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Can you flower with t5?

Yes you can use t5 for veg and flower.

Similarly, you may ask, how many plants can you have under a t5?

Well-Known Member. Currently doing 4 plants under a 8 bulb 4 ft t5 ho light, adding some leds in flower, currently in veg. This is my 5 t5 grow and once you get it down the results will speak for themselves. Be sure to use the right bulbs in flower most t5 fixtures onky come with blue 6500k veg bulbs.

Also Know, are t5 lights good for vegging? That's a great question because as it turns out the wavelengths of light created in T5 fluorescent lights is actually UV. So to answer the question quickly: do T5's have UV spectrum in them? Yes, they do.

Likewise, how far should my t5 lights be from my plants?

T5 Grow Light: Distance From Plants To begin with, hang it about 4 to 6 inches above the tallest plant, for vegging or flowering. The T5 fluorescent grow light distance for seedlings should be a bit further away. I'd start by hanging the light 6 to 10 inches from seedlings.

Are t5 good for growing?

T5 grow lights are considered the best for growing cannabis and marijuana because its high spectrum bulbs produce a blue color florescent light similar to the sun during long summer days. No other light with similar features of t5 grow light can really serve your purpose of growing marijuana and cannabis.

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How many watts is a t5?

T5 lamps are available for standard output and high output. The wattages for standard T5 lamps are 14, 21, 28, and 35 watts. The high-output T5 (T5 HO) lamps are available in 24, 39, 54, and 80 watts (49-watt T5 HO lamps are also available from GE Lighting).

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How often should I change my t5 bulbs?

Time: With typical daily photo periods of 8-12 hours, T5 bulbs carry the average life-span is 9-12 months. If it's been more than 12 months since your last bulb change, it's probably time.

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How much does it cost to run a t5 light for a month?

So running two 4 foot panels with 4 lamps each and 12 hours per day, cost me around 62 cents per day. This adds up to around $19 per month. That's roughly $226 yearly.

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Do t5 bulbs get hot?

Yes they get pretty warm. They operate at 95 degrees F. I run two fans on mine - one at end blowing down length of fixture and one at side blowing across the vent holes in the fixture.

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How long does a t5 bulb last?

On average, an LED T5 lamp is rated to last as long as 50,000 hours. This is more than double the standard 24,000 hour life of a fluorescent tube. Installing lamps with this long of a lifespan eliminates the need for frequent replacement.

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Which is better t5 or t8?

T5 lamps are 40% smaller than T8 fixtures, but are capable of containing just as much and sometimes more light in a smaller area. In other words, more T8 fixtures are needed to produced the same amount of light generated by significantly fewer high output T5 bulbs.

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Do cuttings need light to root?

Cuttings need 18 to 24 hours of light if they are to root properly, but they must not receive light that is too intense. Transpiration is the process through which water is evaporated through the leaves and in turn water is sucked in through the roots—without fully developed roots, plant cuttings can easily dry out.

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What does t5 mean in lighting?

What does T5 mean? The "T" in lamp nomenclature represents the shape of the lamp-tubular. The number following the "T" usually represents the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch (1 inch equals 2.5 centimeters). T5 lamps have a diameter equal to 5 times an eighth of an inch, or 5/8".

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How high should my LED light be above my plants?

As a rough guide, incandescent grow light bulbs should be at least 24 inches over your plants. Fluorescent and LED lights have a lower heat signature, so they can be placed 12 and 6 inches over plants respectively.

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How many plants can go under 600w LED?

2 month plants should give about 40g per plant, so with about 9 you'll be able to easily fill a square meter and get up to 400g per 600w light. 3 month autoflowering plants grow much bigger, however, so you should only plant 4 per 600w light.

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Do LED lights take longer to flower?

You may have heard that one big drawback of LED grow lights is flowering time. They simply take longer to flower. They often don't have enough power to bloom, or they simply have an ineffective spectrum. The reason HPS bulbs flower so well is a light spectrum that is heavy in red.

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Can plants get high?

Answer: A big thing to remember with marijuana plants is that they need to flower to produce THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical that gets people high) and other medicinal cannabinoids. You also have to watch humidity, because every time you water plants in a small space, you're going to get high humidity.

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How many plants can you have under 1000w?

Everybody has their own way and in the end it comes to what works best for you, but I have read that most of the people use 6-9 plants per 1000W, while in the other hand other people like to have more smaller plants, hence the sog and scrog method. For example, SeeMoreBuds had about 50-100 plants per 1000W.

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Are t5 bulbs full spectrum?

T5 = 5/8" diameter with mini-pin connectors spaced at 1/4 inch. U-Bend = T8 w/ 1 inch diameter, & T12 with 1 1/2 inch diameter with medium bi-pin connectors spaced at 1/2 inch. Learn more in our informative Full Spectrum Bulb Comparison guide.

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Are t5 lights full spectrum?

These tubes were commonly used in indoor lighting applications, but they're just not very bright, even with a coating to make them full-spectrum. T5 lights are narrower than T12s, with a diameter of 5/8 of an inch. This is a very high output light.

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What is the best t5 grow light?

The 10 Best T5 Grow Lights For Growing Cannabis Reviews
  • Jump Start T5 grow light system.
  • Lightweight And Chained – Sunblaster 904297 NanoTech T5 High Output Fixture.
  • Customer's Choice – DuroLux T5 HO Grow Light – 2 FT 6 Lamps – DL826S Fluorescent Hydroponic Fixture.
  • VIVOSUN 6500K 2FT T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light.

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How far should t5 be from clones?

Affecting them. Normally vegging plants with established root systems do best with t5 lamps 2-5 inches above the canopy.

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What is the best light for vegetative growth?

One technology that revolutionized lighting for indoor vegetative growth is the T5 fluorescent. T5 fluorescent lights are high-output fluorescents and are capable of producing great vegetative growth. Some old-school growers may remember using T12 or T8 fluorescents for growing plants.