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How deep is a Belfast sink?

Last Updated: 13th May, 2020

The BLANCO Belfast sink with its integrated overflow and extremely deep bowl depth, of 235mm, is perfect for your largest pots and pans.

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Then, what size is a Belfast sink?

Double Belfast sinks typically measure 2.5 feet across, 800mm, but sizes can vary by up to 3%. The largest Belfast sinks we offer measures 3 feet, 915mm, but as one large bowl capable of soaking the largest of pans.

Also Know, how deep is a butler sink? A butler's sink is a rectangular ceramic sink with a rounded rim which is set into a work surface. There are generally two kinds of butler's sinks: The London sink and the Belfast sink. In 2013, both types of sinks usually were 600mm across and 460mm front-to-back, with a depth of 250mm.

In respect to this, what is the difference between a butler sink and a Belfast sink?

The Belfast sink is a variation of the Butler sink; the only difference being that, traditionally, the Belfast had an overflow and the Butler had a shallower bowl with no overflow. Nowadays, both the Belfast and the Butler have overflows, although a weir overflow is only found on the Belfast sink.

Why is it called a Belfast sink?

To start off with, the Belfast sink is derived from a Butler sink and is also known as a Butler Belfast sink. As you may have guessed by the term “Butler” these sinks got their name as they were used by Butlers in their pantries for preparing food and washing up after the nobles had finished.

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How do you fit a Belfast sink unit?

First, connect the waste kit(s) to the sink. Place the sink in position on the cabinet. Apply a generous amount of quality silicone around the rim of the sink, on the two sides and back edge (if you have decided to have no worktop overhang, this step can be skipped). Wipe away any excess.

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How much is a sink?

Cost to Install a Sink
Average Sink Price $285
Average Plumbing Labor Cost $389
Total $674

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What is a cleaners sink?

The Cleaners Sink is a general multi environment sink for use in factories, hospitals, shopping centres etc. It has a heavy duty bucket grate in stainless steel. NOTE: Requires two Y5904 brackets or set of legs Y5914 (sold separately) Includes plug and waste.

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Can you have a Belfast sink with laminate worktop?

As much as we advise against it, it is physically possible to use a type of Belfast sink with a laminate worktop.

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What is a butler sink?

Butler sinks are kitchen sinks with large basins that originated in farmhouses. They were built to reduce the strain of leaning over the counter to use the sink, which is why they feature an apron-like front. As time went on, they began to appear in butlers' pantries across the country.

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How much does a Belfast sink weigh?

Belfast Traditional Sink
Material: Fine Fireclay
Weight: 47.08Kg

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How do you level a Belfast sink?

Place the sink into position Usually around 15 to 20mm proud of the units at the front. Bring up level to the units. If the sink is uneven, ensure no part of the sink is above the unit level. Use packers under the sink if required.

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Are Belfast sinks practical?

What is a Belfast sink? Belfast sinks are not a new phenomenon. In fact, they have been popular since the 1700s. They have been fashionable for many, many years.

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Do ceramic sinks scratch easily?

Ceramic sinks are stain resistant and easy to maintain, and you can clean them with your normal household cleaning products. One major difference between ceramic and fireclay or cast iron sinks is the fact that ceramic sinks are quite sensitive. Ceramic sinks are also prone to chips, cracks, and scratches.

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What are deep kitchen sinks called?

Farmhouse sinks:
Also called apron sinks, farmhouse sinks are quickly increasing in popularity. As the name implies, a farmhouse sink mimics the style of a vintage rural kitchen sink with a deep, rectangular basin and an exposed front. Farmhouse sinks can be undermounted or be set on top of the counter.

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Is a Belfast sink ceramic?

>As the years went by, water supply became less of an issue and kitchens became bigger. Some modern Butler sinks are now as deep as Belfast sinks. At the end of the day, both are great ceramic sinks to complete the traditional kitchen theme.

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What is the difference between a sink and a basin?

In British English, a sink is where you wash the pots in a kitchen, and a basin (or washbasin) is where you wash yourself in the bathroom. In general, a basin is a receptacle that is wider than it is deep; the word is used as a synonym for “bowl” in cooking preparation.

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What are big sinks called?

Farmhouse or Apron Sink
Farmhouse, or apron, sinks are large single basin sinks distinguished by their front wall, which forms both the front of the sink and the front of the counter.

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How big is a butler sink?

The Shaws Butler sink is available in three standard sizes, 600mm, 800mm and 900mm wide. There is also the extra-wide Butler 1000 which is 1 meter wide.

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What is the difference between a farm sink and an apron sink?

The difference between an apron sink and a traditional kitchen sink is how the sink sets on top of the kitchen cabinet base. An apron or farm sink is part of the facing for your countertop and sink base. It will slide in and over your counter top, with the front of the sink being left exposed once it is installed.

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What is a Belfast sink made of?

When most people think of ceramic sinks, butler sinks immediately spring to mind. A butler is a rectangular ceramic sink, set underneath the worktop. There are two kinds of butler — the London sink and the Belfast sink. Both are usually 600mm wide and 460mm front to back.

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How much is a farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks are not cheap
These types of sinks typically cost around $1000 and as much as $2000.

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Can you undermount a Belfast sink?

No. Both sinks look great in an undermount style, where the worktop sits above the sink, and the edges of the worktop and sink are flush. For this reason though, a laminate worktop is not suited to a Belfast or Butler sink.

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How do you clean a Belfast sink UK?

Alternatively, soak in a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. This will loosen the scale, making it possible to scrub it away with an abrasive pad and kitchen sink cleaner. These are generally removed with washing up liquid and hot water but a solvent may be required (eg.