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Does the OtterBox warranty cover the phone?

Last Updated: 10th January, 2020

Contact Otter Box. No. The warranty coversthecase. Otherwise Best Buy, nor Otter Box will cover adamagedphone, even if it broke inside the case.

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Furthermore, does OtterBox replace your phone if it breaks in the case?

Re: Cracked Phone I've heard several times that if your phoneisdamaged in an Otterbox case, get ahold ofOtterboxand talk to them about it because part oftheOtterbox "guarantee" is that if yourphonebreaks while it's in their case, they'llreplaceit.

Subsequently, question is, does OtterBox Defender have a screen protector? The OtterBox Defender Series case comes withabuilt-in screen protector, but it's worth noting that it'saplastic screen protector and is pronetowaviness.

Also to know is, will OtterBox replace your phone if it breaks while in the case?

Otterbox doesn't replace your phone,justthe case. They will replace the case if ithassome kind of malfunction but idk aboutyourphone. No, only the Otterbox case is undertheirwarranty.

How do I cancel my OtterBox warranty?

I want to know the cancellation policyforOtterbox orders. Cancellation policy is notmentionedon the site. You can call up the customer serviceimmediately attoll-free number: 855-688-7269 (or call local FortCollins numberat 970-493-8446). (Monday - Friday: 7am-7pm Saturday:8am-5pmSunday: Closed.)

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What does the OtterBox warranty cover?

Otter Products, LLC and its affiliatedcompaniesworldwide (“OtterBox”) warrantsOtterBoxproducts against defects in material or workmanshipfor a period ofone year from the original date of purchase of theproduct by aconsumer (the “Warranty Period”). Ihave sent inthe requested information on my warrantyclaim.

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Does OtterBox symmetry protect from drops?

It features a one-piece design that's ultra-slimandultra-protective to shield your phone against drops,bumpsand scrapes. The OtterBox Symmetry series comes 4colorcombinations of black, fine port, mixed berry jam, andmutedwaters.

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What is OtterBox symmetry?

Otterbox Symmetry Series for iPhone review:Slimand stylish protection. Otterbox is a trusted name iniPhoneprotection, but we usually think of the rugged, bulkyDefenderseries cases when their name comes up.

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What is the warranty on Lifeproof cases?

Otter Products, LLC and its affiliatedcompaniesworldwide (“LifeProof”)warrantsLifeProof products against defects in materialorworkmanship for a period of one year from the original dateofpurchase of the product by a consumer (the“WarrantyPeriod”). You can read more on ourwarrantyhere.

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What are OtterBoxes made out of?

The type of plastic used to make thecoloredOtterBoxes is an ABS plasticthat’sreinforced with fiberglass. The type ofplastic used to make clearOtterBoxes is high impactpolycarbonate. All OtterBoxes (regardless of material used)offer the sameprotection.

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Is the Otterbox Commuter or symmetry better?

The Otterbox Symmetry is a decent case.However,the back of the case is quite slick so it will slide arounda bitmore than the Otterbox Commuter. Also, the corners areslickwhich means there is a higher chance that the case will fallout ofyour hand. With that being said, it is a good case for anofficedweller.

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Who makes otterbox?

OtterBox is a privately owned consumerelectronicsaccessory company based in Fort Collins, Colorado thatproduceswater-resistant, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant casesformobile devices.

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How long does otterbox take to ship?

General. Once an order has been submitted, pleaseallowup to 72 hours for it to be processed and shipped(generallyorders will ship out sooner thanthis).