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How can I book gas cylinder online?

Last Updated: 11th February, 2020

To book a cylinder online, just visit thewebsite of your LPG provider (HP, Bharat Gas or Indane) andregister yourself. Once you have done so, you will see an option tobook a refill online. Follow the instructions andmake your payment online or cash on delivery.

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Thereof, how do I book a gas cylinder?

Book New gas cylinder by IVRoption Follow the steps to book a new cylinder.Call on the registered mobile no and follow the instructions on IVRmenu. Listen the instructions and click on the number tobook a cylinder.

Subsequently, question is, how can I book Indane gas cylinder by mobile? If your a new user register it and then apply for IndaneGas Booking .

  1. You can also send an SMS from your registered contact number tobook your LPG Gas.
  2. The gas cylinder can be booked through IVRS service aswell.

Similarly one may ask, how can I book Bharat Gas Cylinder online?

Bharat Gas customers can book theirrefill cylinders online wherever they are, whenever theywish to. All they have to do is register for the serviceonline. This can be done through the following steps: Logonto and click on the new user tab andenter the details required (name and mobile number).

What is indane gas booking number?

Indane Gas Booking Contact Number- 18002333 555 ( Toll Free Number)

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What is IVRS number?

IVR Service Numbers. Interactive voiceresponse (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer tointeract with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones inputvia keypad.

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What is IVR number in gas booking?

Indane Gas Online Booking Number - SMS/IVRS
State City IVRS Number
Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur 96691 24365
Rajasthan Jaipur 97852 24365
Jodhpur 97852 24365
Orissa Baliguda 90908 24365

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What is the price of indane gas new connection?

Indane New Connection Tariff Table:
New Gas Connection Tariff Price (Incl.GST)
Security deposit for a 19 kg cylinder Rs.1,700
Lot Valve security deposit Rs.1,500
Security deposit for a 19 kg cylinder with a LOT valve Rs.3,200
Security deposit for a 47.5 kg cylinder Rs.4,300

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How do I change my phone number on gas booking?

To change one of your registered phone /mobile number, dial the IVRS number from the sameregistered phone number and select the 4th option"Change of Personal registration number"; then Systemwill ask you to press 1 to cancel your Personal registeredNumber.

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How do I pay my HP gas bill through Google?

Process to Make HP Gas Online Payment throughPaytm
  1. Login to the Paytm website or the mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the “Gas” option.
  3. Enter your gas provider which is HP Gas and click on“Proceed”
  4. Enter the “Consumer Number” and other details likethe amount of the gas bill.
  5. Click on the “Pay” option.

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How can I get Bharat gas connection?

To apply for an online as well as an offline bharat gasconnection,
  1. You will have to register your mobile or land-line number withyour local Bharat Gas distributor.
  2. You can download the registration form online or you can visitthe nearest distributor or office and collect the form.

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How can I get my Indane gas consumer number online?


To find your LPG ID with mobile, Aadhaar or consumer number, useQuick Search and follow the instructions mentioned below:
  1. Enter your mobile, Aadhaar or consumer number (with DistributorName)
  2. Enter the text shown in the image captcha.
  3. Click proceed.
  4. Your 17 Digit LPG ID will be displayed on screen.

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How can I check my indane gas booking status?

How to Check Indane Gas Booking Status online
  1. Use your login credentials and access your private account onthe site.
  2. Click on the option that says 'View Order History' and click onthe relevant order for which you wish to know the status (mostlikely the most recent order).
  3. Find the refill booking status online.

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How can I book Bharat gas online without registered mobile number?

To book through IVRS, you have to registeryour phone or mobile number with your local LPGdistributor. You can do this by printing a form from website. Fill in the details required andhand over the form at the distributor's office. You will receive acall or an SMS confirming your registration.

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How can I pay my Bharat gas bill online?

You can use this app to pay your Bharatgas bill.
  1. Login to the Paytm website or the mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the “Gas” option.
  3. Enter your gas provider which is Bharatgas and click on“Proceed”
  4. Enter the “Consumer Number” and other details likethe amount of the gas bill.
  5. Click on the “Pay” option.

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How can I refill my indane gas online?

You have to do one-time registration in . Once you do registrationyou have to login it will pull your profile and you can bookCylinder with refill cylinder option. You can payonline using debit card internet banking or select Cash ondelivery.

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How can I pay my Indane gas cylinder online?

Payment for Indane Gas on My LPG . in
  1. Click on “Click Here To Make Payment”
  2. Enter your card type and click on “Pay Now”
  3. Confirm the amount to be paid.
  4. Enter your card details like your card number, name of thecardholder, expiry date of the card, and the CVV number and click“Pay Now”

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How can I contact indane customer care?

Call Indane Gas Customer Service ComplaintNumber:
Customer residing all over India can callthe toll-free customer service number at1800-2333-555.

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What is IVRS in gas booking?

PATNA: In bid to provide relief to the LPG consumers whostruggle to make booking and then wait endlessly to get acylinder, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Limited on Tuesdayintroduced round-the-clock Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS) and SMS facility for gas booking and otherrelated services.

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How can I register my mobile number in indane gas online?

Go to website and click on'online service' and then 'refill booking' option. 2.A new page will open, in this page click on 'login' and enter yourIndane username and password and enter the code given in thebox. then click on 'submit'.

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How can I book hp gas refill by SMS?

For consumers of BharatGas, the SMS will have tobe sent to *502#. Subsequently , a refill can be booked bysimply sending an SMS to 501 for Indane and 502 forBharatGas, saying LPG . The mobile number will become aconsumer s unique identification for wirelessbooking.

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How can I check my HP gas booking status?

Step By Step Process to Check HP Gas Booking Status throughMobile App
  1. Log on to either the Google Play Store or Android App Storedepending on your device.
  2. Download the HP Gas app.
  3. Enter your Distributor Code which can be found on theTransparency Portal.
  4. Enter your Consumer Number.