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Do I need to speak French in Paris?

Learn at least a little of the language
No, you don't need to be fluent in Frenchto communicate with Parisians, but knowing the basics will make ahuge difference. Speak French with a French person,they will switch into English. It's just how itworks.

Considering this, do you need to speak French to work in Paris?

In Paris you may speak your native tongueat home, at work and with your friends, but if youdon't speak French, you definitely need tospeak English. However most will be able to muddle through thetransaction with you in at least basic, and sometimes verygood, English.

Furthermore, can I speak English in France? A lot of people claim that French people do notspeak English and that finding someone speakingdecent English in France is mission impossible. Well, likemany stereotypes, that's simply not true. According to theEurobarometer report 2012, 39% of the French population speaksEnglish.

Hereof, can I go to France without knowing French?

Many people who move to France do sowithout being able to speak any French. TheFrench are usually open-minded and welcoming. Also mostlocals will have had some exposure to English at school -only they won't let it show until you make an effort to speakFrench.

What languages are spoken in Paris?

The official language in Paris and therest of France is French. Contrary to other counties, English isn'twidely spoken. Although Parisians do not generally speak orlike to speak English, tourists won't have any problemscommunicating in this language in most hotels, restaurantsand shops.

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What do you tip in Paris?

Tipping in Paris is customary for hotel porters.They do expect a little something for their efforts, as doconcierges when you feel they have given an additional service. Doso at the end of your stay. Taxi drivers are usually on a rate, butfor longer trips, you can suggest to round up the total of thejourney.

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Can I move to France without a job?

According to the French Embassy, Americanscan stay in France (without working) for up tothree months on a tourist visa. If you want to stay longer thanthat you need to apply for a work visa. The problem is, you musthave secured a job before you can apply for a workvisa.

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What is a good salary in Paris?

This is a good salary, which should allow you tolive comfortably with your wife. The median salary in Franceis around 22 000 euros gross. Salaries in Paris are slightlyhigher, but not that much. The one single budget post that youshould look carefully at is housing.

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How long does it take to learn French?

At 3 courses per year, it may take you between8.3-10 years to reach an intermediate level. One year ofFrench language learning in school (4 hours per week+ 2 hours of homework + 2 hours of independent practice x 12 weeksx 2 semesters). Between 5-6.25 years to reach an intermediateFrench level.

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How much do you tip in France?

Think of it as a gesture, not an obligation. Once again,it's not necessary but is appreciated for good service. There areno rules about tipping in France. In nicer restaurants, suchas 3-start tables, where the service is exemplary, a tip of€20 is fine to leave.

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What jobs do you need French for?

15 Jobs that Require French Speaking Skills
  • Translator. This might be the most obvious one.
  • Interpreter. Similar to a translator, the job of an interpreterinvolves translating oral French speech.
  • Publishing (editor)
  • Resort staff.
  • Flight attendant.
  • Diplomat.
  • Canadian government.
  • French teacher.

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What are the job opportunities in France?

The major industries in France are aerospace,motor industry, pharmaceutical, industrial machinery, metallurgy,electronics, textiles, food and drink, and tourism. According to areport by Hays, in 2015 engineering, research and development(R&D), IT and banking were the sectors exhibiting the mostemployment growth.

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Do people speak English in Amsterdam?

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. Themajority of Amsterdam's residents speak English welland are often fluent in one or two languages on top of that. Youcan usually get by effortlessly in Amsterdam without aknowing word of Dutch.

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How do you behave in France?

The Do's
  1. Do learn some basic French words and phrases.
  2. Do know when to greet with a kiss or with a handshake.
  3. Do take time to dress up.
  4. Do explore the iconic Eiffel Tower.
  5. Do ride the metro at night and take the bus occasionally.
  6. Do go shopping.
  7. Do understand basic French dining etiquette.

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Do I need a visa to go to France?

Visit the Embassy of France website forthe most current visa and entry requirement information.Passports must be valid for at least three months beyond yourplanned date of departure from the Schengen area. You may enterFrance for up to 90 days for tourist and business purposeswithout a visa.

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What should I bring to France?

Depending on when you're traveling to Franceinclude:
  • Rain jacket or water-repellant outer layer.
  • Sturdy, closed-toed shoes (consider hiking shoes oversneakers)
  • One extra pair of shoes.
  • Umbrella.
  • Scarf (this pulls all outfits together and can be used forwarmth)
  • Extra layers.

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Which countries speak French?

Here is a list of all the Francophone countries or Frenchspeaking countries in the world:
  • Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi.
  • Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Dominica.
  • Equatorial Guinea.
  • France.
  • Gabon, Guinea.
  • Haiti.
  • Ivory Coast.

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Where should I visit in France?

From the cultured cities to the quaint countryside, explorethis diverse country with our list of the best places to visit inFrance.
  1. Paris & Versailles.
  2. The Charming Countryside of Provence.
  3. The Côte d'Azur.
  4. Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy.
  5. The Châteaux of the Loire Valley.
  6. Reims & its Magnificent Gothic Cathedral.

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When should I visit France?

The best time to visit France is in the spring(April to June) or fall (September to November) when there arefewer tourists, lower prices, and moderate temperatures. The summermonths can be hot, crowded, and expensive.

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What do I need to travel to France from USA?

U.S. citizens traveling to France musthave a current U.S. passport with at least three months ofvalidity from your date of departure. The passport must have atleast one blank page for stamps. Travelers there for vacation orbusiness are not required to get a visa when staying for less than90 days.



How many tourist offices are there in France?

France is divided into 101 départements,which are grouped into 18 administrative regions. Created in orderto decentralize powers and skills, each region has an Assembly ofelected officials who are involved in economic, industrial andcultural life.

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What region does France belong to?

Cultural and climatic differences allow a classificationof all French regions by cardinal directions: NorthernFrance: Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Normandy, Picardy. EasternFrance: Alsace, Champagne, Franche-Comté, Lorraine,Rhône-Alpes. Western France: Aquitaine, Brittany, Paysde la Loire, Poitou-Charentes.

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What are the 3 most popular foods in France?

The French enjoy escargots (snails) cooked with garlic andbutter, roast duck, and rabbit.
  • Baguette (French Bread)
  • Baguette Sandwich.
  • Soupe à l'Oignon Gratinée (Onion Soup)
  • Croque-Monsieur (Ham and Cheese Sandwich)
  • Quiche au Saumon et Crevettes (Salmon and Shrimp Quiche)
  • Mousse au Chocolat (Chocolate Mousse)

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Can you drink the water in Paris?

The quality drinking water in Paris is a preciousresource that makes buying the plastic bottled variety a waste offunds, not to mention an obviously harmful gesture for the planet.The good news is that municipal Paris water tastes good. Andit's safe, free and widely available to locals and touristsalike.