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Does GoToWebinar include GoToMeeting?

Yes, a GoToMeeting license is includedwith GoToWebinar.

Considering this, are GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar the same?

GoToWebinar, however, can accommodate up to 1000.You can interact in a conversational way with your attendees inGoToMeeting, while GoToWebinar allows you to requireyour audience to “raise their hand” to be heard.Attendees cannot communicate with each other inGoToWebinar.

Likewise, is GoToWebinar free? Sign up for a free trial of GoToWebinarand enjoy access to all of our top-notch features. We will notifyyou before your trial expires, and you can decide to subscribe to apaid plan or let your trial expire. Your free trial does notrequire a credit card.

Also to know is, do you have to pay for GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting Starter allows you to hostmeetings with up to 10 participants and costs $14 monthly (billedannually at $171). Our most popular option, GoToMeeting Procosts $29 per month (billed annually at $348). Sign up for a freetrial of GoToMeeting and enjoy access to all of ourtop-notch features.

Which is better zoom or GoToMeeting?

Zoom is simpler. Zoom offers larger groupvideo chats. Zoom offers better interoperability.Zoom even offers a free version of its package, whileGoToMeeting will charge you for everything but its 14-daytrial period.

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Can you transfer files with GoToMeeting?

Re: Sending files duringgotomeeting
Currently we do not have a built in filesharing feature, however you can work around this byuploading the file to a service like and then pasting a link to thefile in the Chat.

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How much is GoToMeeting monthly?

GoToMeeting Starter allows you to host meetingswith up to 10 participants and costs $19 monthly(billed annually at $228). Our most popular option,GoToMeeting Pro costs $29 per month (billedannually at $348). You get unlimited meetings with up to 150participants, along with recording, mobile apps andmore.

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What is the best webinar platform?

Without further adieu, here are our picks for the bestwebinar platforms.
  • WebinarJam.
  • Best Webinar Platforms: GoToWebinar.
  • Best Webinar Software: Zoom.
  • EverWebinar as One of the Best Webinar Platforms.
  • GetResponse.
  • Best Webinar Platforms: Google Hangouts.
  • Demio.
  • ClickMeeting.

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How do I start GoToMeeting?

To start a previously scheduled meeting, clickthe GoToMeeting icon in the dock, click the My Meetingsbutton and log in by entering your account information and clickingthe Log In button. Then, on the My Meetings –GoToMeeting dialog box, select the meeting you wish tostart and click Start.

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What is Zoom webinar?

Zoom Webinars. Zoom is a video and webconferencing service. Zoom Webinars are a special featurewhich allow presenters to broadcast to up to 500attendees.

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Is there a free GoToMeeting?

The GoToMeeting Free plan is a great way to getstarted with quick and easy online meetings. The free planallows you and your coworkers or friends to collaborate withhigh-quality screen sharing, webcams, VoIP audio and chat messagingin one session – no download needed.

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What is the difference between GoToMeeting and GoToTraining?

GoToTraining is a relatively new service providedby GoToWebinar which gives you extra features such as tests builtinto the webinar and you can share files as well.GoToTraining only allows up to 200 people in atraining session. And those are the differences betweenGoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and GoToWebinar.

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Can I use GoToMeeting on my phone?

Take your meetings with you.
With the GoToMeeting mobile app you cantake your work with you on the road and across the globe. Withthe GoToMeeting mobile app you have the ability to host andjoin meetings anywhere, at anytime, on any device. The power is inyour hands, all you have to do is downloadit.

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Does zoom cost money?

Zoom offers four plans: Basic (Free), Pro($14.99/host/month), Business ($19.99/host/month), and Enterprise($19.99/host/month). Users can host up to 100 participants. Paidplans can be expanded up to 500 participants for a fee ranging from$34.99/month to $259.99/month (per host) for 200, 300, or 500participants.

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Is GoToMeeting a video call?

GoToMeeting ensures that if your device has awebcam and an Internet connection, you'll be ready for your nextvideo meeting. Start or join sessions with a single clickand explore new possibilities through easily available tutorialsand multi-channel support options.

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How secure is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting employs industry-standard endto- endAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption using 128-bit keys toprotect the data stream, chat messages and keyboard and mouseinput. GoToMeeting encryption is consistent with HIPAASecurity Standards to ensure the security and privacyof patient data.

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Does GoToMeeting have breakout rooms?

Group Chat and Breakout Rooms
Each offers comparable chat features, but Zoom alsooffers Breakout Rooms. Group chats work similarly in Zoomand GoToMeeting. Once enabled by the host, a window appearswhere participants can type in their comments and questionsand scroll through to see the chat thread.

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Is GoToMeeting Hipaa compliant?

Since GoToMeeting offers a BAA, we conclude it isa HIPAA compliant service. Conclusion: GoToMeeting isHIPAA Compliant and adheres to regulatory compliance forhealthcare providers and healthcare organizations. Make sure yousign a BAA with GoToMeeting before using it to store ortransmit any PHI.

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How much does WebEx cost per month?

Three pricing plans are also available for CiscoWebEx Meetings: Premium 8, for up to 8 people:$24/month (paid monthly) or $19/month (paidannually). Premium 25, for up to 25 people: $49/month (paidmonthly) or $39/month (paid annually).

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What is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is a platform for businesses and soleproprietors with which they can create and deliver online and videoconferences with their customers, colleagues, stockholders, and soon.

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What do webinars cost?

At the very least, it should cost $100 to producea webinar. However, the average swings from $100 all the wayup to $3,000. If you're currently not spending a dime and relyingsolely on free software for your webinars, you're probablynot getting the results you were hoping for.

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How long should my webinar be?

How long do webinars usually last? Theaverage webinar is around 45 minutes, with somepresentations going up to 60 minutes and beyond. Speakers normallypresent for 30 minutes then leave 10-15 minutes at the end toanswer audience questions.

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What is GoToMeeting used for?

GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service created andmarketed by LogMeIn. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, andvideo conferencing software package that enables the user to meetwith other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via theInternet in real time.