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How can I check my cylinder booking status?

Log on to the official website of Indane Gas at
  1. Use your login credentials and access yourprivate account on the site.
  2. Click on the option that says 'View Order History' andclick on the relevant order for which you wish to knowthe status (most likely the most recent order).

Also asked, how can I check my Bharat Gas booking status online?

Procedure to Check Bharat Gas Booking StatusOnline Log on to Bharat Gas Booking StatusPortal and enter your “Request ID”, “Date ofBirth” and “Mother's Name” in order to identifyyourself, and then generate a One-Time Password (OTP) which youwill receive on your registered mobilenumber.

One may also ask, how can I book gas cylinder online? To book a cylinder online, just visit thewebsite of your LPG provider (HP, Bharat Gas orIndane) and register yourself. Once you have done so, you will seean option to book a refill online. Follow theinstructions and make your payment online or cash ondelivery.

In this way, how can I check my gas subsidy status?

Check Indane Gas Subsidy StatusOnline For customers who purchase Indane gas, findingout their enrollment status is quite simple. They will haveto visit the Indane website and click on the link that says'Check PAHAL status'. Customers can find out theirstatus through two options.

What is IVR number in Bharat Gas booking?

Bharat Gas IVRS Booking Number

States IVRS Number
KARNATAKA 9483356789
KERALA 9446256789
MAHARASTRA 9420456789

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How can I update my mobile number in Bharat Gas?

To change one of your registered phone /mobile number, dial the IVRS number from the sameregistered phone number and select the 4th option"Change of Personal registration number"; then Systemwill ask you to press 1 to cancel your Personal registeredNumber.

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What is Consumer number Bharat Gas?

With the same goal, we have introduced BPCLCustomer Care SmartLine (1800 22 4344), a single windowsystem to listen to queries, suggestions, feedback and complimentsrelated to any of our products and offerings. SmartLine is our allIndia contact centre for consumers across four marketingSBUs i.e.

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How can I get my Bharat gas receipt online?

Procedure to Make Bharatgas Payment through Paytm
  1. Login to the Paytm website or the mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the “Gas” option.
  3. Enter your gas provider which is Bharatgas and click on“Proceed”
  4. Enter the “Consumer Number” and other details likethe amount of the gas bill.
  5. Click on the “Pay” option.

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How can book Bharat gas by SMS?

Bharat Gas Booking ThroughSMS:
Once you have done so, please follow the below stepsto book your refill: Send LPG to 57333. Customerswith Airtel, Vodafone, MTNL, Idea and Tata will haveto send the SMS to 52725. You will receive aconfirmation SMS with the booking referencenumber.

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What happens if gas subsidy not received?

LPG Subsidy Helpline
The helpline number of the DBTL Grievance Cell is1800-2333-555. There are a number of cases of individuals who havenot received their subsidy and the reasons aregenerally one of the above. Contacting either the gas agencyor bank will generally sort the issueout.

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How do I link my bank account to LPG?

If you use an LPG connection, you can get thesubsidy directly into your bank account by linkingyour Aadhaar to your connection. Gas companies offer a variety ofways in which you can link your Aadhaar to your LPGconnection. You can do so by visiting a distributor, over a call,through IVRS or by sending an SMS.

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How can I change my bank subsidy for gas?

Here is the solution for how to change mybank account number for receiving the subsidy amount.Through a simple procedure, you can change your bankfor subsidy payment using Aadhaar number. Visit your newbank in which you already have a bank account. Givefresh request to link your bank account.

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What is LPG liquid?

LPG is the abbreviation or short form forliquefied petroleum gas. Normally, the gas is stored inliquid form under pressure in a steel container, cylinder ortank. The pressure inside the container will depend on the type ofLPG (commercial butane or commercial propane) and theoutside temperature.

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Which gas is present in LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG (alsocalled Autogas) consists mainly of propane, propylene, butane, andbutylene in various mixtures. It is produced as a by-product ofnatural gas processing and petroleum refining. Thecomponents of LPG are gases at normal temperaturesand pressures.

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How can I get gas subsidy Online?

First through portal second using givitup.inportal. Visit this portals and select you LPG provider. Nextif you already register with portal just login and selectgive it up option. If you are not a register user enter yourLPG id or Aadhaar number or Bank details and clicksubmit.

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What is the eligibility for gas subsidy?

The government, while announcing this decision lastyear, had said it "has decided that the benefit of LPGsubsidy will not be available for LPG consumers if theconsumer or his/her spouse had taxable income of more than Rs 10lakh during the previous financial year computed as per the IncomeTax Act, 1961.

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What is Dbtl gas?

The scheme was launched for the consumers of LiquidPetroleum Gas (LPG). The modified scheme is referred to asPratyaksh Hanstantarit Labh or PAHAL DBTL (Direct BenefitTransfer of LPG).

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How can I get LPG subsidy?

By Hand: Submit Form 2 to the LPG distributordirectly. Via Call Centre: Call 1800-2333-555 and follow theinsructions to register the Aadhaar Number. On Internet: Log on and follow the procedure.

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How can I book gas cylinder by phone?

Book New gas cylinder by IVRoption
Follow the steps to book a new cylinder.Call on the registered mobile no and follow the instructions on IVRmenu. Listen the instructions and click on the number tobook a cylinder.