Graber's death. In 1979, textile manufacturer Springs Industries Inc purchased the company.

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How do I get my blinds to go down?

To raise the blinds, pull the string down and then slightly to the right to lock it in position. To lower the blinds, unlock the cord by pulling it slightly to the left. The blind will begin to lower. You can let it lower towards the bottom or stop it in the middle and lock the cord in place by pulling it to the right.

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How much does it cost to install motorized blinds?

Cost to Install Automatic Window Shades/Blinds
Depending on the width of the shade or blind and the complexity to install, you should expect to pay between $20 and $50 per blind. The blinds themselves are the real cost of the job. An average 36"x48" motorized window shade/blind will run you from $300-$600.

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Does Budget Blinds carry Hunter Douglas?

- Budget Blinds®, the signature window covering brand in the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family, has finalized an agreement with Hunter Douglas, the world's leading manufacturer of window coverings, that will allow Budget Blinds franchisees throughout the U.S. to sell the popular Hunter Douglas line.