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Do warts go away?

Some warts will go away without treatment,otherswill not. Even those warts that eventuallygo awaycan take months, or even years, to disappear.Mostdermatologists say it is best to treat warts, either athomeor in the doctor's office, as soon as they appear.

Furthermore, how long do warts last untreated?

Most warts will persist for one to two yearsifthey are left untreated. Eventually, the body willrecognizethe virus and fight it off, causing the wart todisappear.While they remain, however, warts can spread veryeasilywhen people pick at them or when they are on the hands, feetorface.

Also, are warts dangerous? Warts: Not dangerous, justcontagious!Warts are small, circumscribed growths on theskin caused bya virus of the human papillomavirus (HPV) group.There are morethan 100 distinct strains of HPV that can causedifferent types ofwarts. Most warts are benign, buthighly contagious,through direct or indirect contact.

Also to know, how long do warts last?

Warts generally appear 1 to 6 months aftertheperson has become infected. Most warts will eventuallygoaway on their own, expelled by the body's immune system. About25percent are gone within 3 to 6 months and 65 percentdisappearwithin 2 years.

What kills warts fast?

Concentrations range from 17% to 40%(strongerconcentrations should be used only for warts onthickerskin). To treat a wart, soak it for 10 to 15 minutes(youcan do this in the shower or bath), file away the dead wartyskinwith an emery board or pumice stone, and apply thesalicylicacid.

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Is HPV an STD?

HPV is the most common sexuallytransmittedinfection (STI). HPV is a different virus thanHIV and HSV(herpes). There are many different types of HPV.Some typescan cause health problems including genital wartsandcancers.

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Are hand warts contagious?

Warts are growths on the surface of theskincaused by human papillomavirus (HPV). While usually benign,thesepesky bumps are in fact contagious. Studies have shownthatcommon warts (i.e. not genital warts) can bespreadthrough skin-to-skin contact. However, not all strains of thevirusare highly contagious.

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Does Apple Cider kill warts?

The idea that apple cider vinegar canbeused to treat warts has withstood the test of time.Vinegaris an acid (acetic acid), so it can kill sometypesof bacteria and viruses on contact. The vinegar burns andslowlydestroys the infected skin, causing the wart to falloff,similar to how salicylic acid works.

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Can warts be prevented?

Though skin warts can't be prevented,thereare a number of precautionary measures you can taketominimize your risk of acquiring warts. One of themostimportant things you can do is to wash your handsregularly.Also, try to keep your skin healthy, moisturized, andfree ofcuts.

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Are warts a sign of cancer?

Call Your Doctor About Warts if:
It may instead be a symptom of a moreseriousskin condition, such as skin cancer. Wartsmultiplyand spread, causing embarrassment or discomfort. You noticeachange in a wart's color or size; this could indicatethatthe lesion is not a wart but askincancer.

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Can warts last 10 years?

Warts are small skin growths caused by thehumanpapilloma virus (HPV), which infects the top layer of skin.Thereare more than 40 different types of HPV. Most warts goawayafter a year or two, but some last foryearsor come back after going away. Warts can itchorbleed.

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Can warts spread through laundry?

Most forms, however, are spread by casualcontactor indirectly through shared objects, such as towelsorwashcloths. Over time, people develop immunitytomost types of HPV that cause common warts; theirbodies areno longer affected by the virus, and itcan't takehold and grow.

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Are all warts caused by HPV?

Common warts are caused by thehumanpapillomavirus (HPV). The virus is quite commonandhas more than 150 types, but only a few cause warts onyourhands. Some strains of HPV are acquired throughsexualcontact. The virus usually spreads through breaks in yourskin,such as a hangnail or a scrape.

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When should I see a doctor about a wart?

Call Your Doctor If:
  1. Warts develop on the feet, genitals, or face.
  2. New warts develop after 2 weeks of treatment.
  3. Warts are still present after 12 weeks of treatment.
  4. You think your child needs to be seen.

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Do plantar warts leave holes?

Plantar warts grow on the soles of thefeet.Unlike other warts, plantar warts grow intoyourskin, not out of it. You can tell if you have a plantarwartif you notice what appears to be a small hole in thebottomof your foot that is surrounded by hardened skin.Plantarwarts can make walking uncomfortable.