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Do chimney sheep cause damp?

Will it cause problems with damp? The wool is naturally breathable and will allow moisture to permeate through. If you have a problem with damp in a chimney it may be that the warm damp air is rising into the flue then condensing on the cold walls higher up.

Similarly, you may ask, can chimney balloons cause damp?

Alternatives to the Chimney Balloon You could block your fireplace with a board or bricks or seal the top of the chimney but you then can't use your fire whenever you feel like it. This will also cause your chimney to become damp since the bricks aren't breathing.

Additionally, how do you stop a drafty chimney? Just put your hand in the flue and you'll be astonished by how strong the chimney draught is. This escaping air needs to be replaced, so cold air is pulled in from under doors and round windows, creating the cold draughts we feel. Now you can stop chimney draughts and reduce chimney heat loss with a Chimney Sheep®!

Besides, how do you use a chimney sheep?

Just push the wool head into the narrow part of the flue. You may need to tug it down gently to ensure a good fit. That's it. When you want to remove it, pull gently in case there is any debris collected on it that has fallen down the chimney.

Are chimney balloons safe?

The Chimney Balloon is made of extraordinarily tough plastic. But when it gets hot, it will just shrivel and fall into the grate. Other inflatables are made of PVC which expands and gives off fumes – the Chimney Balloon is by far the safest!

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How do you seal an old chimney?

Apply a bead of butyl rubber caulk around three sides of the chimney at the top, and set the cut piece of metal on the chimney so the edges line up with the caulk bead. Press the metal into the caulk. The goal of this metal cap is to prevent rain from coming in, but it shouldn't be an airtight seal.

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What is a chimney balloon or stopper?

Fitting a chimney draught stopper like the Chimney Balloon stops the stack effect created by a chimney syphoning all your expensively heated air out of your home.

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Does cold air come down the chimney?

It's filled with cold air that will fall into your house as soon as you open the damper. If the chimney isn't primed before you build the fire, that cold will block the warm air from rising up, causing “air sink”, which will push smoke into your house.

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How do you stop an unused fireplace?

Closing the fireplace
Once the chimney has been swept, clear out any debris left on the 'floor' of the fireplace. Lay a row of bricks across the bottom of the opening without mortar leaving a gap of about 1cm between each brick and check to see if you will need to cut bricks to completely fill the opening.

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How do I stop the cold air coming in my fireplace?

Install or Replace the Damper
A damper is a metal flap in your chimney that blocks cold air from coming in and warm air from escaping. When you “close the flue,” you're essentially plugging the chimney with a metal flap.

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Why is cold air coming down my chimney?

Often, when cold air is being drawn down the chimney, the cause is an improperly sized chimney. Chimneys that are too short or too large for the fireplace appliance can allow cold air into your home through the chimney.

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How do you block a chimney?

Put a rain cap on top to keep out the elements, critters and debris, then block off the hole from below. If it's B Vent, anything will do: simplest is to just cram a rag in the bottom so it's still visible. With masonry, close it up with bricks and mortar, or put debris in it and plaster it over with refractory cement.

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How long does a chimney balloon last?

They Don't Last Long
Unless you don't mind getting in your hands and knees to re-inflate or re-install your balloon every 12 weeks, we recommend that you get a Chimney Draught Stopper.

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Can you use a chimney balloon with an electric fire?

A Chimney Balloon will work just fine above your electric fireplace insert. Before you install the insert, be sure to install your Chimney Balloon high enough into the fireplace flue so it does not come in contact with the insert.

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What is a chimney balloon used for?

A chimney balloon is a balloon made of special heat reactive, durable material. Its purpose is to block the opening of a chimney that is not in use. If you do not regularly use your fireplace, a chimney balloon is an ideal way to stop chimney drafts and save energy.