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Does Fantastic Sams do walk ins?

At Fantastic Sams, each salon is independentlyowned and operated. Not all salons accept reservations, so pleasecontact the salon location nearest you. Of course, you may alwayswalk-in when it is convenient for you and we will be here tomake you look and feel your best!

Keeping this in view, what are the prices at Fantastic Sams?


  • Blow Out | Starts at $25.
  • Blowout with Hot Tools | Starts at $30.
  • Shampoo & Set | Starts at $20.
  • Special Occasion Style | Starts at $30.

Similarly, does Fantastic Sams have a senior discount? If you are in the market for a haircut, Great Clipsoffers a $3 discount to people who are 60+. Similarly,Fantastic Sam's stores typically have a designatedsenior discount day, where older adults can get 15percent off the price of a cut.

Furthermore, how much does it cost to get a perm at Fantastic Sams?

Fantastic Sams Prices and Service Menu 2019

Service Cost
Adult Cut – Includes shampoo & haircut $14.99
Adult Cut & Dry – Includes shampoo, haircut &blowdry $17.49
Kids Cut – 11 & under, Includes shampoo &haircut $10.49
Kid Cut & Dry – Includes shampoo & haircut $1349

Does Fantastic Sams do hair donations?

Hair donations can be dropped off at FantasticSams locations nationwide. Company executives said the hairdonations must be at least 10 inches long, bundled in aponytail, clean and dry. The pieces are provided free of charge tochildren under 18 who meet the organization'sguidelines.

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Do you have to tip at Great Clips?

General rules: You know that you shouldtip your hairstylist 15 to 20 percent of the bill. Generalrules: Base it on the general price range of the salon—thepricier the joint, the more the tip. How much: $1 to $5.Less if you are at an inexpensive salon like GreatClips or more for a high-end location.

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How much do you tip for a haircut?

A: Depending on the price point of your salon,you'll want to give your stylist $5 to $20 for acomplimentary bang trim. If you're unsure, play it safe bytipping your stylist the equivalent of 20 percent of a fullhaircut.

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How much is a cut and color?

Haircuts and color
Pricing for haircuts can range anywhere from$35–$150 or more. Hair coloring services range in price from$65 to $200 or more, depending on the products used and thestylist's reputation.

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How much does Balayage cost?

Because it's so time-consuming to complete,balayage tends to be one of the priciest forms of haircoloring. While highlighting may only cost $150, expect topay about $200 on average, for balayage.

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How much is a trim at Great Clips?

Enjoy adult haircuts at just $14.00, haircuts forchildren aged 10 and under at $12.00, and senior haircuts at$12.00. Partial and regular perms are priced at $35.00 and $60.00respectively whereas a perm for long hair would cost $75.00. Forjust $5.00 you can enjoy a bang, beard or necktrim!

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Does Great Clips have a senior discount?

But most Great Clips locations offer a seniordiscount to customers age 65 and over. The average price for ahaircut at most Great Clips salons is around $14, whileseniors can receive a haircut for $12 at most locations. For moredetails on Great Clips' senior discount, seebelow.

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How much is a haircut at Smartstyle in Walmart?

Some of the most popular smartstyle pricesinclude ;adult haircuts with shampoo and dry is priced at$15.95 ($18.95 with express dry), haircuts for children withshampoo and dry is $10.95 ($13.95 with express dry), whereas permsare priced at $49.95, styling inclusive of shampoo at $14.95,specialty styling at $26.95,

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How much is a haircut in Supercuts?

Supercuts Salon Prices and Service Menu 2019
Service Cost
Supercut I (Haircut and Hot Towel Refresher) $16.49
Supercut II (Haircut, Hot Towel Refresher and Shampoo) $21.49
Supercut III (Haircut, Hot Towel Refresher, Shampoo and SimpleBlow Dry) $28.49 and up
Supercut Jr. – Children 12 & under $14.49

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What is a hair blowout?

A blowout simply means styling your hairwith a round brush as you blow it dry — no curling iron orflat iron needed. Even better, a blowout is built tolast.

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Does Great Clips do hair coloring?

Great Clips salons do not offer anyhair color services, corporate customer servicerepresentatives said. This means you can't get single-processcolor, highlights, lowlights, root touch-ups, or balayage atGreat Clips. And, select Great Clips locations offerperms.

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How much is a haircut at sports clips?

Sport Clips Salon Prices and Service Menu 2019
Service Cost
Haircut $19.49
Haircut, Steamed Towel, Massaging Shampoo $22.49

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How much is a perm?

The answer varies depending on the salon, stylist, andthe amount of time that has been spent on your hair. However,customers can expect to spend anywhere from $30 to over $150. Ingeneral, those who pay more for their perms tend to havelonger hair, which means more work for the stylist.

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Does Fantastic Sams do hair coloring?

We offer everything from hair coloring servicesand highlights to straightening and texturizing and evenup-dos and hair removal — all at a great price.Fantastic Sams Cut & Color is also not just awomen's salon.

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How much is a shampoo and cut at Fantastic Sams?

Services offered at Fantastic Sam's
Table Heading
RELAX - Many of our services come with fs shampoo therapy, ourcomplimentary shampoo and three-minute scalp massage.
HAIRCUTS - No cut starts before a consultation so you get alook you love and expect.
Shampoo & haircut - includes shampoo and tousle dry $15.00

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What is a Balayage?

Pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE, balayage is actually aFrench word meaning 'sweeping,' as in to sweep on a hair lightenerto create highlights. Balayage is the technique of free-handpainting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and naturalgradation of lightness towards the ends.

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How long do perms last?

about six months

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Does Fantastic Sams do keratin treatments?

Naturally, the best keratin shampoos,keratin conditioners, and smoothing keratin treatmentswill be low in sulfates, as sulfates can damage hair andfade hair color over time. Did you know that Fantastic SamsCut & Color is a full-service, "no-appointment-needed" hairsalon with 1100+ convenient locations?

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How much is a woman's haircut at Great Clips?

Great Clips Prices
Item Price
Men & Women
Adults & Teens
Haircut (Per Person) $15.00
Shampoo (Per Person) $5.00

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Does Wendy's have a senior discount?

Discount: Most locations provide either 5-10% offregular menu items or a free or discounted drink. Discount,age requirement, and participation may vary. Please call your localWendy's for more information.