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Do you have to replace gas logs?

While you certainly won't be replacing your gas logs as often as you would with real firewood, there comes a point in time where they'll need to be swapped out with replacement gas logs. The good news is, when this happens, you don't need to replace your entire fireplace setup.

Simply so, do gas fireplace logs need to be replaced?

Glowing embers complete the look of many gas logs but do not actually burn. However, embers do fade over time and will periodically need to be replaced. Embers can last up to five years depending on how frequently you use your fireplace.

Similarly, can you replace gas logs with glass? Fireplace glass is a modern and contemporary alternative to wood burning fireplaces and gas log fireplaces. Answer: Yes, the glass can be easily removed and placed in a new fireplace.

Simply so, do gas logs wear out?

Gas fireplace burner sets eventually wear out or rust out, causing them to emit gas in a different manner and volume than they did when new. This different flame pattern may cause “dirty” burning and soot buildup.

Are vented or unvented gas logs better?

It all depends on your needs, but vented sets have a more realistic flame and can be used in an existing real wood fireplace, while ventless logs are more efficient. A gas fireplace makes a great alternative for homeowners looking for a supplemental heat source that also provides a beautiful ambience.

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How much does it cost to replace gas logs?

The cost to replace gas logs varies depending on the size, material, and brand. Typically, log sets can cost anywhere from just over $100 to over $1000. The average sets cost somewhere in the $400-$700 range.

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Does gas fireplace need maintenance?

Gas Fireplaces Need Loving Too
While it is true that gas fireplaces are both efficient and low maintenance, it's a known fact that ANY appliance can become a nuisance if neglected. That is why you need an annual inspection of your gas fireplace. Every fireplace or insert should be cleaned annually.

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How long should gas logs last?

Gas logs require very little maintenance to continue running as they should. Depending on your home and where you live, you may need to clean dirt and other residue off of the inside of your fireplace unit, including the pilot light, every six months or so.

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Why do gas logs stink?

The most common rotten smelling additive is Methyl Mercaptan. The byproduct of burning Mercaptan is Sulfur Dioxide, which smells more like burnt matches mixed with rotten eggs. Include other odors produced by impurities in the gas supply and you have the distinct smell ventless logs produce.

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Does Lowes install gas fireplace logs?

Potentially voids homeowners insurance – Homeowners insurance is another big thing to consider when buying gas logs from Lowes. Not to mention Lowes does not offer installation, so you will have to hire somebody to do it or try and do it yourself.

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Can I install gas logs myself?

Yes, you can install our vented and vent-free gas logs yourself if you already have a gas line connected to your fireplace. Watch our easy step-by-step guide to installing and operating your gas logs.

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Can you replace gas fire coals with logs?

Well surprisingly yes. On some gas fires you can indeed change the fuel bed effect. The new Icona hole in the wall fires has a variety of different effects including fuel beds, logs, drift wood, coals and pebbles. The same is true for Synergy gas fires as well.

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Do you need glass in front of a gas fireplace?

Building codes may require the damper in your chimney to be permanently blocked open if you install gas logs. You can reduce drafts and heat loss by installing glass doors in front of the gas fireplace, but the doors must remain open while the fire is burning.

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Do you need to replace gas fire coals?

Sometimes it's necessary to change gas fire coals, ceramic logs or pebbles as they become discoloured or worn. Gas fire manufacturers will normally insist on their specific brand of coals to be used on their gas fires claiming it is unsafe or reduces the heat efficiency of the fire.

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How do I keep my fireplace glass from turning black?

Tips to Prevent Soot Build Up on Wood Stove Glass
  1. Always burn well-seasoned wood in your wood stove.
  2. Try burning harder woods like oak, cherry, or walnut, and avoid burning woods known for their higher sap content.
  3. If your wood stove has a heat setting, try turning the heat controls up a few notches.
  4. Allow enough oxygen to vent into your wood stove.

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Do gas logs use much gas?

In Natural Gas, there is 100,000 BTU in a Therm. In Propane, there is about 91,500 BTU in a gallon. So based on those numbers, in order to operate a 70,000 BTU/hour decorative gas log set it would cost you roughly around $0.70/hour for natural gas and about $2.30/hour for propane.

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Why does my gas fireplace glass turn black?

So why does the glass on your fireplace turn black? Blackened or cloudy fireplace glass is caused a buildup of soot and other small particles on the glass as a result of the fuel in the fireplace not burning properly, or a lack of ventilation over the inside of the glass.

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How do you clean gas logs?

Clean the logs with a damp rag.
If necessary, some logs can be treated with a small amount of water. Dip a soft cloth into lukewarm water, wringing out excess moisture. Wipe it over the logs to remove leftover soot. Check with your owner's manual to make sure this treatment is okay.

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How do you arrange gas logs in a fireplace?

How to Arrange Gas Logs
  1. Place the largest ceramic logs on the bottom to serve as the foundation for the fire.
  2. Leave 2 inches (5 centimeters) between logs.
  3. Make sure none of the logs is blocking the gas flow.
  4. Arrange smaller logs on top of the foundation logs.
  5. Turn on the gas and light the fire using either matches or the automatic igniter.

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How do you update an old gas fireplace?

Change the trim color of your gas fireplace
  1. The first and most critical step is to shut off the valve or pilot light to the gas fireplace before using the highly flammable spray paint.
  2. Second, if there is a glass panel on the fireplace, remove it.

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What color should the flame on a gas fireplace be?

A healthy gas flame will burn steadily with a yellow or orange. If the flame is not yellow or orange it may be a sign that your gas fireplace needs adjusting or cleaning, which should be done by a qualified technician, such as those we have at Kozy Heat.

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Can you burn a gas fireplace without logs?

No gas fireplace comes without the logs & burner. Unless someone has installed your fireplace incorrectly or has pilfered the logs, what you have is a wood burning fireplace.



How do you measure a fireplace for gas logs?

How to Measure Your Fireplace for Gas Logs
  1. Measure the front opening of your fireplace.
  2. Measure the back width of your fireplace.
  3. Measure the depth of the floor from back wall to the front of your fireplace.
  4. Measure the inside height of the fireplace from the floor to the lowest point inside the fireplace.

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Can you put rocks in a gas fireplace?

No fireplace would be complete without the rough texture of a coal bed as the wood burns. You can have this look in your gas log fireplace by adding Lava Rocks to the floor of the fireplace. Not just for decoration, lava rocks hold and radiate heat longer and save energy.