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Can you hire a turf cutter?

You can book a turf cutter hire online or over the phone and collect the machine from your local store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver the machine to you.

Also, how much does it cost to rent a turf cutter?

Generally, to hire a turf cutter for 1 full day (24 hours) it will cost from $140 to $160 per day and $430 to $460 per week.

Also Know, how deep do turf cutters go? Normally you want to ensure the blade angle is set to flat and the depth is roughly 20mm deep.

Simply so, how easy is it to use a turf cutter?

Starting The Turf Cutter

  • Switch the engine ignition switch to the 'ON' position.
  • Next turn the fuel tap, which is located on the engines carburettor, to the 'ON' position.
  • Slowly pull the engines recoil handle until you feel it engage then with a firm grip on the machine pull briskly until the engine starts.

How do you remove turf?


  1. Consider the type of grass you are removing.
  2. Water the sod you wish to remove.
  3. Use a shovel, spade, or an edger to cut strips into the sod.
  4. Cut your sod in a checkerboard pattern for large scale removal.
  5. Pry up sod squares with a spade or pitchfork.
  6. Break up soil clumps with your hand or a gardening tool.

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How do you level a lawn?

Method 1: Leveling out a Mildly Uneven Lawn by Topdressing
  1. In a wheelbarrow or similar container, mix up a batch of topsoil, sand, and compost—basically, a soil medium that can support turfgrass growth.
  2. Apply 1/2 inch of this soil mixture on top of the low areas.
  3. Rake the topdressing to spread it out evenly.

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How do you remove old grass and lay new turf?

Hoe or Sod Cutter:
  1. Remove old lawn after heavy rain or deep watering. First, make 2-inch deep cuts in the turf every 2-feet using either a manual or a power edger.
  2. Use a grape (grubbing) hoe to remove small sections of lawn.
  3. Slice the turf just below the grade.
  4. Rent a power sod cutter if you are tackling a big area.

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What machine digs up grass?

You can dig up a lawn with several types of power equipment. A tiller will make the work easier, but you'll need a heavy-duty, rear-tine model. You can rent heavier equipment, such as a sod cutter, which will cut under the turf and slice it into strips.

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How do I get rid of grass in my garden?

Cut the grass as short as possible. Cover the entire area with cardboard (either used boxes or purchased rolls) or newspaper (10-12 layers). Make sure that the edges overlap a goodly amount and no sunlight gets through the paper. Water paper, cover with a layer of compost, then mulch at least 4 inches thick.

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How do you use a manual sod cutter?

Press down on the handles to force the horizontal blade into the soil. Kick the crossbar that connects the handles to move the sod cutter forward, allowing the blade to slide under the grass and loosen the sod. Continue to push and kick the sod cutter forward across the area you want to cut.

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How do you lay artificial grass?

The stages of artificial grass installation
  1. Gather the tools you'll need.
  2. Remove any existing turf.
  3. Prepare the base layer.
  4. Apply a layer of sand.
  5. Create an even surface.
  6. Put down a layer of shock-absorbent material.
  7. Remove the grass-free border from the artificial turf.
  8. Align the grass.

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Can you use a sod cutter on wet grass?

Lawn Removal When it is Too Cold or Too Wet
You can use a sod cutter to cut up the turf and dispose of the sod at the dump. Large hardware stores usually rent sod cutters. Very wet clayey soil will make sod cutting somewhat unpleasant. Ideally, the clay should be slightly moist for the best sod cutting experience.

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What do I cut sod with?

  1. Hook Knife. Hooked utility knives have short blades, approximately 3 inches long, that curve into a slight hook at the end.
  2. Serrated Edge Knife. Knives with serrated edges, resembling small pruning saws, are used for cutting sod.
  3. Sharpened Trowel.
  4. Grape Hook.

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How do you cut turf by hand?

Use the spade or edge, or a sod cutter hand tool, to cut the sod strips the same way you cut the outer edges of the area. Cut each 12-inch-wide sod strip into 1- to 3-foot-long sections to make the sod pieces more manageable for removal. A turf cutter hand tool or even a utility knife can be used for quick cuts.

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What is turf cutting used for?

Cutting turf by hand is a laborious task. A two-sided spade called a sleán is used to slice blocks of peat from the bog. So much work was involved entire families, in years gone by, took part in the summer turf cutting expeditions to the bog.

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When should you lay turf?

When to lay turf
Turf is best laid in mid-autumn, but can be laid any time between mid-autumn and late winter whenever the soil is not too wet or frosty. In spring and autumn little mowing is needed so newly-laid turf can be left relatively undisturbed for several weeks.

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How do I get rid of turf UK?

1. Dig
  1. Water the area a few days ahead of time to make the soil easier to work.
  2. Cut the sod into parallel strips 1 foot wide using an edger or sharp spade.
  3. Roll up the strips if you skip the crosscut step, and keep peeling the strip back.

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How do I get rid of grass without digging?

Spray the unwanted grass with herbicide appropriate for the situation. A non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate can offer excellent control of grass growing by itself or all plants in an area where you wish to kill all vegetation. Thoroughly cover the grass foliage with herbicide, but not to the point of runoff.

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Does vinegar kill grass?

Grass. Spraying vinegar over your entire lawn is not the best way to control weeds. It might kill the weeds, but it's just as likely to kill the grass. Pour the vinegar directly onto the weed, or wipe the weed's leaves with a sponge dampened in vinegar for the best chance of killing only the weed.

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Can you put a raised garden bed on grass?

Raised beds are the ultimate in no-till gardening. Because you are literally constructing a bed from the ground up, there's no need to dig into the soil to remove lawn and weeds. Instead, put down a thick layer of newspapers to kill the grass, and lay soil and other amendments on top.

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How can I get rid of crabgrass?

Steps To Getting Rid Of Crab Grass
  1. Keep crabgrass seeds from spreading.
  2. Kill existing crabgrass.
  3. Remove dead crabgrass plants.
  4. Replant bare lawn spots with new grass seed.
  5. Apply a crabgrass preventer at the appropriate times.
  6. Set your lawnmower at the high end of the range that is best for your grass type.