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Does West Elm ship internationally?

Last Updated: 2nd January, 2020

west elm now ships to over 60+countries!You can now shop + ship many of your favoritewestelm collections internationally.

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Considering this, can you ship to West Elm store?

Some of our stores offer certainin-storepick up options, including paid hold and shiptostore services. We will hold your order inthestore for 30 days. After 30 days, we will returnyouritem to the store floor or warehouse,asapplicable.

Likewise, does West Elm charge for shipping? Unlimited Flat Rate Shipping Your order will ship when all items in yourorderare available for delivery. Truck Deliveryusuallyincludes our premium White Glove Service - items aredelivered toyour home by appointment to your room of choice— and are thenunpacked and fullyassembled.

Also question is, does West Elm ship to Canada?

Delivery restrictions may exist. Canada -Visitour stores or shop now at west elmoffersInternational Shipping on most items.

Can you pick up from West Elm?

Just call the west elm store whereyou'verequested to pick up and let them know thatyou'dlike to change or cancel your order.

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Does West Elm ever offer free shipping?

Keep an eye out for free-shippingpromos:West Elm runs special promotions that includefreeshipping. For example, it recently ran a sale for 20%off plusfree shipping with a coupon code. However, large,bulkyitems (such as rugs and furniture) may be excluded fromthesepromos.

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Should I tip West Elm delivery?

Should I Tip West Elm White GloveDeliveryGuys? Anonymous wrote: Yes, of course you shouldtip them.The people here advocating not tipping "becauseyou paid forit" probably also don't tip at restaurants,because "it'sthe waiter's JOB to take orders and bringmeals".

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Does West Elm do payment plans?

The West Elm Card gives you a choice: 0%interestfor 12 months on a purchase of $750+ or 10%“cash” backon every purchase.

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Does West Elm set furniture?

West Elm return policy
Most non-furniture items can bereturnedto your local West Elm location for free or mailedback viaUPS (just follow the instructions on the paperwork thatcame withyour item). You may have to pay for return shippingcosts(generally between $6.50 and $13.25).

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Can you return West Elm furniture?

Eligible items can be returned for arefundof the merchandise value within 30 days of receivingan order or 7days for Quick Ship upholstery items. Returnto Stores -you can return most non-furniture itemsto your localwest elm location (west elm outletstoresexcluded).

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What is West Elm white glove service?

White Glove is a premium servicerequiredon oversized furniture items and has an associated fee(standardshipping + processing costs still apply). WithWhiteGlove, your order is safely brought into your home by askilleddelivery team on a pre–scheduled date, unpackedin theroom of your choice and fully assembled.

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Can you use Pottery Barn card at West Elm?

Earn 20% back in Reward Dollars* with your WestElmCredit Card. Gift cards may be used at anywestelm store, online or by phone. Also valid atPotteryBarn, pottery barn kids, PBteen,Williams-Sonoma,Williams-Sonoma Home and Mark &Graham.

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Does West Elm allow dogs?

West Elm is dog-friendly! Fido canwalkalongside you on-leash as you shop for modern furniture andhomedecor, featuring inspiring designs and colors.

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Does West Elm delivery include assembly?

Our delivery team will assemble these fur-niturepieces and remove all packaging from your home.LOCALDELIVERY: Some furniture is stocked in your localwestelm store and available to take homeimmediately.

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Does IKEA ship to Alaska?

According to an Ikea spokesperson,"homedelivery is still a relatively new service" for thecompany,and so far they've focused on providing that service toareas neartheir stores. Currently, Ikea doesn't havetheinfrastructure to support home delivery inAlaska,the company said.

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Does West Elm accept PayPal?

Yes, West Elm does accept PayPal. Youcanalso view all 9,738 stores that accept PayPalacross allcategories.

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Does West Elm have a student discount?

Use your student ID.
If you're a college student, WestElmwants to help you furnish your first apartment. That's whythestore offers a 15% discount to anyone with a collegeoruniversity ID. And here's the good news: Teachers andfacultyget the same discount.

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Can I cancel West Elm order?

Orders may be cancelled up to 24hoursafter the order was placed for a refund orexchange.Furniture items purchased from west elm cannot berefundedor returned after delivery. Please contact your localstoredirectly to discuss cancellation ofyourorder.

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What is West Elm return policy?

You can return eligible items for arefundof the purchase price within the following timeframes: (a) 30 daysof receiving an order, (b) 7 days for Quick Shipupholstery items,and (c) for items from your west elm retailregistry, within90 days from the date of purchase or your eventdate, whicheverdate is later.

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How Long Does West Elm furniture last?

Three years, five years, 10 years, forever? Becausethatis basically the level that you can expect depending on whereyoubuy and what you buy.” I told her my West Elmsofa,which has busted buttons, pilly upholstery, and saggingbackcushions, is four years old.