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Does Xfinity Mobile allow upgrades?

Last Updated: 24th March, 2020

No-fee early upgrades
Included as part of the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan, can upgrade your smartphone once 50% of the device price has been paid. Your tablet can be upgraded once 50% of the device price has been paid and after having 12 months of service after device purchase.

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Accordingly, how does Xfinity Mobile upgrade work?

To qualify for a device upgrade, you must: Have paid off at least 50% of your DPP. Purchase a new Xfinity Mobile device for the line of service, and return your original device in good, working condition. Upon verification of device condition, Xfinity Mobile will waive the remaining DPP balance.

Beside above, does Xfinity mobile accept trade ins? Trade-in: Xfinity Mobile customers can receive payment for their old devices through Assurant, our trade-in partner. Learn more about trade-ins. Shop for a new device.

In this regard, what is the Xfinity Mobile upgrade fee?

If you don't have the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan, you must pay an additional fee for an Early Upgrade (plus any additional payments needed to reach 50% payoff threshold): Upgrading from an Apple device, the fee is $30. Upgrading from an LG device, the fee is $50. Upgrading from a Samsung device, the fee is $70.

How much do you have to pay for a phone upgrade?

In general, upgrading to the newest model would cost you: An extra $25 a month, the typical price for financing or leasing a phone; or. $199, the typical price for subsidizing a phone with a contract; or. $650 or more to buy your phone outright.

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Will Xfinity Mobile get the new iPhone?

Xfinity Mobile Fast Facts
In August, Xfinity introduced a new shared data scheme for new customers that purchase data By the Gig. Xfinity now allows Android users to bring their own device. Previously, only iPhones could be brought to the network. The mobile service is only available to Comcast's Internet customers.

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Can I bring my own phone to Xfinity Mobile?

Comcast today announced that Xfinity Internet customers can now bring their own Android-based devices to Xfinity Mobile by visiting Xfinity Store locations across the country. Customers and can choose from two straightforward data options for smartphones and tablets – By the Gig or Unlimited.

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How much is the deductible for Xfinity Mobile?

$29 when service is provided through an authorized repair center, when and where available; otherwise, a replacement is available for the Accidental Damage (all other) service fees/deductibles listed below.

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What to do with phone before upgrading?

Things to Do Before Upgrading Your Phone
  1. Back everything up. Check to see how it will affect your contract.
  2. Back up your data. If you've recently backed up your data, great.
  3. Check your contract with your carrier. Check with your carrier to see how upgrading your phone will affect your contract.
  4. Subscription apps.
  5. Update two-factor authentication.

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How much does it cost to add a line on Xfinity Mobile?

You have up to five lines available as an Xfinity Mobile customer, and we never charge phone line access fees. For the new line, you'll choose from one of our two data options. By the Gig starts at 1 GB for $12/mo and Unlimited is $45/line per month.

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What phones are available with Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is Comcast's MVNO that's available exclusively to the company's home internet customers and runs on the Verizon network. For now, the range of Android phones that Comcast will accept is limited to unlocked Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, Note 9 and Note 8.

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What is an upgrade fee?

What is the upgrade fee? You're charged an upgrade fee when you buy a new device at retail price or through the device payment program. The upgrade fee is refunded if you return the device within 14 days of the date of purchase.

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Is there an activation fee for Xfinity?

The professional installation fee for Xfinity internet is the same as for TV: $60.00. You'll also pay the same $15.00 fee for a self-install kit. The good news is that if you bundle both TV and internet, you'll pay only one installation fee—either $60.00 or $15.00, depending on which route you go.

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Is there a contract with Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is the only carrier that doesn't charge you a monthly line access fee, plus offers free minutes and texts. All you pay for is data: $12 a month for 1 GB or $45 for Unlimited data. Step 4 - Call the new carrier to request your new service or simply go online.

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Can you buy a phone at the Xfinity Store?

Yes! Xfinity Mobile is currently featured at several Xfinity Stores nationwide. Come into any Xfinity Store that features Xfinity Mobile and you'll be able to sign up. Some Xfinity Stores accept appointments for new Xfinity Mobile customers, so contact your local store to see if you can set something up in advance.

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What phones does Xfinity Mobile offer?

Yes, you are now able to bring Android phones to Xfinity Mobile. Visit an Xfinity Store to make the switch. Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, Note 8, and Note 9 are all supported.

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Can I pay off my phone early Xfinity?

Yes, we do. You can pay for any Xfinity Mobile phone over 24 months. If you find yourself with a little extra cash, you can make additional payments or pay off the phone completely any time you want.

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What does the iPhone 11 look like?

The iPhone 11 is available in six colors: black, white, red, purple, green, and yellow. The iPhone 11 also features a new anodized aluminum finish, which Apple says is more durable. There's also Dolby Vision audio. It's powered by Apple's new A13 Bionic chip, which Apple touts as its faster processor ever.

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What carrier does Xfinity mobile use?

Verizon's 4G LTE network + Xfinity Mobile's Wi-Fi hotspots
Comcast's new cell phone service, Xfinity Mobile, runs on Verizon's 4G LTE network and connects to Xfinity's 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots — which can help you save money by using less cellular data.

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What does Xfinity mobile insurance cover?

The Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan for customers with an Android device. Drops, spills, and cracks happen to the best of us. Your protection has your back for accidental damage that's not covered under your manufacturer's warranty (a service fee/deductible is required).

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How do I upgrade to Xfinity x1?

To be eligible to upgrade your service from Xfinity Flex to Xfinity X1, you'll need to have:
  1. Xfinity Flex service. At this time, only customers with one Flex Streaming TV Box are eligible.
  2. A subscription to Xfinity Internet which includes a modem rental from us.
  3. An account that's currently in good standing.

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Is Xfinity Mobile really free?

Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon's towers and charges about half the price, but you won't get special perks like the year of free Disney+ that Verizon is offering. Xfinity Mobile features unlimited nationwide talk and text, no activation or line access fees on up to five lines and access to 19 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Is tmobile phone better than Xfinity?

What's even more surprising is that Xfinity Mobile customers generally ranked the MVNO's network coverage as slightly better than Verizon's network coverage, even though the underlying network is exactly the same. That may be why T-Mobile's CEO has described Xfinity Mobile as “very irrelevant.”

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Is Xfinity Mobile CDMA or GSM?

Thanks to the two different kinds of mobile networks in the US, GSM and CDMA, iPhones purchased directly from T-Mobile and AT&T likely aren't compatible with Verizon's network, so you can't bring them to Xfinity Mobile.