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Does Home Depot carry Porter Cable Tools?

PORTER CABLE - Power Tools - Tools - The Home Depot.

Also, does Home Depot sell Porter Cable Tools?

Porter-Cable 20v MAX - Power Tools - Tools - The Home Depot.

One may also ask, are Porter Cable tools any good? Nowadays, Porter Cable (along with DeWalt) is owned by Stanley. Black and Decker, and Porter Cable tools are kind of regarded as an intermediate between consumer and professional-level. They have very good prices, decent quality, but are not really up to par with the best in the industry.

Also to know, does Home Depot have Porter Cable?

Porter-Cable - The Home Depot.

How much is a porter?

The average salary for a Porter is $12.36 per hour in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 6,939 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Porter employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. The typical tenure for a Porter is less than 1 year.

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Does Lowes sell Porter Cable?

PORTER-CABLE Power Tool Combo Kits at

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Is DeWalt better than Porter Cable?

DeWalt tools will be able to handle much, much more wear and tear than a Porter-Cable. Even though both are 20V batteries, the juice in a DeWalt MAX will last much longer than the Porter-Cable 20V.

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Is Porter Cable going away?

Porter Cable Has Not Come Out With Any New Tools Lately. Porter Cable, a still well-known Stanley Black & Decker brand of power tools, air tools, and woodworking tools, hasn't come out with anything new in quite some time.

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Is Porter Cable better than Ryobi?

Porter Cable is the better brand as far as longevity goes. But like ChrisF250 says, Ryobi has more options.

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Did Craftsman buy Porter Cable?

Craftsman, the 90-year-old beloved and more recently derided tool brand, just announced its next generation of tools. Last year Sears sold the iconic tool company to Stanley Black & Decker, and we've all been waiting to see what the maker of Dewalt, Porter-Cable, and Black & Decker would do with Craftsman.

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Whats better DeWalt or Milwaukee?

The no load speed of the Milwaukee in low speed gear is 0 to 450 rpm and 0-550 rpm on DeWALT. Using the high-speed gear, you can vary speed from 0 to 1800 rpm when using the Milwaukee and 0-2000 for the DeWALT. The DeWALT is faster than the Milwaukee but it does not really affect the performance of the drill too much.

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Are Porter Cable and Craftsman batteries interchangeable?

20V Lithium Ion tools use the same batteries, regardless of brand? Porter Cable, DeWalt, Craftsman, Black & Decker, & Mac Tools all seem to use the same 20v lithium ion battery system system, as if made by the same parent company.

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Whats better craftsman or DeWalt?

Craftsman has an industrial line and a consumer line. So, while there are exceptions, the Dewalt power tool will be made with a better class of components than the Craftsman tool and will have a longer life if used in the same way, and a three-year warranty period as opposed to 1 year for Craftsman cordless tools.

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Is Porter cable the same as DeWalt?

DeWalt is now a popular brand of tools for commercial contractors. In 2004, Black and Decker bought rival power tool manufacturer Porter-Cable and combined it with DeWalt in Jackson, Tennessee. In April 2016, DeWalt created an Android powered smartphone designed for building industry workers.

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Is Porter Cable American made?

Porter-Cable is headquartered in Jackson, Tennessee. Manufacturing in the United States has mostly ceased; tools are now made primarily in Mexico and China.

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What is the duty of a porter?

Similar to custodians and janitors, porters work to make sure that all types of buildings are neat, clean, free from clutter and safe. Custodians spend their days picking up trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, or using industrial cleaning equipment to clean floors, cleaning and stocking bathrooms.

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How do I become a porter?

To become a successful hospital porter, it is vital that you demonstrate the following:
  1. Friendly disposition.
  2. Impeccable communication skills.
  3. Good inter-personal skills.
  4. Physical fitness.
  5. Be able to follow instruction.
  6. Be able to handle pressure.
  7. Be able to stay calm and act quickly in case of emergencies.
  8. Hardworking nature.

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How can I be a good porter?

Strong customer service skills and a positive attitude can enable a porter to provide the best experience when interacting with guests. Mechanical skills: A porter is often required to do basic repair and maintenance tasks within their place of work.

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What is Portar?

Verb. portar (first-person singular indicative present porto, past participle portáu) to act (to behave in a certain way)

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What is a day porter job?

A Day Porter or Day Porter Staff functions as a daytime cleaning service with benefits. Your Day Porter will provide vital services that keep your building running smoothly, like: Lobby maintenance. Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias and patios. Policing entrances so they are always looking their best.

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What is a hospital porter job?

A hospital porter moves patients, equipment and numerous other medical paraphernalia between the various areas of a hospital. Hospital porters also have the important job of moving vital, often extremely costly, equipment between the different departments of a hospital. They also distribute post, files and specimens.

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What is an apartment porter?

Porter/Groundskeeper Job Summary:
Responsible for the upkeep of grounds, amenities, building exteriors and leasing office, parking lots and other community buildings of multi-family residential apartments.

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Is Guinness A porter?

Porter is a dark style of beer developed in London from well-hopped beers made from brown malt. The term stout porter would later be shortened to just stout. For example, Guinness Extra Stout was originally called "Extra Superior Porter" and was only given the name "Extra Stout" in 1840.

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What is a porter in a warehouse?

Description Porter (Jetro/Restaurant Depot) Summary: The porter is responsible for ensuring all key areas in the warehouse are clean… basis. The porter must also ensure all cleaning equipment is within guidelines of our company HACCP program.