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How can I see all the movies I've watched on Netflix?

Last Updated: 8th May, 2020

Visit, ensure you're logged inandthen hover over your profile name. Select Your Account fromthemenu. Now, scroll down to the bottom and select ViewingActivity.You should now be presented with a list of everythingyou'vestreamed on your account.

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Correspondingly, how can I see all the movies I've watched on Netflix?

All you have to do is head to yourNetflixaccount, hit the avatar at the top right and click on'Account.'Then, scroll down to the 'My Profile' section and clickon 'Viewingactivity.' Behold, pages, upon pages, upon pages ofshows you'vewatched. As well as the date showing when youwatchedthem.

Beside above, how do you see your recent activity on Netflix? Here's how to find it:

  1. Head to the Netflix home page in your browser and sign in.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner you'll see your accountsymbol.Mouse over it, then click “Your Account.”
  3. Scroll down and click the “Viewingactivity”link.
  4. Then click the “See recent accountaccess”link.

Beside this, can you see how many times you've watched something on Netflix?

Then hit ctrl+f and type in the name of thethingyou want to know how much you watched it. Pressenter(more then once), and you can see how many timesyou'vewatched it.

Can anyone see what I watch on Netflix?

Because profiles aren't locked, anyone usingyouraccount on a computer or on a streaming gadget can seewhatyou've been up to. Fortunately, if you did watchsomethingyou don't really want anyone else tosee,Netflix now allows you to edit your viewinghistory. Go tothe Netflix home page and log in.

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Can Netflix track your location?

You can get Netflix viewing activity,withdate and time of access and the location.ThisNetflix viewing activity will display IP addressofthe device that accessed the Netflix account.First,log in to the Netflix account from your PCbrowser.Click on your account icon (top-right) to getthepull-down menu.

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Can you delete history on Netflix?

How to clear your Netflixviewinghistory. Open Netflix in the browser of yourchoice.Hover over your profile picture in the upper-right corner ofthescreen. Click the X next to a title to remove it fromyourviewing history.

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How do you get rid of continue watching on Netflix?

Scroll all the way down to My Profile and tap onViewingActivity. You should see a list with all the movies and TVshowsyou watched in a chronological order. At this point,clickthe X button to remove a certain show from allyourdevices.

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How do I find my watch history on Amazon Prime?

On the Prime Video page,click“Settings” at the top-right corner of the screen,clickthe “Watch History” option, and then clickthe“View Watch History” button. This page showsacomplete history of all the videos you'veeverwatched on Amazon, with your mostrecentlywatched videos at the top.

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How do I find my viewing history on Amazon?

To do that, go to and log intoyouraccount. Click the Browsing History link at the top ofthemain page to see the recent items youpreviouslyviewed while clicking around on the site. At thetop of thepage, click Manage History.

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How do I delete the next Watch on Amazon Prime?

Step 1: Login to your Amazon Prime Videoaccount.Here you will see the Watch Next list. Tap on theEditbutton on the upper-right side of this list. Step 2: Onceyou'vepressed the Edit button, icons to remove the content of thatlist,denoted by circular cross signs will appear on each and everyshowor movie.

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How do I delete my Netflix history on my TV?

Open the Netflix app, click the menu icon inthetop left and scroll to “Account”. Tap it. Scrolluntilyou reach the “My Profile” section and then clickon“Viewing activity”. Here you can remove any showyou'veever watched by tapping the “X” next to ashow'sname.

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Can I see how many times I've watched a video on YouTube?

When YouTube rolls out the feature toyouraccount, you'll be able to sign into the website, go toyouraccount menu, and click through to "time watched."Oncethere, you'll be able to see how many minutes orhoursyou've spent viewing YouTube videos today, yesterday,andthe past week, along with a daily average.

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How many hours does Netflix have?

This means that with over 1 billion hours perweekof content being streamed, every single account is watchinganaverage of 570 hours of Netflix content every year.Ibelieve Netflix has about 125 million hours ofMovieand Television content at any given time.

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How many viewers does Netflix have?

Even more encouragingly for Netflix,StrangerThings grew its American audience between seasons.According toNielsen's analysis: The 12.8 million four-dayviewership averagefor the full season was 21 percent ahead of the10.6 million whowatched over a similar frame in 2017.

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Does Netflix save history?

Netflix keeps a history of yourviewingactivity. If there's something you'd prefer to hide from theothersin your household, however, the streaming service willnowlet you remove it. Log into your account and go to theactivitypage to find the new "X" button besides eachtitle.

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How do you remove someone from your Netflix account?

Cursor over your account name in theupperright-hand corner of the screen and click "manage profiles"fromthe drop-down menu. On your account page, click "Signout ofall devices." Next, you'll be prompted to sign yourNetflixaccount out of all devices currently using it. Clickthe blue"Sign Out" button once.

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Can I use someone else's Netflix account?

Yes, you can use someone's Netflix account asfaras the person is okay to allow you to usetheirNetflix ID and password. You and the other personshould notlog in and watch Netflix at the same time. Askthat personif they can add you on theiraccount.

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How do you hide shows on Netflix?

On the My activity page, click on the icon next totheepisode or title you wish to hide (if you arehidingan episode, you will be given the option tohide the entireseries). If you would like tohide all of yourviewing activity, select the Hide alloption at the bottomof the page.

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Can Netflix profiles have different passwords?

If you are unable to create a profileonyour device, or are using Netflix on a web browseronyour mobile device, visit the Netflix website on acomputerand follow the steps above. You can also makeaprofile kid-friendly by selecting Kid? on the edit pageofthat profile. Note: Profiles are notpasswordprotected.

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Does Netflix use data?

Watching Netflix uses about 1 GB ofdataper hour for each stream of standard definition video,and up to 3GB per hour for each stream of HD video. This can createheadachesfor Netflix members that have a monthly bandwidthordata cap on their Internet service.

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How does Netflix use data?

How can I control how much data Netflixuses?Watching TV shows or movies on Netflix uses about 1 GBofdata per hour for each stream of standard definitionvideo,and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HDvideo.

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How do I protect my Netflix profile?

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Choose the profile you want to manage.
  3. Click the username and choose Your Account.
  4. Choose Parental controls.
  5. Input your account password.
  6. Click Create PIN.
  7. Input your PIN and choose your PIN Protection Level.
  8. Click Save.

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Can I pay for Netflix for someone else?

Netflix Gift Cards. You canuseNetflix Gift Cards to pay for aNetflixsubscription or to give as a gift to friends, family,teachers, andmore. You can purchase a Netflix GiftCard at manyretail locations, and apply the gift card to your newor existingNetflix account.