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Does Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London have a child together?

Last Updated: 6th January, 2020

They have a son together
Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle dated for three years then in 2016, the couple welcomed their first child together. A son named Kross Asghedom. This was the second child for both London and Hussle who have children from previous relationships.

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Also, does Lauren London have a kid with Nipsey?

On March 31, London's life was upended when rapper Nipsey Hussle, her partner of nearly six years, was shot and killed outside his L.A. clothing store, likely the result of an argument. London and Hussle have a son, Kross, 3, together.

One may also ask, how long has Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London together? The two had been together for over five years at the time of Nipsey's death and had a child toget her. When they started a family, it came at the cost of London's career. “Lauren was handpicked by John Singleton to do Snowfall,” Nipsey told the outlet.

Similarly one may ask, is Lauren London worth?

Lauren London is 5ft 2in tall and she's of African-American and Jewish ancestry. She has an estimated net worth of $6 million USD.

How many kids did Nipsey and Lauren have together?

Lauren London has two kids; A son named Kameron with her ex, Lil Wayne, and a son named Kross with the late Nipsey Hussle. Here's what you need to know.

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Does Lauren London have a baby?

The actress and Nipsey Hussle welcomed a boy.
And then came You. Last week I gave birth to a beautiful healthy happy baby boy . Lauren gave birth to her first son, Cameron Carter, in 2009 and has done a great job keeping him off the public's radar, despite the fact he is the son of Lil Wayne.

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What part of LA is Lauren London from?

Early life. London was born in Los Angeles County, California, on December 5, 1984, to an African-American mother and a Jewish father. After attending Palisades Charter High School, London was homeschooled.

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How old is Laura London?

35 years (December 5, 1984)

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How old is Lauren London's son?

Lauren London wishes her son with Lil Wayne a heartfelt birthday. London is proud of her 10-year-old son, Kameron Carter.

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Who was on stage Lauren London?

I love you beyond this earth, and until we meet again, the marathon continues.” Earlier in the service, London appeared on stage with her children, Cameron Carter and Kross Asghedom, and Emani Asghedom, Hussle's daughter from another relationship.

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What does Lauren London do for a living?


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Is Lauren London dating?

Model and actress Lauren London honored her late partner, rapper Nipsey Hussle, in a beautiful way on what would have been his 34th birthday. London, who started dating Hussle in 2013 and shares son Kross Asghedom with him, posted two images of Hussle on her Instagram on Thursday.

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How much is Meagan Good worth?

Meagan Good net worth: Meagan Good is an American actress who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

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How much is Beyonce worth?

Beyoncé just gave a rare interview with Elle about motherhood and self-care. Here's how she spends her $400 million fortune, from yachting vacations to a private jet for Jay-Z. Beyoncé's net worth is estimated to be $400 million, according to Forbes, making her one of the world's highest-paid celebrities.

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How much is Nia Long worth?

Nia Long Net Worth 2020
Nia Long Net Worth: Nia Long is an American actress & TV personality. She is a well-known actress for three decades now and is popular for her television roles which have earned her credits in the film industry. Today, Nia Long's net worth is estimated to be close to $13 million dollars.

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What is the net worth of London?

The UK capital is home to more multimillionaires than any other city in the world according to new figures. London boasts a staggering 4,224 'ultra-high net worth' residents - people with a net worth of more than $30million, or £19.2million.

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How many copies did victory lap sell?

“Victory Lap” has sold 328,000 units based on sales and streams since its February 2018 release. It debuted at No. 4 on Billboard's 200 albums charts and featured collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Diddy, CeeLo Green and more.

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Where does Lauren London live in California?

Lauren London Buys in Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Calif.

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How much is Regina Hall worth?

Regina Hall net worth and salary: Regina Hall is an American actress who has a net worth of $4 million. Regina Hall earned her net worth through a successful career spanning 20 years, appearing in notable productions including Scary Movie and Ally McBeal.

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How much is Lauren London net worth 2019?

Currently, Lauren London net worth has been estimated to be $6 million.

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What shows has Lauren London been in?

Games People Play
Since 2019
The Game
2006 – 2015

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What happened to Lauren London's husband?

Model and actress Lauren London posted a heartbreaking tribute Tuesday to her longtime boyfriend, rapper Nipsey Hussle, the same day police arrested a man in connection to his death. "I am completely lost. It was the first time London publicly spoke out since Hussle was fatally shot on March 31.

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Why is Nipsey Hussle so famous?

Hussle wanted to focus on "giving solutions and inspiration" to young black men like him. He denounced gun violence through his music, influence and community work. He spoke openly about his experiences with gang culture.