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Did Calvin Johnson ever play safety?

It's none other than legendary Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. He has not been added to the game as a wide receiver. Nope, instead, Calvin Johnson makes his MUT 20 debut as a Free Safety.

Also to know is, when did Calvin Johnson play?

Calvin Johnson Jr. (born September 29, 1985) is a former American football wide receiver who spent his entire nine-year career with the Detroit Lions. He played college football at Georgia Tech, and was drafted by the Lions second overall in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Subsequently, question is, how many Pro Bowls has Calvin Johnson been to? Johnson has been named to six Pro Bowls, but has only played in one of them. He finished this season with 88 catches for 1,214 yards and nine touchdowns.

Similarly, how many drops did Calvin Johnson have?

According to Pro Football Focus, Johnson, who did not practice today, has 10 drops in 13 games this year and dropped 14 passes in 16 games last season.

What happened to Calvin Johnson?

Calvin Johnson opens up about his retirement. Johnson, who was drafted second overall by the Lions in 2007, played his entire career in Detroit until announcing his retirement in March. While there, the receiver racked up 731 receptions for 11,619 yards in nine seasons. Now, the 30-year-old reflected on his career.

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Can Calvin Johnson sing?

Calvin Johnson (born November 1, 1962) is an American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, music producer, and disc jockey born in Olympia, Washington. Known for his uniquely deep and droning singing voice, Johnson was a founding member of the bands Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team and The Halo Benders.

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Why did Calvin Johnson retire?

Calvin Johnson wanted to form an NFL super-team but couldn't leave the Lions — so he chose retirement over the 'insanity' When six-time Pro Bowler Calvin Johnson retired from the NFL last spring, he cited his health as the primary reason.

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What helmet did Calvin Johnson wear?

Helmet Stalker on Twitter: "Lions WR Calvin Johnson is wearing a Fire Iridium Nike visor. His Schutt Air XP.

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What team is Megatron on?

Calvin Johnson (born September 29, 1985) is a American football wide receiver played his for the Detroit Lions. His nickname is Megatron.

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Is Calvin Johnson the best wide receiver ever?

Former Yellow Jacket Calvin Johnson is among NFL analyst Gil Brandt's greatest wide receivers of all time. The former Detroit Lion landed the No. He holds the NFL's single-season receiving yardage record with 1,964 yards in 2012 and the third-highest receiving yards per game in the league's history with 86.1.

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Will Calvin Johnson be a Hall of Famer?

Despite a lack of team success, former Detroit Lions' wide receiver Calvin Johnson still believes his numbers are good enough to make him a Hall of Famer. Johnson currently leads the franchise in career receptions (731), receiving yards (11,619), receiving touchdowns (83), and receiving yards per game (86.1).

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How much money did Calvin Johnson make?

Johnson not only put together one of the greatest careers by a receiver in NFL history but also managed to pull in nine figures despite retiring with four years remaining on his megadeal. He made more than $113 million in on-field earnings, according to Spotrac.

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Can Calvin Johnson return to the NFL?

Calvin Johnson on NFL Return: 'I Don't Want to Play' In case anyone was holding out hope Calvin Johnson might return to the NFL, the six-time Pro Bowler has some bad news. After playing nine seasons with the Detroit Lions from 2007 through 2015, Johnson walked away from football at the age of 30.

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How much is Calvin Johnson worth?

Calvin Johnson net worth and salary: Calvin Johnson is an American football wide receiver who has a net worth of $45 million and annual salary of $22.6 million. Calvin Johnson has earned his net worth playing in the National Football League which he entered in 2007. As of this writing, he plays for the Detroit Lions.

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What records did Calvin Johnson break?

Per Sportsnet Stats, Johnson holds the NFL records for most consecutive 100-yard receiving games (eight), most receiving yards in a five-game span (861) and most consecutive games with 10 or more catches (four), having set each of those marks during his historic 2012 campaign.

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How many fumbles did Barry Sanders have?

Barry Sanders
Rushing yards: 15,269
Yards per carry: 5.0
Rushing touchdowns: 99
Receptions: 352
Receiving yards: 2,921

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Did Calvin Johnson ever make the playoffs?

Johnson — known by his nickname “Megatron” — was a six-time Pro Bowler and first-team all-pro for three consecutive seasons. He also broke the NFL record for receiving yards in a season in 2012, but made the playoffs with the Lions just twice, in 2011 and 2014.

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How many teams did Randy Moss play on?

His career included stints with the Vikings (1998-2004, 2010), Oakland Raiders (2005-06), New England Patriots (2007-2010), Tennessee Titans (2010), and the San Francisco 49ers (2012).

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Did Calvin Johnson win MVP?

Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice said Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson could have been named the league's MVP if his team had a winning season. Johnson broke Rice's single-season receiving record with 1,964 yards, plus five touchdowns, but Detroit finished 4-12 and did not have any wins against NFC North opponents.

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How many teams did Jerry Rice play for in the NFL?

Famous for his fitness level, Rice went on to play an unprecedented 20 NFL seasons, finally retiring in 2004. The majority of his career was played in a 49ers uniform, but he later caught passes for the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks.

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How big are Calvin Johnson's hands?

Percentiles vs. Wide Receivers
Measurable Measurement %tile
Arm Length 33?" 87
Hand Size 9¼" 41
10 Yard Split 1.52s 77
20 Yard Split 2.53s 75

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When did Calvin Johnson retire?