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Can you return a Zipcar to another location?

Your Zipcar must be returned to the same spotwhere you picked it up. In select cities, you canbook one way trips and drop-off your Zipcar at adifferent location.

Regarding this, how do I return a Zipcar?

Returning a Zipcar Flex There's no need to book in advance - just find the carin our app, tap and we'll reserve it for 15 minutes. Drive whereyou want to go, and when you've finished your trip there's no needto return it to a specific bay, just make sure you leave itin our Zipzone which covers most of London.Easy!

Subsequently, question is, does it cost more to drop off a rental car at a different location? One-way car rentals are notoriously moreexpensive than when you pick-up and drop-off at thesame location. It turns out that, just like moving trucks,if you mess around with different locations for picking upand dropping off, you can save a little cash.

One may also ask, can you do one way trips with Zipcar?

Zipcar Will Now Let You Take aOne-Way Trip Well! Now there's a Zipcar for that. Choose yourdestination: Designated vehicles can be used eitherone-way or round trip, with parking included,providing members a variety of tripoptions.

What happens if you return a Zipcar early?

If you do a Zipcar return early,you will not get any money back. However, it is definitelybetter to return a car early instead of late,as late fees start at $50.

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Can I park my Zipcar anywhere?

What to look for: When driving a Zipcar in DC,you can park at any legal curbside space. You still need toreturn your Zipcar back to the home location at the end ofthe reservation. Here are the spots you can legallypark a Zipcar during your reservation at no cost:Curbside spaces with a parking meter.

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Are tolls included in Zipcar?

Most Zipcars will include a toll pass. Tofind a Zipcar with a toll pass you can check thevehicle amenity icons when selecting which Zipcar to drive.While it does not cost anything to use the toll pass, youwill still be responsible for the tollscharges.

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What happens if you go over 180 miles in Zipcar?

Reservations exceeding 24 hours:
180 miles included for each 24-hour period. 20miles included for each additional hour of your reservationuntil you reach 180 miles. $0.45 for each additionalmile (up to $0.55 for premium vehicles and cargovans)

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Can you drive Zipcar out of state?

Can you drive a Zipcar out of state? So,yes, it depends on the distance you're driving, butalso the duration of your trip. 500 miles over 7 days would befine, but not over 2. Although you can do the math on thehours vs mileage costs.

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Do you have to put gas in a Zipcar?

Gas Is On Us. Every Zipcar has agas card in the visor above the driver's seat thatshould be used when fueling the vehicle. Your Zipcarneeds to be left with at least 1/4 tank of gas, nomatter how much it had at the start of thereservation.

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Can I unlock Zipcar with app?

Members who join through the app will now be ableuse their mobile device to unlock and lock a Zipcar,eliminating the need to wait for a Zipcard to arrive in the mail orpick it up at a local Zipcar office.

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Does Zipcar include insurance?

Every member who complies with the membership contractis covered by Zipcar insurance while driving aZipcar. Zipcar insurance also includes thirdparty liability coverage and Personal Injury Protection(PIP) or "no-fault" coverage.

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Do zipcars have GPS?

Do Zipcars have satellite navigation? I'm notaware of any Zipcars that have standalone GPSunits in them (though I rarely use Zipcar outside ofSeattle, so YMMV) but many of the nicer Zipcars (MercedesC300, Audi Q5, etc.) in my area come with factory in-car systemsbuilt into the dash that include navigation.

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Can I use Zipcar in another city?

You Can Drive in Any Country Where ZipcarOperates
If you travel to another country, and you'relegally allowed to drive there, you can use itsZipcar network.

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How much is Zipcar per month?

"This also lowers the up-front cost to join, making iteven easier for new members to get behind the wheel and experiencewhat Zipcar is all about." The new membership plancosts $6.00 per month (plus the standard $25application fee for new members).

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Can you rent a car and drop it off in another city?

One Way Car Rental Policy
At participating Enterprise rental locations, avehicle can be rented in one location and returned toanother; however, please be advised that: Rentals that arereturned within the same city could be subject to adrop charge, mileage charge, or higherrate.

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How long is Zipcar approval?

We'll mail you one shortly after you're approved.It takes up to 5-7 business days for the Zipcard to arrive USPSFirst Class mail.

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Is one way car rental more expensive?

Why One-Way Car Rentals Are UsuallyMore Expensive
Renting one way is typically moreexpensive than renting round trip. The drop fee can varyfrom one rental-car company to another, and evenwithin a single rental car company.

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What is AutoSlash?

AutoSlash is a free service which tracks your carrental reservations for price drops. They'll re-book you at thelower price if they find one! You can track existing reservationsmade with major car rental companies, or book your car throughAutoSlash (and they'll monitor the reservationautomatically).

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Does enterprise give you a ride home?

Our rental offices are happy to pick you up, butthey do not deliver vehicles. If renting from an airportlocation, our offices are either in the terminal or a short shuttleride away.

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What is a drop fee?

A drop charge, also referred to as an "inter-cityfee", is assessed for renting a vehicle in one rentallocation and returning the vehicle to a different rental location(one - way rentals). The drop charge fee varies by rentallocation, return location, and time of year.

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Can a different person return a rental car?

Can someone else return my rentalcar? Someone other than yourself can return yourrental car, but to do so they must be a named driver on yourrental agreement.

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Can you rent a car without insurance?

The simple answer to this question is “yes.”You can rent a car without having car insurance. Infact, that's one of the reasons why rental car companiesoffer their own insurance in the first place. The thing is,rental cars are automatically insured — butonly at the bare minimum requirements.