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How can I make my voice deeper on the phone?

Last Updated: 25th May, 2020

Part 2 Trying Techniques in the Moment
  1. Keep your chin up. Good posture will help you maintain adeep and authoritative voice.
  2. Swallow before speaking. One trick to attain a deepervoice is to do a swallowing motion just before youspeak.
  3. Speak slowly.
  4. Avoid speaking with a growly or raspy voice.

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Moreover, how can I make my voice deeper permanently?

To make your voice sound deeper, startspeaking from your stomach rather than your throat bylowering the back of your tongue into your throat.You can also practice better breathing techniques, like breathingfrom your diaphragm instead of yourchest.

Beside above, does testosterone make voice deeper? As your body went into testosteroneoverdrive during puberty, the hormone went to work on yourvocal cords, causing them to lengthen and thicken. Boys whoproduced more testosterone during puberty turned into menwith thicker and longer vocal cords, and consequently, naturallydeeper voices.

Correspondingly, how can you change your voice?


  1. Figure out what you sound like.
  2. Stop talking through your nose.
  3. Don't speak from the back of your throat.
  4. Speak through your "mask".
  5. Project from your diaphragm.
  6. Change your pitch.

Why is my voice deeper in the morning?

A deeper voice in the morning is aninevitable result of a good night's rest. During sleep, the tissuesin our throat collect fluid, which is also what causes our eyes tolook puffy when we just wake up. Our lack of vocal cord use duringthe night also causes mucus to build up during the hours we spendasleep.

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What does deep voice mean?

adjective. having a voice that is low in pitch: adeep-voiced young man.

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What gas makes your voice deeper?

sulfur hexafluoride

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How can I make my voice more attractive?

Take 5 Steps to Build Your Best Voice
  1. Speak slower. Nearly every person talks too damn fast.
  2. Speak louder. You might think you're loud enough – you'renot.
  3. Don't rush to respond. Give yourself an extra second or two toprocess what they just said.
  4. Use pauses effectively.
  5. Speak with passion.

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Why is my voice so high?

As we age our voices change. There is a specificchange in a male teenager's voice as the cartilage of thelarynx (voice box) gets thicker around puberty. However,often a high pitched voice is due to the vocal cordsbeing stretched too tightly by the failure to develop athickening of the voice box with puberty.

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What does it mean when a guys voice gets deeper?

One reason that a man's voice might gethigher temporarily is that he is talking to someone that he findsattractive. It is known that men will often speak with adeeper voice around women they find attractive since itshows that they have testosterone.

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Does your voice change after 18?

Voice changes do not happen in a vacuum.Increases in testosterone during puberty make many changesin the body, not just to the voice. The age at whichvoice changes begin varies widely between boys. Most oftenit begins between the ages of 12 and 13 and the changes aremostly complete after ages 15 to 18.

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Who is the voice of Siri?

On Friday, CNN revealed that voice actor SusanBennett is the voice behind Siri, Apple's personalassistant on iPhones and iPads. “I'm the actor who providedthe voice for Siri,” she told CNN. Bennett saidshe didn't know she voiced Siri until Apple integrated itinto the iPhone in 2011.

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Why is my voice so quiet?

Sometimes a quiet speaking voice has aphysical cause, such as a weakness in the vocal cords or arespiratory condition. Similarly, some people just tend to mumbleor talk too fast if they're not concentrating on speaking clearly.If you don't talk to people very often, your voicemay grow weak from lack of use.

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Why does my voice sound different when recorded?

Hear Me, Hear Me
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. When you listen to arecording of your voice, that voice isunaffected by what's called bone conduction. When you speak, youhear your own voice through "vibrations inside your skullset off by your vocal chords," according to theBBC.

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Is your voice deeper than you hear it?

Greg Foot explains all. The first is through vibratingsound waves hitting your ear drum, the way other peoplehear your voice. The second way is through vibrations insideyour skull set off by your vocal chords. Thenwhen you hear a recording of your voice, it soundsdistinctly higher.

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Does my voice really sound like it does when recording?

When you speak, your vocal cords create soundwaves that travel through the air to reach your inner ear. Thismeans that your voice usually sounds fuller anddeeper to you than it really is. That's why when you hearyour voice on a recording, it usually soundshigher and weaker than you think it should.

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What is a feminine voice?

"My voice is too high and feminine. Thereprobably is more overlap between female and male voicepitches than you thought: males often speak at 65 to 260 Hertz,while females speak in the 100 to 525 Hz range. Thus, avoice of 100 to 260 Hz is just as "masculine" as it is"feminine."

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Why does my voice crack when I talk?

In adults, however, voice cracking is most oftenthe result of vocal cord strain, either from constant yelling orfrom illness. In addition, stressful situations can also causevoices to crack. This is because being nervous causesall of our muscles to tense us, our vocal foldsincluded.

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How can I train my voice to sing?

Five Tips to Keep Your Voice Healthy
  1. Train your voice and body just like an athlete: Learn propersinging technique, don't overuse the voice, get plenty of rest, eata balanced, healthy diet.
  2. Let your voice shine.
  3. Pace yourself.
  4. Avoid phonotraumatic behaviors such as yelling, screaming, loudtalking, singing too loudly.
  5. Adequate hydration.

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Can I change my voice during a phone call?

Call Voice Changer IntCall Make Funny PhoneCalls
You can add sound effects and changeyour voice while on call. You can change yourvoice to deep, creepy and even high, all at a singletap.

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What makes a man's voice deep?

In humans, these physical differences don't emerge untilpuberty, when a rise in testosterone causes a boy's vocalcords to grow longer and thicker. His voice can drop as muchas an octave. "However," he says, "evidence suggests men evolveddeeper voices mainly for intimidating other men rather thanattracting women."

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Do hormones change your voice?

Transgender men — that is, women making thetransition to men — can lengthen their vocal cords anddevelop deeper voices if they take testosterone. But fortransgender women who begin the transition to female after puberty,hormone therapy does not make vocal chords shorter orthinner.

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Does testosterone change your face?

Genitals, hips, and muscle mass change,obviously–but so do faces. A new study suggests thosefacial changes are primed to happen by the presence oftestosterone in utero.

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How do I speak louder?

Part 1 Projecting Your Voice
  1. Adopt a confident position.
  2. Breathe in a way that maximizes voice projection.
  3. Start out speaking at a comfortable volume.
  4. Slow down your speech.
  5. Listen to what others are saying.
  6. Include yourself in the conversation.
  7. Work on regulating the volume of your voice.