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Does Anytime Fitness have classes?

Fitness classes: Many Anytime Fitnesslocations offer group fitness classes including Zumba,spinning, cardio, body conditioning classes, yoga andmore.

Also know, does Anytime Fitness have spin classes?

Even after numerous classes, your spinbike experience can be different every time. Roll with it, ridewithout judgment, and do what's best for your body. Onaverage, you can burn anywhere from 400–600 calories during aspin class.

Subsequently, question is, does Anytime Fitness have showers? Yes, we do! While all clubs have showers andbathrooms, not all locations offer lockers.

Secondly, how much does a trainer cost at Anytime Fitness?

We even found a post that said a trainer at anAnytime Fitness in Pearl, Miss., charged $25 per hour. Theprices we found during our research are relatively normal,and maybe even a few dollars below the national average of$60–$70.

How much does it cost to join Anytime Fitness 2019?

If you want to get an annualmembership, you will usually have to pay aninitiation fee of $49.99, an annual fee of$407.99($33.99 a month), and $35.00 for a key fob. Ofcourse, these prices are around what you canexpect at your local Anytime Fitness.

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Is Anytime Fitness expensive?

Anytime Fitness membership fees and contractsdepend on the kind of membership you apply for and the location,but the average cost is typically $30 to $36/month; however, inother clubs, the membership fee is $44 for a single monthlymembership and $39 for a 12-month membership.

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Can you cancel an Anytime Fitness membership?

I want to cancel mymembership.
As each club is independently owned and operated, andeach state has different cancellation policies, pleasereview your Membership Agreement prior to contactingyour home club. Your specific cancellation policywill be outlined on that agreement.

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Are classes at Anytime Fitness Free?

Members can access any Anytime Fitness locationafter 30 days of membership. Free pass: New customers cantry Anytime Fitness free for seven days.

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Does Anytime Fitness have swimming pools?

Pool/Spa Area
24 Hour Fitness: Most 24 Hour Fitnesslocations (except lower level clubs) will have an indoorpool and spa area that's primarily designed for aquaticfitness and lap swimming. Anytime Fitness:There's no pool, spa, or whirlpool at AnytimeFitness.

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What is the cheapest gym to join?

Five most affordable gym memberships
  1. Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym forpeople who don't like gyms, with ads referring to every PlanetFitness location as a "Judgement Free Zone."
  2. Cardinal Fitness.
  3. Your Local YMCA.
  4. Gold's Gym.
  5. LA Fitness.

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Can you bring a friend to Anytime Fitness?

The answer is a yes and a no. You may bring afriend / partner, whomever really to an Anytime fitnessduring staffed hours and have them signed in to try the gymwith you. However, you may not bring anyone inwith you otherwise, as you could be fined (breach ofsecurity) and have your key fob deactivated.

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How much is a couples membership at Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness membership fees start out at$30-$40 per month for an individual and $50-$70 for a couple. Somelocations offer discounts for groups, senior citizens, and theemployees of certain companies.

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Does Anytime Fitness have free weights?

Free Weights
Anytime Fitness offers essential pieces ofequipment for strength training, such as dumbbells, Olympic plates,Olympic bars and preloaded barbells. Regardless of yourfitness or strength level, you can select the weightthat meets your needs to reach your fitnessgoals.

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Can you get a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness offers personal trainingsessions ranging from around $35 to $70 an hour, in addition to themonthly membership fee. Personal training packages are alsoavailable, though you'll need to visit an Anytime Fitnessgym in person to get a price quote.

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Can I bring guests to Anytime Fitness?

Some locations may allow one free guestpass automatically before charging, though some never give theoptions to bring a guest in free of charge. Talk to yourlocal Anytime Fitness to get a better idea of what theirpolicies on guest passes are.

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Can I freeze my Anytime Fitness membership?

Yes, you can freeze your membership for upto 90 days: Once in a 12 month period. There is a $5/month feeduring the freeze period. Account must be current on allpayments prior to freeze to begin.

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What does Anytime Fitness provide?

Anytime Fitness aims to constantly develop andset new trends. It also provides the opportunity and supportto open up your own franchise. But most importantly, its biggestseeling point is that it provides 24/7 access tomembers.

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How much does Anytime Fitness pay employees?

Anytime Fitness Salaries
Job Title Salary
Manager salaries - 4 salaries reported $12/hr
Personal Trainer salaries - 4 salaries reported $18/hr
Gym Manager salaries - 3 salaries reported $15/hr
Membership Sales salaries - 3 salaries reported $10/hr

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Does Anytime Fitness have a student discount?

Does Anytime Fitness require a student IDor college ID to qualify for a student discount? It lookslike Anytime Fitness may not offer student discounts.These similar stores do offer student discounts: 24Hour Fitness.

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Does Anytime Fitness have tanning beds?

In all but two of the franchise's 65 clubs,tanning is offered. A basic membership at WorkoutAnytime costs $15 per month, which includes unlimited 24/7access to the club's fitness facilities. Once purchased,up-keep on tanning beds is minimal, as long as you invest ina quality product.

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Does Anytime Fitness have WIFI?

Anytime Fitness now offers free wifi forall members.

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What equipment does Anytime Fitness have?

At Anytime Fitness, standard fitnessequipment and facilities is top priority. Every centers housesbrand new and fully functional life fitness equipment thatinclude treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, racks, kettlebells,cable crossovers, rowing machines, synergy 360 systems, benchpresses, and many others.

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Where can I shower if im homeless?

Where to Shower When You're Homeless
  • Shelters. The most common place where homeless people takeshowers is at local homeless shelters.
  • Beaches.
  • Campgrounds.
  • Bathroom Sinks and Baby Wipes.
  • Gyms and the YMCA.
  • Rivers.
  • Portable Showers.

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Do I need to bring my own towel to Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness does not have towels youcan borrow during your workout at any of itsgym locations. Though all Planet Fitness gyms haveshower stalls in their locker rooms, you will most likelyneed to bring your own bath towel if you planto use the showers at Planet Fitness.