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Do you have to leave a room in clue?

To leave a room in which your token hasbeenplaced by a Suggestion, either roll the die or, ifyou're ina corner room, you can use the SecretPassage. checkoff items on the Note Pads as they becomeknown.

Also question is, can you stay in room in clue?

No. Excerpt taken from Cluedo 2000 rules:"You cannot stay in the same roomwhilsttrying to eliminate it from the investigation; youmustleave it and re-enter each time. You cannot leaveandre-enter a room on the same turn, even by adifferentdoor."

Similarly, what are the rules for clue? The Clue board game rules state thatthereare three ways to enter or exit a room: 1) entering throughthedoorway by moving your token the number shown on the die acrosstheyellow squares, 2) you may use the Secret Passages byjumpingcorner to corner across the board without using the die, 3)or yourtoken may be

Herein, do you have to be in a room to make an accusation in clue?

In a Suggestion, the Room you name must betheRoom where your token is located. But inanAccusation, you may name any room.Remember:You may make only one Accusationduring agame.

Can you go through a closed door in clue?

In the same room (i.e. the hallway), there isanotherdoor which is closed (and the same doorisopen on the old one) and they also say youcannotgo through it. They looked through the rulebook, butit said nothing about the doors other than "Youcan'tenter through a doorway that is blocked byanotherplayer."

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How many combinations are there in clue?

There are 6 weapons, 6 suspects, and 9rooms.Therefore, there are 324 possible solutions intheclassic game of Clue.

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Can you move diagonally in clue?

Players can move only horizontally orvertically,never diagonally. Players can't enter aspace ordoorway they have already entered on the sameturn.

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Can you play Clue with two players?

It's only got one major flaw: youcan'tplay it with two people. The object ofClue isto solve a murder mystery. At the beginning of thegame three cardsare placed in an envelope. That's why youneed at leastthree people to play Clue.

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Which item is not a weapon in the board game Clue?

The correct answer is: C! There are sixtotalweapons in a game of Clue, but a baseballisnot one of them! The list of weapons includeacandlestick, knife, lead pipe, revolver, rope, and a wrench.Thereare also nine total rooms on the board.

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How do you make an accusation in clue?

Making an Accusation:
When you think you've figured out which three cardsarein the envelope, you may, on your turn, makeanAccusation. First say "I accuse (Suspect)ofcommitting the crime in the (Room) with the (Weapon)" Then, sothatthe other players do not see, look at the three cards intheenvelope.

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What are the 9 rooms in the game Clue?

Classic Clue/Cluedo featuresninerooms. The Study, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory,BilliardRoom, Library, Hall, Lounge, Dining RoomandCellar.

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What are the rooms in the game Clue?

There are 10 rooms in Cluedo whichare:Dining Room, Lounge, Kitchen, Study, Hall,BilliardRoom, Conservatory, Ballroom, Library,andCellar.