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Do Amish have accents?

Although English is common in this culture, theAmish dialect seems out of step with the surrounding'native' English. The intonation of this accent is unusualas well, unlike the patterns typical of Americans.

Hereof, what dialect do the Amish speak?

English Language Pennsylvania German language Swiss German Language

Similarly, do the Amish speak Dutch? The word "Amish" derives from his name. ThePennsylvania Dutch are not Dutch at all. The wordDutch is a corruption of "Deutsch" or German, of which theyspeak an ancient dialect. Some Amish, notably inIndiana, speak a version closer toSwiss-German.

Likewise, how do Amish speak?

Most Old Order Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch,and refer to non-Amish people as "English", regardless ofethnicity. Some Amish who migrated to the United States inthe 1850s speak a form of Bernese German or a Low AlemannicAlsatian dialect.

Do people from PA have an accent?

Philadelphians have a unique accent, withpronunciation evolving over the decades. A University ofPennsylvania linguistics professor says theSouthern-inflected sound of the Philadelphia dialect ismoving toward a more Northern accent.

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Why are Pennsylvania Dutch called Dutch?

The term is more properly "Pennsylvania German"because the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch have nothing to dowith Holland, the Netherlands, or the Dutch language.These settlers originally came from German-speaking areas of Europeand spoke a dialect of German they refer to as "Deitsch"(Deutsch).

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Do Amish people vote?

Contrary to popular belief, some of the Amishvote, and they have been courted by national parties aspotential swing voters: while their pacifism and social consciencecause some of them to be drawn to left-of-center politics, theirgenerally conservative outlook causes most to favor the rightwing.

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Are the Amish Dutch or German?

info); usually called Pennsylvania Dutch) is avariety of West Central German spoken by the Amish,Old Order Mennonites, and other descendants of Germanimmigrants in the United States and Canada, closely related to thePalatine dialects.

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What is the Amish lifestyle?

The Amish believe in one God. They believe thattheir faith calls for them to lead a lifestyle that consistsof hard work and discipline. In addition to discipline and hardwork, their religion also calls for them to lead a lifestylein which they practice humility, calmness, andplacidity.

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What language do the Dutch speak?

Dutch language, also called Netherlandic orDutch Nederlands, in Belgium called Flemish or FlemishVlaams, a West Germanic language that is the nationallanguage of the Netherlands and, with French andGerman, one of the three official languages ofBelgium.

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What do Amish people believe?

Beliefs. The Amish are closest to theAnabaptists: Protestant Christians who believe in adultbaptism, pacifism, the separation of church and state and theimportance of the community to faith. The denomination is closelyrelated to the Mennonites.

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Can Mennonites drive?

Conservative Mennonites
For more, see Amish Mennonite: Division1850–1878. Those identifying with this group driveautomobiles, have telephones and use electricity, and some may havepersonal computers. They also have Sunday school, hold revivalmeetings, and operate their own Christian schools/parochialschools.

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Can German speakers understand Pennsylvania Dutch?

All Amish children, whether from SwissGerman or Pennsylvania Dutch-speakingcommunities, learn standard German so they can readthe Bible. For hundreds of years, Pennsylvania Dutch andSwiss German have been spoken in America by the descendantsof Swiss immigrants.

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Where do Amish live in PA?

The truth is that Amish families and farmingcommunities live and work throughout Lancaster County.According an Elizabethtown College population study, 74,250Amish live in Pennsylvania, accounting for 23% of the totalAmish population in the United States.

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What does it mean to be Pennsylvania Dutch?

: a group of people originally from Germany who settledin Pennsylvania in the 18th century. : a form of Germanspoken by the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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What is the language of Pennsylvania?

Demonym(s) Pennsylvanian
• Official language None
• Spoken language English 90.15% Spanish 4.09% German (Including PennsylvaniaGerman) 0.87% Chinese 0.47% Italian 0.43%

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When did the Amish come to America?

Amish in America. Although the firstAmish arrived in America in the mid 1700s, theEuropean Anabaptist movement began well before that, in 1525, as aradical wing of the Protestant Reformation.