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Does daycare make Pokemon weaker?

Pokemon you train yourself gain EVs frombattles,adding to its stats. Pokemon in the daycaredo not.So normally yes, they will. However, since yours is 85already,chances are its EVs are maxed, and won't makeadifference.

Simply so, what does putting your Pokemon in daycare do?

The daycare is based on the number of stepsyoutake in game, as in for each step for which you moveapanel, your pokemon gains 1 EXP. In other words, getonyour bike and start walking around in circles/up and downorwhatever you find works well for you. The more you walk, themoreXP you gain.

Similarly, does Pokemon daycare affect EVs? When you defeat a Pokemon in battle youget'EV's. For every 4 EVs you get yourPokemongets a point in that stat which is added when youlevel up. If youlevel up without gaining EVs, through theDay Care orRare Candies you still get stats added onbut noEVs.

Also to know, do rare candies make your Pokemon weaker?

Rare Candies Pokémon who evolve at a certain Levelwilldo so normally if a Rare Candy was used to reachthatLevel. Rare Candies provide no StatExp;Pokémon who are raised using this item willthereforetend to be weaker than those who are trainedinbattle.

Can Pokemon learn moves in daycare?

The Pokémon in the daycare donotlearn the new moves until you take them out.Theywill continue to pass on moves as long as youleavethem in the daycare, because they'll have thosesamemoves.

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Is using rare candies bad?

Basically they are extra hidden points that you getbybattling. When using Rare Candies, you don't gain anyofthose points, so your Pokemon could be weaker. However, if youhavetrained a Pokemon from a low level up to level 50-60 youwillprobably already have all possible EVs, so usingRareCandies doesn't matter.

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Should I use rare candy on my Pokemon?

4 Answers. There's two general reasons to saveRareCandies for later. It takes more experience to gain thehigherlevels. As such, if you use Rare Candies on theearlylevels, you're pretty much wasting them as the experiencethey'd beworth on a higher level Pokémon is fargreater thanon a lower level one.

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Can you EV train at level 100?

As of Gen 5, EVs are applied after a battle ends andnotafter leveling, so you've been able to EV train,soyou can EV train just by battling. And beforethat,you put the level 100 Pokémon in the PC,andtake it out and the EVs are applied to what ever statyouwere going for.

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What happens when you give a Pokemon a rare candy?

Rare Candy is one of the few possible RaidRewards(drops). Rare Candy was introduced to help Trainerspower-upand evolve Pokémon they see very rarely,such asPorygon, Lapras etc. The Rare Candy can transformintoCandy for any Pokémon. For example: whenusedon a Pikachu, one Rare Candy turns into onePikachuCandy.

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Do rare candies affect EVs?

Rare Candies raise your Pokemon's levelwithoutgiving any EVs. Since even a level 100 Pokemon canbeEV trained, Rare Candies are totally safetouse.

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How do I EV train?

EV training tips
  1. Start young. You can often max out the EVs by level 20,whichleaves the Pokémon free for use in-game; it will alsobestronger than normal.
  2. Don't lose Pokérus.
  3. Use vitamins early.
  4. Count well.
  5. Count your move PP.
  6. Spread EVs out a little.
  7. Maximize HP×Def and/or HP×SpDef.

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What is EV Pokemon?

Effort Values, or EVs, are values for eachstat(HP, attack, etc) that a Pokemon can gain throughbattlingPokemon or Super Training. Each Pokemon canearn upto 510 EV points before maxing out their EVs.TheseEV points influence your final stats and your scalingwhenyou play Online Battles.

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Why would you stop a Pokemon from evolving?

The main reason to delay evolution is soaPokemon learns different moves or the same movesmorequickly. Pokemon that evolve due to leveling uptendto learn moves at a slower pace; e.g., CharmanderlearnsFlamethrower at level 37 while Charizard learns it atlevel47.

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Do Pokemon get stronger when they battle?

Stronger, higher CP Pokémon-along with Pokémon that have the mostpowerful,highest DPS moves, means winning more battles,winning morebattles means taking more Gyms, allowingyou toget free PokeCoins (and pride) intheprocess.

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Does Delaying evolution affect stats?

The evolution brings up its base statssoit will have the same stats regardless of whenyouevolved it. Delaying an evolution can bebothbeneficial and also a hindrance. For some Pokemon,theirpre-evolutions can learn moves earlier thanevolvedpokemon.