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Does LG make a smudge proof refrigerator?

LG's newest generation of appliances wants to help, with a special, smudge-resistant coating to help keep things looking pristine. Dubbed the "Diamond Collection," the new appliances include multiple refrigerators, a microwave, a dishwasher, and both gas and electric double ovens.

In respect to this, what appliances are smudge proof?

They offer the Smudge-Proof finish in their Frigidaire Gallery and Frigidaire Professional lines of kitchen appliances in all product categories.

Other manufacturers that offer fingerprint resistant stainless steel include:

  • Whirlpool.
  • Bosch.
  • LG (with their PrintProof finish)
  • KitchenAid (with PrintShield)
  • Samsung.

Also Know, is LG stainless steel fingerprint resistant? The slate finish trend extends to dishwashers too. LG dishwashers come in the company's fingerprint- and scratch-resistant "black stainless steel" finish. Ovens and ranges. Ovens suffer the same fingerprints and smudges that refrigerators do -- and then some.

In respect to this, is there a smudge proof stainless steel?

It is called Smudge Proof stainless steel. It resists fingerprints and is much easier to clean. This is achieved by a heavy brushing of the stainless steel which tends to have a darker look. In fact, Frigidaire has a much different finish and appearance than other manufacturers like Jenn-Air, Whirlpool and GE.

Is smudge proof stainless steel worth it?

The answer is yes. The special formula of the smudge-proof appliance finishes helps prevent fingerprints from adhering to the surface. If you want stainless steel appliances and don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning them, then fingerprint-resistant refrigerators are fantastic.

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How do you clean smudge proof appliances?

Appliances that contain this smudge-proof coating do not need much maintenance.

The Ol' Soap and Water Method
  1. 1 teaspoon dish washing liquid.
  2. 1 quart of hot tap water.
  3. 1 cereal bowl of warm water.
  4. heat resistant rubber gloves.
  5. 3 clean cloths.
  6. blow dryer (optional)

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How do I keep my fingerprints off my stainless steel fridge?

You will need some olive oil…yep, olive oil and a clean soft cloth. Pour some olive oil onto your clean cloth and rub it into your stainless steel with the grain. So for me, the grain runs side to side, so that' is the direction I used to rub the olive oil into the stainless steel on my fridge.

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Does Samsung make smudge proof appliances?

The Samsung stainless steel appliances are fingerprints resistant, making smudges difficult to come by. But every once in a while, some really sticky hands come in contact with the appliances, making the finish look a mess.

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How do you make stainless steel smudge proof?

When you clean your stainless steel, always rub in the direction the lines are pointing. Step 2: Dab another clean cotton cloth in olive oil or mineral oil and rub along the grain. After you're done, wipe down the area with a clean cloth.

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Are GE stainless appliances smudge proof?

Stainless accents complement any hardware. On the sides, a specially created shade of gray goes with every color for easy coordination. Slate is smudge proof and resists fingerprints — you'll love how easy it is to keep it clean! Slate Appliances complement your favorite cabinet and flooring finishes.

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Are GE stainless steel appliances smudge proof?

Fingerprint Resistant Finishes. GE Appliances has a variety of fingerprint resistant finishes that hide fingerprints and smudges, and keeps your appliances looking clean. While these are not fingerprint resistant finishes, they are easily cleaned with a damp, soapy cloth.

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Are Whirlpool stainless steel appliances smudge proof?

Create the ideal space for your family to gather with black stainless steel appliances from Whirlpool brand. They're easy to clean and designed to resist smudge marks and smears so your focus can be on making dinner, running out to soccer games or all the activities important to your family.

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How do you clean a smudge proof stainless steel refrigerator?

How to Clean Stainless Steel Fridge (and other stainless steel appliances)
  1. STEP 1: Clean your fridge with Stainless steel cleaner or even just vinegar if you want to use natural cleaner.
  2. Step 2: Dab a clean cloth with some olive oil and run it along your stainless steel until it's been buffed along the entire surface.

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Are there different colors of stainless steel?

A. Yes, you can color stainless steel, but it is not a process that is typically performed in a plating shop. A thin layer of chrome oxide forms on the stainless steel, and by controlling the thickness of the oxide layer you can obtain colors that vary from bronze to blue, gold, purple and green.

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Does smudge proof stainless steel rust?

Smudges, fingerprints, and water spots are inevitable with stainless refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, rust can be, too. That's right: Stainless steel can rust. And the right maintenance habits can minimize the chance of rust developing in the first place.

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Can you make stainless steel fingerprint proof?

There's no way to completely fingerprint-proof your stainless steel appliances, but regular cleaning can stop the problem from getting out of hand, and some household supplies can add a buffer layer between your appliances and your family's fingertips.

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Is monochromatic stainless steel smudge proof?

Hi Mo, Monochromatic means the side panels are gray to match the Stainless Steel, The WRS325FDAM does not feature Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel. We do suggest you clean the unit with a high quality Stainless Steel focused product.

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Can you use mineral oil on stainless steel?

Stainless steel cleaning wipes or sprays are convenient, but you can also use a mild dish soap, white vinegar and a mild oil such as mineral oil or baby oil. Olive oil can be used, but it can possibly turn rancid and leave an odor, especially in warmer climates.

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How do I protect my stainless steel appliances?

Apply a thin coat of olive oil for a natural shine.
Pour between 5 to 10 drops of olive oil onto a soft cloth and wipe it onto the surface of the steel. Olive oil will add shine to the stainless steel as well as hide scratches and prevent smudging. Follow up with a dry cloth to buff the oil dry.

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Is Bosch stainless steel smudge proof?

The Bosch stainless steel appliances are fingerprint resistant, making smudges difficult to come by. But every once in a while, some really sticky hands come in contact with the appliances, making the finish look a mess. Fortunately, all it takes is a clean wash cloth to wipe up the mess.

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What is PrintShield stainless?

PrintShield™ Finish. Resists smudges and fingerprints. The specialized coating for stainless steel is easy to clean with just water and a soft cloth, so you can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning up.

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Can I use Windex on my stainless steel appliances?

To recap, the best way to clean stainless steel appliances is with Windex, or a few other mild cleaning products and to always wipe with the grain of the metal.

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Are LG stainless steel refrigerators coated?

With an innovative new coating which helps to protect and preserve the exterior of your refrigerator, LG's black stainless steel will enhance your overall kitchen experience. Regular stainless steel can leave unsightly streaks and fingerprints.

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What is LG textured steel?

LG SIGNATURE Textured Steel
A scratch-resistant textured finish makes for impeccable exterior design, enhancing minimalist style to the fullest. A scratch-resistant textured finish makes for impeccable exterior design, enhancing minimalist style to the fullest.