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DOES THE iPod 3 have a camera?

No, the 3rd generation iPod Touchdoes not have a camera. The 4th generation hasa microphone and forward and rear facingcameras.

In this way, dOES THE iPod have a camera?

Answer: The iPod touch released in September 2010includes not just one camera, but two. FaceTime- You can nowseamlessly video chat with anybody who has an iPod oriPhone over a wifi network. The front and back facing cameraallow you to film amazing video all from your iPodtouch.

Likewise, does the first generation iPod touch have a camera? The first and second generation iPod Touchlacks a built-in speaker, a microphone, a camera, and aflash. Starting with the 5th generation iPod Touch, supportfor AirDrop and an LED flash were added. The iPod Touch hasno cellular modem, and therefore cannot make phonecalls.

Thereof, does iPod touch 3 have Bluetooth?

*The iPod touch 3rd Gen models are advertised ashaving 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR support. The iPodtouch 3rd Gen does not have mobile phonecapabilities or an integrated camera.

When did the iPod touch 3rd generation?

The iPod touch 2nd Gen -- as well as the 8GB iPod touch from 2009 that was released alongsidethe iPod touch 3rd Gen -- is model numberA1288.

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How many songs can 32gb hold?

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Best Answer: I have 1673 songs, and that takesup 13.06 GB. Using this, 32GB iPod could hold roughly4,099 songs. This is assuming there is nothing else on theiPod, and not accounting for the actual 28GB of useablespace.

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Do people still use iPods?

But the iPods grew. That, you can do withthe iPod Touch, which again, is the iPhone without phoneservice and the only remaining iPod still for sale on theApple website. Surely, Apple would still be selling theShuffle, Nano, Mini and other iPod models if consumerinterest was still there.

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Is iPod worth buying?

People with low or no vision have long been champions ofthe iPod touch because it's a low-cost screen reader. TheiPod touch is worth buying, even if you already ownan iPhone. I've heard a lot of people say that the iPodtouch is obsolete and isn't worth buying if you already havea smart phone.

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How long can an iPod touch record video?

Apple claims the Ipod Touch can hold up to 10hours , 20 hours or 40 hours of video with the rightfactors.Their claim is based on H.264 1.5-Mbps video at640-by-480 resolution combined with 128-Kbps audio.

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How can you tell what iPod you have?

You can distinguish the iPod touch (3rdgeneration) from iPod touch (2nd generation) by looking atthe back of the device. In the text below the engraving, look forthe model number.

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Can you text on an iPod?

You can use the Messages app on your iPodtouch to send and receive instant text messages with otheriOS devices (such as iPhones, iPads, and other iPod touches)and Macs running Mountain Lion or newer operating systems. Unlikecellphone texting (SMS and MMS), iMessage is completely free andworks over Wi-Fi.

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How much does a iPod cost?

Pricing for the revamped iPod Touch starts at$199 for the 16GB model. From there, it's $249 for the 32GB, $299for the 64GB and $399 for the 128 GB model.

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Can iPod Touch take live photos?

Photo is the standard mode that you'll see whenyou open the Camera app. You use this to take stillphotos and Live Photos, which come alive when youtouch them. To take a quick burst of photos,press and hold the shutter button, then let go tostop.

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Why can't my iPod connect to Bluetooth?

On your iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetoothand make sure that Bluetooth is on. If you can't turnon Bluetooth or you see a spinning gear, restart youriPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Then try to pair andconnect it again. Make sure that your Bluetoothaccessory is on and fully charged or connected topower.

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Do iPod classics have Bluetooth?

The iPod classic has not got Bluetooth,and the only way to get music is by connecting it to a computerwith iTunes.

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Can an iPod use Bluetooth?

While a wireless headset can be connected to aniPod, it's compatible only with the iPod Touch model.To use the headset with your iPod Touch, access theSettings app and enable the Bluetooth function. After youenable Bluetooth on the device you can pair it withyour preferred wireless headset.

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Is iPod touch 4th generation Bluetooth?

Audio Devices With New iPods
Fourth-generation iPod Touches will work withboth mono audio and stereo audio (A2DP) Bluetooth headsets.Also, FaceTime can be used with these headsets. Stereo headsets andwireless speakers all work well with fourth-generationTouches.

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Why won't my iPod touch connect to my Bluetooth speaker?

If you can't turn on Bluetooth or you see aspinning gear, restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Then try to pair and connect it again. Make sure that yourBluetooth accessory and iOS device are close to each other.Turn your Bluetooth accessory off and back onagain.

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How do I connect my iPod to my iPhone?

How to Sync Music on My iPod to an iPhone
  1. Plug one end of the supplied connection cable into the iPod andthe other end into the USB port on the computer or laptop.
  2. Wait for Apple iTunes to launch.
  3. Select the iPod under "Devices" in the left-hand menu of theiTunes window.
  4. Click "Music" on the main iTunes menu.
  5. Click "Sync Music."
  6. Click "Apply."

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Can you connect an iPod to a Bluetooth speaker?

iPods come with a set of wired headphones thatcan be connected to your player to listen to musicwhile you're on-the-go. In addition to working with wiredheadsets, iPod Touches can also work withBluetooth devices such as wireless headphones andspeaker systems.

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Does iPod Nano have WiFi?

iPod Nanos also do not have WiFi.(They do have FM radio tuners built in, though.) Theybasically replace the Classic iPods. Most likely theydo not have WiFi because they lack the space for aWiFi chip, as well as an adequate control interface forconnecting to a WiFi signal due to their smallsize.

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What is the newest generation iPod touch?

iPod Touch (6th generation)
iPod touch (6th Generation) in Pink
Release date July 15, 2015
Discontinued older versions: July 27, 2017 (16 and 64 GB); May 28, 2019 (32and 128 GB)
Operating system Original: iOS 8.4 Last : iOS 12.4.1, released August 26,2019
System-on-chip used Apple A8 Apple M8 motion coprocessor

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What iPod do I have by serial number?

You can find your serial number in theAbout screen on your iPod touch or iPod nano (6thgeneration or later). Go to Settings > General >About.

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Can you still use iPod touch 2nd generation?

A 2nd generation iPod is the second model of thatparticular iPod, such as the Nano, Touch or Classic.As with other iPods, there will periodically besoftware updates available for all 2nd generation iPods.These updates can be downloaded and installed directly ontothe iPod.