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Do we have flights to Shirdi?

Flights To Shirdi. Get flight schedulesand book low airfare Shirdi flight tickets at MakeMyTrip.comwith all major domestic airlines: Air India, Indigo Airlines, JetAirways, SpiceJet, Go Air, Indian Airlines,Jet Konnect and AirIndia Express. Shirdi is considered as one of the holiesttowns in India.

Keeping this in consideration, is there any direct flight to Shirdi?

The Shirdi airport became operational on October1, 2017. This will take the total number of flightsat the Shirdi airport to four. Currently, threeflights are operational from the Shirdi -- two toHyderabad and another to Mumbai. All the threeflights are run by Alliance Air, a subsidiaryof Air India.

Furthermore, how far is Shirdi from Shirdi airport? The Airport distance is 13 kms from Main SamadhiTemple. It is located in Kakadi near to Shirdi. You caneasily avail the transport facility from Airport toShirdi.

Also to know, is airport available in Shirdi?

The nearest airport to Shirdi is theAurangabad Airport which is 130 kilometres away from Shridi.The airport is well-connected to major cities like Delhi,Mumbai and Hyderabad. You can board a taxi or a cab or a bus toreach Shirdi from Aurangabad.

Do we have direct flight to Shirdi from Bangalore?

Flight Details for Bangalore toShirdi Some of these are NewAirline,Spicejet,Multiple Airline,AirIndia,IndiGo.Out of these, only 3 airlines operate directflights.

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How many hours Shirdi from Pune?

Pune to Shirdi by Road
The distance from Pune to Shirdi is about 186 kmand takes around 4 hours and 41 minutes byroad.

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How is the road from Mumbai to Shirdi?

The aerial distance from Mumbai to Shirdi is 181km while the road distance between Mumbai to Shirdiis 238 km.By Train it is 291 Km. There is/are 2 direct train(s)from Mumbai to Shirdi. These train(s) is/are Dr Sainagar Exp(12131) etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Shirdifrom Mumbai is 5h 26m.

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How can I go to Shirdi from Chennai?

The fastest way to reach Shirdi from Chennaitakes you 6h 04m, which is to take IndiGo from Chennai toPune then take Tata Indica from Pune to Shirdi.The cheapestway to reach Shirdi from Chennai takes you 25h 20m, which isto take Shirdi Express from Chennai toShirdi.

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Is there any direct train from Chennai to Shirdi?

Shirdi Express(22601) departs from ChennaiCentral Railway Station at 10:10. How much time ShirdiExpress take to reach Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station?Shirdi Express reach on day 2 to Sainagar ShirdiRailway Station. The arrival time of ShirdiExpress at Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station is11:30.

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How can I reach Shirdi Sai Baba from Delhi?

These train(s) is/are Klk Snsi Sf Exp (22456) etc. Theminimum time a train takes to reach Shirdi from NewDelhi is 22h 05m. The cheapest way to reach Shirdifrom New Delhi takes you 19h 27m, which is to take trainwith train number 02634 from New Delhi to Kopargaon thentake a taxi from Kopargaon to Shirdi.

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Which is the best time to visit Shirdi?

December to February: Winters are the best time tovisit Shirdi as the weather is pleasant and is a greattime to enjoy your pilgrimage and sightseeing in Shirdi.The average temperature during this time of the year fallsbetween 8 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius.

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How much time it takes for darshan at Shirdi?

The time taken to line up for the Samadhi Templeand have darshan varies. It can be completed in one hour, orcan take up to six hours. The average time is 2-3hours.

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How can I go to Shirdi from Manmad?

Aerial distance is 53 km. There is/are 9 directtrain(s) from Manmad to Shirdi. These train(s) is/areCoa Snsi Exp (17206), Sc Snsi Exp (17002), Dr Sainagar Exp (12131),Bza Snsi Exp (17208), Vskp Snsi Exp (18503) etc. The minimum time atrain takes to reach Shirdi from Manmad is 1h45m.

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Which is the nearest railway station for Shirdi?

Opened in the year 2009, the town now host its ownrailway station, the Sainagar Shirdi that connectsthe town to Chennai, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam via Secunderabad, Mysoreand other cities and railway stations like Ahmednagarrailway station which is 83 km from the heart ofShirdi, Kopargaon station which is 15 kmfrom

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How can I reach Shirdi from Chandigarh?

Distance between Chandigarh toShirdi
There is/are 1 direct train(s) from Chandigarhto Shirdi. These train(s) is/are Klk Snsi Sf Exp (22456)etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Shirdi fromChandigarh is 26h 35m.

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How can I go to Shirdi from Kolkata?

There is/are 1 direct train(s) from Kolkata toShirdi. These train(s) is/are Hwh Snsi Express (22894) etc.The minimum time a train takes to reach Shirdi from Kolkatais 29h 25m. The cheapest way to reach Shirdi from Kolkatatakes you 29h 55m, which is to take train with train number 12574from Kolkata to Shirdi.

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How can I go to Shirdi by train?

By Train. Shirdi can be reached from thenew railway station at Sainagar, other Railway stations areManmad-Junction (60 Kms), Kopargaon(22 Kms) and Nagarsul (50 Kms)on the Central Railway.

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How can I go to Shirdi from Hyderabad?

Aerial distance is 497 km. There is/are 2 directtrain(s) from Hyderabad to Shirdi. These train(s)is/are Vskp Snsi Exp (18503) and Tpty Snsi Exp (17417) etc. Theminimum time a train takes to reach Shirdi from Hyderabad is14h 15m.

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How can I reach Shirdi from Ranchi?

There are no direct flights or trains or buses betweenRanchi to Shirdi.The convenient way to reachfrom Ranchi to Shirdi is to take IndiGo fromRanchi to Mumbai then take Dr Sainagar Exp from Mumbai toShirdi.The fastest way to reach Shirdi from Ranchi isto take IndiGo from Ranchi to Mumbai then take Tata Indicafrom

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