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How did number 49 on the Seahawks lose his hand?

Last Updated: 23rd February, 2020

The Seahawks fifth-round pick in 2018 lost his hand when he was just four years old due to amniotic band syndrome, a condition that caused amniotic bands to wrap around Griffin's left wrist, preventing his hand from developing normally.

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Similarly, how did the Seahawks player lose his hand?

(CNN) Shaquem Griffin didn't let having one hand stop him from playing football. The University of Central Florida linebacker lost his left hand at the age of 4 due to a rare condition called amniotic band syndrome, which stunted the development of his hand, according to a 2012 Tampa Bay Times article.

Also, who is number 49 on the Seahawks? Shaquill Griffin

Consequently, how did NFL player lose his hand?

Griffin, 22, lost his left hand when he was 4 years old due to amniotic band syndrome, a rare condition that occurs during fetal development. Doctors amputated his hand in 1999 to relieve this pain. Now, Shaquem Griffin hopes to be the first player with one hand drafted to the NFL in the modern era, according to ESPN.

What is Shaquem Griffin's number?

49 Seattle Seahawks / Linebacker

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Did Shaquem Griffin cut his hand off?

Shaquem Griffin was born to Terry and Tangie Griffin on July 20, 1995, less than two minutes after Shaquill. When Griffin was 4 years old, his mother found him in the kitchen attempting to use a butcher's knife to amputate his own hand because of the pain. His parents scheduled an amputation the next day.

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Is there a one handed NFL player?

Linebacker Shaquem Griffin #49 of the Seattle Seahawks tosses the ball around before game against the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field on September 22, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. Shaquem Griffin is a Seattle Seahawks linebacker who, in 2018, made history as the first one-handed player to be drafted in the NFL.

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Why was Griffin's hand amputated?

Mr. Griffin's left hand was amputated at age 4, the result of amniotic band syndrome, a congenital birth defect. His father, Terry Griffin, still put him through the same football drills as his twin brother, Shaquill Griffin, and even adapted gym equipment so the boys could work out together.

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Are the Griffin twins married?

But when twins Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin were that age, they were very serious about a pact they made. They agreed that, when they grew up, they would live together, marry twins, have children, and raise their children in the same house.

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Are there twins in the NFL?

They officially were united on March 15, Jason McCourty was traded from the Browns to the Patriots. The deal was historic because for the first time in NFL history two sets of twins (the McCourtys and Griffins) were simultaneously on NFL rosters together.

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Is Griffin Shaquem good?

He's gained a lot there, but you can see him on the edge, in space and coming off the edge and pressures and stuff like that, that it's a good spot for him. So he has had a very, very good offseason with us." Griffin becoming more comfortable is part of the process going from rookie to sophomore.

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Who is the oldest player on the Seahawks?

But no one may be enjoying things more right now than K.J. Wright, the 29-year-old linebacker who is now in his ninth season with the Seahawks.

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Is Shaquem Griffin injured?

Shaquem Griffin aggravates knee injury against Raiders, clouding future with Seahawks. This was Shaquem Griffin's last chance to prove he's more than just a feel-good story. It's an injury that severely clouded his chances of making the Seahawks' 53-man roster.

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Is there an NFL player with only one hand?

Meet the Star NFL Player With 1 Hand
Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin are identical twin brothers who both play defense for the Seattle Seahawks. And Shaquem, who had his left hand amputated as a child, is a star player with only one hand.

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How many hands does Shaquem Griffin have?

Shaquem Griffin records 20 bench presses with one hand.

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Who are the twins that play in the NFL?

Griffin brothers become latest in line of NFL twin bills
  • Ronde and Tiki Barber. Arguably the best-known twin tandem to suit up in the league.
  • Brian and Brandon Dixon.
  • Devin and Jason McCourty.
  • Reggie and Raleigh McKenzie.
  • Mike and Maurkice Pouncey.
  • Rex and Rob Ryan.
  • Rich and Ron Saul.

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Is Shaquem Griffin a starter?

Shaquem Griffin to start at linebacker for Seahawks. In his first regular-season game, Griffin will be starting at linebacker. In speaking to reporters Wednesday, coach Pete Carroll made the announcement that usual starter K.J. Wright (knee) will miss Seattle's Week 1 contest against the Denver Broncos.

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What does a linebacker do?

A linebacker is a defensive position in the game of American football. There are two kinds of linebackers. One is the outside linebacker (OLB), whose job is to tackle players, rush the passer, and sometimes drop back in coverage to prevent catches.

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Are the Griffin brothers still with the Seahawks?

The 2018 season was a dream come true for Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin, twin brothers who were reunited once again on the football field for the Seattle Seahawks.

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Is Shaquem Griffin still on the Seahawks roster?

Griffin remains on every coverage unit for the Seahawks, and he made his mark there in the team's first preseason game against the Denver Broncos. He forced a fumble against Broncos running back Devonte Booker on the opening kickoff. Griffin understands his aptitude on special teams may be what keeps him on the roster.

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Who wore number 49 in the NFL?

Class of 2004 inductee Bob Brown wore #76 with the Eagles, Rams, and Raiders.
49 Kiesling , MITCHELL
51 BUTKUS , Hubbard , RINGO

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Which Griffin twin is older?

“It's okay to sometimes say no,” Shaquill says, and this is perhaps a window into the biggest difference between the twins. Shaquill was born 60 seconds before Shaquem, and that makes him the older brother, and that makes him the protector.