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How can I play KBC on mobile?

Here are the steps:
  1. a. Download JioChat app for Android / IOS.
  2. b. Open the app and login with your mobile number.
  3. c. Select the Jio KBC Play Along option.
  4. d. Click on 'Accept T&C'
  5. e. Fill up your profile details.
  6. f. Select the 'KBC' icon to play the game.
  7. g. Play.

Also, on which app we can play KBC?

The viewers of the show can enjoy KBC PlayAlong on their smartphones. They need to download theSonyLIV app and play the game as if you are apart of it. Click on the KBC banner on the app duringthe telecast of the show.

Similarly, is KBC scripted? KBC is obviously not scripted.

Moreover, how does KBC play along work?

The contestants play the game on theSonyLIV app on their smartphones and lucky winnersare given a variety of prizes at the end of each episode.For each correct answer, the participants of KBC Play Alongare awarded points. They can check their positionon the leader board and try to make it to the top of theircity.

Who won 7 crore in KBC?

Amitabh Bachchan puts forward Rs 7 crore questionin front of Sanoj. In the earlier episode of Kaun BanegaCrorepati 11, 19-year-old contestant Himanshu Dhuria, who is acommercial pilot lost the chance of winning 1 crore rupeesas he decided to quit the show and took home rupees 50 lakhrupees.

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How many points required for KBC play along?

If you have missed the 26th Day of Kaun Banega CrorepatiKBC Play Along then Answer KBC Questions Now

Q# On-Air Amount PAG Points
14 50,00,000 50000
13 25,00,000 25000
12 12,50,000 12500
11 6,40,000 6400

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What is Jio KBC?

KBC registration 2018 for Jio users: Namedthe "JIO KBC Play Along", the Jio SIM users have agreat chance to get on the hot seat with Amitabh Bachchan and winprizes worth crores. For all the KBC fans who want to playalong Superstar Amitabh Bachchan this season, there is a specialchance.

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Does KBC really give money?

Yes, the contestants in Kaun Banega Crorepati doget the prize money. But the prize money is notexactly the same as the contestant has won. Their is a lotof deduction after taxes. Yesterday, Binita Jain became the firstcontestant in KBC 10 to win crore rupees.

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Who gives KBC money?

The chunk of investment in big shows like KBCcomes from the TV channel partner. It puts in the prizemoney and pays for the host, which is almost 70% of thetotal cost.

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Who is owner of KBC?

Saurabh Uboweja, founder and chief executiveofficer of brand consulting firm Brands of Desire, said, “Asa concept and brand, KBC is now 17 years old, with AmitabhBachchan, who is a brand in himself, building a lot of equity forthe channel and concept."

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How much do KBC winners actually get?

Income Tax @ 31.20% on Winnings from such TVShows and Online Winnings. Income earned from winningKBC Game Show, Big Boss, Nach Baliye, India's Got Talent, FearFactor and other game shows is taxable at a flat rate of30%.

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How much tax do KBC winners pay?

If you win Rs. 1 crore in KBC then u willtake home 69.10 lakhs i. e after deduction of TDS at the rate of30.9%. However this is not the whole tax which you willpay. While filing your income tax return you willmention such income as taxable in income from othersources.

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Who gave money in KBC?

MOTIHARI: Sushil Kumar, who made history bywinning the Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) jackpot of Rs5 crore last month, has now received the prize money of Rs3.5 crore (after deduction of taxes). Though this may pave the wayfor giving shape to his plans, he may remain a much harriedman, at least for now.

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Who is the founder of KBC?

Amitabh Bachchan

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Who won 1 crore in KBC?

NEW DELHI: Sanoj Raj from Bihar's Jehanabad district isthe first contestant of "Kaun Banega Crorepati" season 11 towin Rs 1 crore. Even though he failed to get theright answer of the jackpot question worth Rs 7 crore, Sanojis happy about winning a crore.

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Who won highest amount in KBC?

Brothers Achin and Sarthak Narula created history on“Kaun Banega Crorepati” by winning an incredibleprize money of Rs 7 crore in Season 8, they become the 1sthighest prize money winner of the show as this titlewas hold by Sushil Kumar who Rs. 5 Crore.

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What was the 7 crore question of KBC?

The 7 crore question was 'Who was the Indianbowler off whom Australian legend Don Bradman got a single to reachhis 100th first class century?' The four options given to Sanojwere Baqa Jilani, Commandur Rangachari, Gogumal Kishenchand andKanwar Rai Singh.

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Is KBC money taxable?

As per the income tax laws in India, the ITdepartment deducts a flat 30.9% from the prize you have won. And,it's not specific to KBC, the tax is deducted fromany prize money you win from any contest/quiz orlottery.

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How does KBC make money?

The chunk of investment in big shows like KBCcomes from the TV channel partner. It puts in the prizemoney and pays for the host, which is almost 70% of thetotal cost. The prize money has risen from Rs 1 crore underSTAR TV in 2000 to Rs 5 crore in 2010 when Sony tookover.

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