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How are these terms related plausible and believable?

The terms plausible and believablearesynonyms.Plausible means something that isprobable,acceptable, itis likely true. Believable would meanthe sameas well, itis something that is realistic, credibleoracceptable.Words or phrases that means thesamearesynonyms.

Then, what means the same as plausible?

adjective. having an appearance of truthorreason;seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance;credible;believable: aplausible excuse; a plausibleplot.well-spoken andapparently, but often deceptively, worthyofconfidence or trust: aplausible commentator.

Beside above, how are these terms related collaborate? The words collaborate and teammatesareneithersynonym nor antonym to each other, buttheyarerelated and also can be used insamesentences.Collaborate is a verb whereas teammateisnoun.

In this regard, what is the synonym of believable?

credible, creditable, likely,plausible,presumptive,probable. Words Related to believable.cogent,compelling,conclusive, convincing, decisive, effective,forceful,persuasive,satisfying, strong, telling. acceptable,cogitable,conceivable,imaginable, possible, practical,reasonable.dependable,reliable,

How do you use plausible in a sentence?

(5) She was so plausible she wouldhavedeceivedanyone. (6) He was so plausible that heconnedeverybody.(7) It was a very plausible pieceofdisinformation. (8) Istood still, trying to inventaplausibleexcuse.

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What is the synonym of ubiquitous?

omnipresent, universal, wall-to-wall. WordsRelatedtoubiquitous. boundless, endless,fathomless,horizonless,illimitable, immeasurable, immensurable,indefinite,infinite,limitless, measureless, unbounded,unfathomable,unlimited.extensive, far-flung,widespread.

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What is the synonym of prudent?

Words Related to prudent
cautious, chary, circumspect,cozy.forehanded,foresighted, foresightful,forethoughtful.discerning,discriminating, sage, sane, sapient,senseful, sensible,wise.canny, provident. astute,perspicacious,sagacious,shrewd.

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What is the synonym of possible?

achievable, attainable, doable,feasible,practicable,realizable, viable, workable. Words Relatedtopossible.practical, reasonable, sensible.contingent,likely, probable.acceptable, believable, conceivable,creditable,plausible,thinkable.

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What is the root word of plausible?

Today the word plausible usuallymeans"reasonable"or "believable," but it once held the meanings"worthyof beingapplauded" and "approving." It comes to us from theLatinadjectiveplausibilis ("worthy of applause"), which in turnderivesfrom theverb plaudere, meaning "to applaudorclap."

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What is the synonym of solitude?

aloneness, insulation, isolation,privacy,secludedness,seclusion, segregation, separateness,sequestration,solitariness.Words Related tosolitude.loneliness,lonesomeness.

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What does plausible mean in statistics?

Statistics is an area of math thatmeasurestheprobability that a given event will or will notoccur.Tocommunicate the probability, there are key terms that canbeusedto show the likeliness of an event happening.

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What is the opposite of achievable?

Antonyms of achievable
hopeless, impossible,impracticable,infeasible,nonviable, unattainable, undoable,unfeasible,unrealizable,unviable, unworkable.

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What makes something believable?

believable. If something'sbelievable,it'snot too outlandish to believe — itmakes sensethatit's true. A believable explanationfor why you're latetowork might be a flat tire or a broken alarmclock.Believablestories are convincing, andbelievableexcuses arecredible.

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What word means not believable?

unbelievable. modif. beyond belief,pastbelief,incredible, inconceivable, staggering,unimaginable,not tobe credited, dubious, doubtful,improbable,questionable,implausible, palpably false, unveracious,open todoubt, a bitthick*; see also false 1, 2, 3, unlikely.Antonymslikely*,believable, probable.

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What does believably mean?

Adverb. (comparative morebelievably,superlativemost believably) In abelievable way. Heacted thepart believably. Used toexpress the speaker'sassessment ofthe credibility of a reportedstatement.

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What part of speech is believable?

part of speech: adjective
definition 1: able to be believed; credible; convincing. abelievablestoryabelievable witness synonyms: convincing,credibleantonyms:doubtful, dubious, incredible, unbelievablesimilar words:likely,sincere

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What is the synonym of realistic?

Words Related to realistic
idealless, philistine,utilitarian.commonsensical,grounded, levelheaded, logical,no-nonsense,rational, reasonable,sane, sensible, sober, sobersided,sound.bottom-line, hard,hard-boiled, hard-edged,tough-minded,unromantic, unsentimental.cynical,disillusioned,misanthropic,