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How can I type in PageMaker?

How to Work With Text in PageMaker
  1. Select the "Text" tool from the Toolbox. Move the cursor backto your document, where it will turn into an I-Beam (seediagram).
  2. Click the mouse at the spot in your document where you want totype in your text.
  3. Release the mouse once the text box is of the size youwant.
  4. Begin to type in your text.

Beside this, how do I add text to a page in PageMaker?

Creating a New Text Box

  1. Click on the Text tool in the Toolbox.
  2. Move your cursor back to your document.
  3. Click anywhere on your document within the margin guides, andthen drag the mouse to the right to create a rectangular box.
  4. Release your mouse when you have a text box of the size youwant.
  5. Begin typing in your text.

Beside above, how many types of page type style options are there in PageMaker? PageMaker has a palette with standardstyles, but using the option Define stylesunder Type menu, you can make your own Style palette.Part 2 of the course explains in detail how to dothis.

Moreover, how do I change text direction in PageMaker?


  1. Select the Rotate tool in the PageMaker toolbar.
  2. Point to the outside edge of the text or graphic you want torotate and click to select it.
  3. Point again to the now visible frame surrounding the text orgraphic and drag in the direction you want to rotate theobject.

What is PageMaker for?

Adobe Pagemaker is an application fromAdobe Company. It is a software used for Desktop Publishing. Thatmeans, we can design e-books, brochures, hand bills, visiting cardsand other printing works. After designing in AdobePagemaker, you can take print in printingpress.

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How do I select all text in PageMaker?

3. Re: How to select all pages (all the text of adocument) at once?
  1. Select the text selection tool (arrow icon)
  2. Click anywhere in the text(!!)
  3. Click Ctrl+Home.
  4. Click Shift+Ctrl+End, (Note the order!!! Ctrl+Shift+End doesnot always work!!)

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What is master page in PageMaker?

A Master Page is a nonprinting page thatyou can use as the template for the rest of the pages inyour document. Master pages can contain text and graphicelements that will appear on all pages of a publication(i.e. headers, footers, page numbers, etc.)

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How many master pages can we have in PageMaker?

Setting up the master pages. The majority ofpages in this newsletter have three columns, soyou begin by specifying a three-column layout on themaster pages. While you're on the masterpages, you also create the title header that appears atthe top of the inside pages.

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How do I create a header and footer in PageMaker?

  1. Go to the master pages by clicking the master pages icon.
  2. Zoom in to enlarge the page view.
  3. Go to the area on the page where you want to insert the headeror footer.
  4. Select the Text tool and click where you want to add the texton the page.
  5. Type the header or footer text and format it.

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How can I change PageMaker color?

To change the fill color, first, use themouse to open the Element menu and then click the Fill and Strokecommand. Next, select the color in the Color list boxand then click the Ok button. Now, you will see the fillcolor has changed.

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What is the use of EDIT story in PageMaker?

PageMaker's story editor is a text-only viewwhere you can edit text quickly and easily becausePageMaker does not have to display graphics or sophisticatedformatting, and stories are all together in one placeinstead of being spread out over various pages.

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How do I add bullets in PageMaker?

Add a bullet character
  1. In the Bullets And Numbering dialog box, select Bullets fromthe List Type menu, then click Add.
  2. Select the glyph that you want to use as the bulletcharacter.
  3. If you want the new bullet to remember the currently chosenfont and style, select Remember Font With Bullet.
  4. Click Add.

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How do I type vertically in Word 2010?

Click the "Insert" tab and click "Text Box" fromthe Text section. Click "Simple Text Box" and then click anywhereinside the new text box to type the numbers you want todisplay vertically. Click the "Format" tab and then click"Text Direction" and choose one of the vertical TextDirection Options.

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How many tools does PageMaker have?

The PageMaker Toolbox contains all of thetools you will use for creating and manipulating text andobjects. It also contains two tools to help you view yourpublication. This document will familiarize you with thetools in the toolbox.

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How do you type on a path tool?

Create type on a path
  1. Select the Type On A Path tool . (Click and hold the Type toolto display a menu containing the Type On A Path tool.)
  2. Position the pointer on the path until a small plus signappears next to the pointer , and then follow these steps: To typeusing default settings, click the path.
  3. Type the text you want.

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How do you write down in InDesign?

How to Vertical Text in InDesign
  1. Start by drawing a vertical path using the Line Tool, or PenTool.
  2. Select the text on the Path tool by pressing "Shift + T", andthen click anywhere on the path.
  3. To make sure the text is vertical, choose "Justify All Linesparagraph alignment", or simply press "Command/Ctrl-Shift-F".

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Where is the rotate tool in InDesign?

The Rotate Tool is under the Free TransformTool on the Toolbar . Click, hold, and select to bring it tothe top level. Select an object to rotate, then go to theReference Point Selector in the Control Panel and select the pointthat you want the object to pivot from.

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How do I make text curve in InDesign?

To create text on a path, follow these steps:
  1. Use the Pen tool to create a path on the page. Create at leastone curve on the path after you create it.
  2. Click and hold the Type tool to select the Type On a Pathtool.
  3. Move the cursor near the path you created.
  4. Click when you see the + icon and type some text on thepath.

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How do you vertically align text in Indesign?

Align Text Vertically
  1. Create a text box, type the text that you want to alignvertically, and press "Ctrl-B" to open the Text Frame Optionswindow.
  2. Select "Top," "Center," "Bottom" or "Justify" in the Align box(in the Vertical Justification section) to align the textvertically.

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What is the latest version of PageMaker?

Adobe PageMaker
PageMaker 7.0 running on Mac OS 9
Original author(s) Aldus
Developer(s) Adobe Systems
Final release 7.0.2 / 30 March 2004
Operating system Windows XP and earlier Mac OS 9 OS/2 v3.01

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What is PageMaker leading?

Leading is the vertical space between lines oftype and is measured in points. Like letter and word spacing, theright amount of leading makes text easier to read. You canspecify the leading value yourself or let PageMakerdetermine it automatically.

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Which key is used to open a new publication in PageMaker file?

In Pagemaker Ctrl+J is the shortcut keyfor justify (False) 33. In PageMaker 'Coloum guides' optionis in Layout menu (True) 34.

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When did PageMaker begin?

Manutius went on to found the first modern publishinghouse, the Aldine Press. The flagship program of AldusCo—PageMaker was released in July 1985.

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Who is the founder of PageMaker?

It is known for developing PageMaker, an earlyproduct in the desktop publishing field. The company is named after15th-century Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, and wasfounded by Jeremy Jaech, Mark Sundstrom, Mike Templeman,Dave Walter, and chairman Paul Brainerd.