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Does it rain in September in Texas?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during September in Dallas is increasing, starting the month at 2.2 inches, when it rarely exceeds 4.6 inches or falls below 0.4 inches, and ending the month at 3.0 inches, when it rarely exceeds 6.1 inches or falls below 0.7 inches.

Also question is, what is the weather like in September in Texas?

In most years, Dallas averages a daily maximum temperature for September that's between 86 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit (30 to 33 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 67 and 72 °F (19 to 22 °C).


89 °F September average high 32 °C
69 °F September average low 21 °C

Also, how much rain did we get in September? The September precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was 2.42 inches, 0.07 inch below average, ranking in the middle third of the 125-year period of record.

Simply so, is Texas Hot in September?

Weather in September September is a transitional month from the hot summer of Texas and is sunny with warm temperatures. The average high temperatures are in 85°F (29.4°C) to 91°F (32.8°C) range, and the average low temperatures are in the warm 60°F (15.6°C) to 70°F (21.1°C) range.

Where does it rain the most in Texas?

The Piney Woods is the eastern region of Texas and is within the humid subtropical climate zone. It receives the most rainfall; more than 60 inches (1,500 mm) annually in the far east.

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How hot is Austin in September?

In most years, Austin averages a daily maximum temperature for September that's between 88 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit (31 to 34 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 67 and 71 °F (20 to 22 °C). The days at Austin begin to cool down quickly during September.

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What is the best time of year to go to Texas?

Best time of year to visit Texas
That's why periods March to May and September to November are the best time to visit Texas. The reason is mostly mild and comfortable weather. Enjoy the spring marvellous flower blooming and events like Fiesta San Antonio.

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What is the temperature going to be in September?

Average high temperatures for major US cities during September range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) in San Francisco to 100 °F (38 °C) in Phoenix.

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What are the seasons like in Dallas Texas?

Dallas weather has some very distinct seasonal extremes, and the temperature, humidity, and precipitation vary greatly from one season to the next. The winters are usually mild, sans a winter storm every now and then, and the summer weather is normally hot and dry.

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What are the hottest months in San Antonio?

San Antonio's coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 38.6°F. In August, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 94.7°F.

Average Temperatures for San Antonio.
Month Low High
May 65.5°F 86.0°F
Jun 71.6°F 91.4°F
Jul 74.0°F 94.6°F
Aug 73.6°F 94.7°F

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When can we expect cooler weather in Texas?

Annual Weather Summary
The coldest periods will be in mid- to late November and early January and from late January into early February. The best chances for snow are in early December, early to mid-January, and mid-February.

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What is the best time of year to visit Austin Texas?

Best Times to Visit Austin. The best times to visit Austin are September to November or March to May, when 70s and 80s are the anticipated daytime temperatures. As temperatures climb into the mid- to high 90s with high humidity, the Texan summer (June through August) is barely tolerable for unaccustomed visitors.

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What is the best time of year to visit San Antonio Texas?

Best Times to Visit San Antonio. The best time to visit San Antonio is from November to April, when the weather is comfortable and the hotel rates are lower. Summer sees the largest influx of tourists from in- and out-of-state.

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What do people wear in Dallas in September?

In September, you'll still be feeling the heat of the summer, but by mid-October, temperatures start cooling off. For late fall, you'll want to pack a pea coat, a scarf for colder evenings, short and long-sleeved shirts, pants and jeans. Shorts are suitable for September.

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What is Texas famous for?

Texas is known as the "Lone Star State" and is famous for its BBQ, live music, hot temperatures, and more.

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What are the hottest months in Texas?

Dallas, TX – Monthly Averages & Records – from Intellicast
  • On average, the warmest month is July.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 113°F in 1980.
  • On average, the coolest month is January.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -8°F in 1899.
  • The most precipitation on average occurs in May.

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Is Texas a desert?

The Popular Vision of Texas as Barren and Dry
By that qualification, approximately 14 million acres of Texas, primarily in the southwestern part of the state, is desert; Texas comprises a total of approximately 172 million acres, so only around 12 percent of the state is desert.

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Does Texas have 4 seasons?

The Seasons - Oklahoma and Western North Texas. Thanks to the tilt of the Earth at ~23.5°, we get to experience 4 seasons. Some of the seasons seem longer than others (think summer) over Oklahoma and western north Texas, but we have 4 pretty distinct seasons.

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Is Texas humid or dry?

Because Texas is expansive, some areas of Texas are humid and some are arid or semi-arid. Houston, Austin, Waco, and San Antonio are all generally humid with higher rates of rainfall, especially in the spring before summer sets in and burns some of the humidity off.

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Is Dallas humid or dry?

The city of Dallas has a humid, hot climate and is often prone to storms (Köppen climate classification Cfa), though it is located in a region that also tends to receive warm, dry winds from the north and west in the summer, bringing temperatures about 102 °F (39 °C)** at times and heat-humidity indexes soaring to as

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When was the hottest summer in Texas?

The hottest temperature ever in Texas was 120 degrees, recorded in Seymour in August 1936 and Monahans in June 1994.

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What animals are common in Texas?

Common Central Texas Wildlife
  • Raccoons. While they might look cute and cuddly, these creatures are often some of the most aggressive wildlife that are seen by Animal Control Officers.
  • Opossums. Seen throughout most of central Texas, opossums look like big rats.
  • Armadillos.
  • Fox Squirrel.
  • Rat Snake.
  • Diamond Back Rattlesnake.

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What was the weather like in September 2019?

Wet and Warm September 2019. September featured persistent warmer than normal temperatures, especially in the middle to late portion of the month. It was also a very wet month. Heavy rain events in the early to mid month period focused primarily across far northern Illinois.

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What was the average temperature in September 2019?

The average temperature thus far in 2019 has been 55.8 degrees, about 0.8 degrees above the 20th-century average, ranking among the warmest third of years on record. Along with warm temperatures, September saw less rain than on average. About 2.42 inches of precipitation fell, which is 0.07 inches below average.