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Do Dunstan Chestnuts need a pollinator?

Providing both shade and tasty nuts, the Chinese chestnut tree (Castanea mollissima) blossoms between May and August to produce the coveted snacks that fall to the ground. In fact, these deciduous trees cannot self-pollinate, but rely on wind and insects to move pollen between flowers during cross-pollination.

People also ask, are chestnuts self pollinating?

Chestnut trees by themselves are not self pollinating. In other words, a chestnut tree all by itself usually will not produce any chestnuts with the kernel filled in. This chapter attempts to explain the somewhat complex subject of getting chestnut trees to successfully fruit with mature, good tasting nuts.

Secondly, how do chestnut trees reproduce? Chestnut Tree Propagation In the wild, these trees reproduce readily from the abundant crop of nuts they produce. Each shiny nut grows in a spiky casing. The casing falls to the ground and splits as the nut matures, releasing the nut. Direct seeding is the easiest way to do chestnut tree propagation.

In this way, are Dunstan Chestnuts good to eat?

Dunstan Chestnuts are sweet-tasting nuts that are very high in protein (10 percent) and carbohydrates (40 percent), and they are favored by all wildlife because they have no bitter-tasting tannins like acorns.

How fast do Dunstan chestnut trees grow?

Mature trees produce from 50-100 pounds per season. Will grow and produce in zones 5-9. Tree spreads 30' - 40' and grows to heights of 40' - 60' tall. Chestnuts attract deer and other wildlife.

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How many years before a chestnut tree produces?

One chestnut tree can produce both kinds of nuts. European chestnut trees do not produce nuts until they are 15 years old. At 50 years old, they reach their peak production .

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Where should I plant a chestnut tree?

Choose a spot for your chestnut that is in full sunlight and has well-drained soil. Avoid places with clay soil and high elevations. Remember, you need to plant at least two chestnut trees that should be planted at least 10 feet apart. Dig a hole two feet in depth by at least 1 1/2 feet in width.

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Do chestnut trees need full sun?

Dense clay soils stunt root growth and hold on to too much water, leading to weak, slow-growing trees. Clay soils can be tolerated if there is good surface drainage (slope), but chestnuts do best on deep, sandy loams. Full sun (8hrs) is required for fruit and nut production minimum of 6 hours of full sun.

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Do deer eat chestnuts?

Chestnuts are chosen by deer over all other nuts because of their taste and nutrition. Deer prefer White Oak acorns over Red Oaks because they contain less tannin, and this is why deer prefer chestnuts over all acorns.

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Are Chinese chestnuts edible?

What are Chinese Chestnuts? Chinese chestnut trees (Castanea mollissima) are medium tall trees with spreading branches. The leaves are glossy and dark green. The tree produces delicious and edible nuts called chestnuts or Chinese chestnuts.

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Are sweet chestnut trees self fertile?

Varieties of Sweet Chestnut
The variety Regal is self-fertile, grows to around 5 m (15 feet) in height after 10 years and produces nuts after two–three years. Marigoule is another self-fertile variety and will start to fruit within 2–4 years.

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What is the best fertilizer for chestnut trees?

Ammonium sulfate is the most acid-forming of the common available nitrogen fertilizers (one pound of (NH4)2SO4 will generate enough acidity to neutralize 5.3 lb. of free lime. We know that chestnut trees require low pH values so this fertilizer is useful in supplying nitrogen and keep the pH of the soil low.

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What are chestnuts worth?

Generally, the value of chestnuts ranges from $0.75 to $2.50 per pound wholesale and from $2.00 to $5.00 per pound retail, depending on the market. Chestnuts are primarily sold fresh in the shell.

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How much sun does a chestnut tree need?

Chestnut trees need abundant sunlight (six or more hours of direct summer sun) and fertile, well-drained and slightly acidic soil. Generally, plan on giving a chestnut tree about 40 feet of room in all directions.

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Do bears like chestnuts?

Chestnuts! The American Chestnut used to be the preferred source of hard mast (nut) crops that helped bears and other wildlife to fatten up in the fall. Apparently the cubs have an innate knowledge that chestnuts are good to eat.

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Do deer like Chinese chestnuts?

"The Chinese chestnut was resistant to the blight, but they were not good nutters." "The chestnut is incredibly sweet and contains almost no tannin like acorns do, which is why deer absolutely love them," said Wallace. "Plus, chestnuts bear nuts in three to five years, unlike 10-plus years for some oak species.

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What's a chestnut tree look like?

These trees have toothed leaves, and smooth gray bark. They also have long pointed buds. The leaf is wider and shorter than the American chestnut tree leaves. It originated in Europe, and it is often what people think of when they hear about “chestnuttrees.

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Will chestnut trees grow in Alabama?

Alabama's largest known living American chestnut tree, found last year in the Talladega National Forest, is 85 feet tall, 14 inches in diameter and healthy, and has somehow avoided the effects of the blight that virtually killed off what was once a dominant tree of the Appalachian Mountains.

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Do chestnut trees grow in Louisiana?

Chestnut was not a native plant in Louisiana. However, chinquapin, a smaller, closely related species does grow in Louisiana uplands. Usually less than 30 feet in height, they resemble chestnuts and produce similar but smaller, edible nuts.

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Can you eat Dunstan Chestnuts?

Advantage of Dunstan Chestnuts
The nuts are high in carbohydrates – 40%, and protein – 10%. The meat is sweet to the taste. They bear nuts from September to November.

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How long does it take a chestnut tree to produce chestnuts?

The only way you can be sure of getting abundant, large-sized nuts is if you water the trees regularly throughout the growing season. Most chestnut tree types only begin to produce nuts after they are three to 7 years old. Still, keep in mind that some chestnut tree types can live up to 800 years.