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How can I see my Quora history?

You can find it under Profile > Feed > Activity.Unfortunately Quora app doesn't provide such history,but you can get back to the question/answer by using below methodsif your memory is good.

In this way, how do I check my Quora history?

Go to your feed and look to the left;under 'Feeds' there will be a 'Bookmarked Answers' button. If youupvoted, downvoted, or commented on them, you can find themin your Edits. Go to your profile, look to theleft, and under 'Feeds' at the very bottom there will be an'Edits' button.

Likewise, where can I see my Upvotes in Quora? Click on your name, which is under your profile picture(located at the top-right corner). This will take you to a newpage. Then click on the "Activity" button, which is under the"Feeds" (located at left side of the page).

Likewise, can people see what I look at on Quora?

The views will be visible on each individualpost, and also Quora users will have their ownpersonal dashboard to see analytics on the views across allthe posts they've made.

How do I delete Quora history?

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More .
  3. Click History History.
  4. On the left, click Clear browsing data.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select how much history you want todelete.

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Who owns Quora?

Quora website owned by Quora, a Private Corporation co-founded by two former Facebookemployees, Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

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What is Quora com?

Quora is a continually growing user generatedcollection of questions and answers. All the questions and answersare created, edited, and organized by the people who use it. Whilemany people use Quora as a resource for research,information, and general interest, some use Quora toÂadd and build their social network.

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How can I hide my activity on Quora?

  1. Open up your latest activity feed.
  2. Click on each action, manually go anonymous, confirm it hasdisappeared from your feed.
  3. You can also go to your edit log and do the same.
  4. Boards are not Anon-friendly. You just gotta undo all yourupvotes and delete whatever content you've submitted(unfortunately).

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Is Quora safe?

Quora is a platform where one can gain a fanfollowing and can be recognized with a few answers. A lot of youngchildren start using the platform and discuss their personal livesthat bring them upvotes which appeals to their narcissisticside.

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What does it mean if someone follows you on Quora?

It “means” several things. Whenyou follow someone, it can be understood as a vote of“approval” or a vote of “friendship”. Votesto Follow are counted as a statistic on Quora.If I vote to “followyou,Quora adds up all of the “Followers” thatyou have.

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Are Quora searches public?

No, views from search do not get shared publicly.The only public views we include are from feed, digestemails and public actions like upvoting. We also never shareviews on adult topics or content you're not following, such as whenyou search or browse related questions.

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What happens if I delete my Quora account?

If you login during the next 14days, the account will be reactivated and deletion will becanceled. Once the 14-day grace period has expired and youraccount has been deleted, your content and profile will bepermanently deleted, and personal data associated with youraccount will be removed from Quora'sdatabases.

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How do I stop getting emails from Quora?

In general, to control what types of e-mails youreceive from Quora, including our Digest emails, goto your Settings page, navigate to "Email &Notifications" in the left-side navigation menu (or, and toggleyour settings from there.

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How do I use Quora anonymously?

To write an anonymous answer, go to the "" menubelow a question and choose the "Write Anonymously" option.This will take you to the Anonymous Edit Link for the draftof a new anonymous answer. After you post your answer, thatlink will be your only way to edit or delete your answer in thefuture.

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How do I mute a topic on Quora?

You can mute a topic by visiting theTopic page, clicking the "" beneath the topic name,then choosing "Mute Topic". On the web: When a topicis muted the checkbox next to "Mute Topic" will bechecked. To Unmute, click the checkbox to remove thecheck.

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How do I search answers on Quora?

Login into your quora account. Click on to yourprofile picture right to search section and left to“Ask Question” After clicking profile picture you cansee “Profile” option in the drop down menu. Click onprofile - there you can see all your answers onquora.

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What is Downvote in Quora?

12 Answers. Mark Lundquist, on Quora since 2015.Answered Mar 4, 2017 · Author has 1.5k answers and 1.8manswer views. Originally Answered: What does “upvote”and “downvote” mean in Quora?“Upvote” means that you consider the answer to be ofhigh quality.