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How do I access Jive voicemail?

Last Updated: 31st March, 2020

1. Access the voicemail menu by dialing*99 from your Jive phone or pressing the messages key andentering your password. 2. Press 0 for a list of mailboxoptions.

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Simply so, how do I check my voicemail?

Retrieve Voicemail Messages

  1. Call the Voicemail box: Press *86 (*VM) then the Send key.Press and hold number 1 to use the voicemail speed dial. If callingfrom another number, dial the 10-digit mobile phone number thenpress # to interrupt the greeting.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve yourmessages.

Also Know, how do I check my voicemail on my Toshiba office phone? Baron Telecommunications

  1. Call into the office. Wait until you hear the Main Greeting orhave the person who answers the phone transfer you into 400 (or 40if you use 2-digit extension numbers).
  2. Log into the Main Mailbox. Dial *
  3. You are now logged into the Mailbox of your choice. Take Option1 to listen to messages.

Also Know, how do I check my voicemail from another country?

To check your voicemail messages from another phone whiletraveling internationally:

  1. Turn off your wireless phone if it's with you to avoid roamingcharges.
  2. Dial +1 followed by your 10-digit wireless number.
  3. The plus sign (+) key appears on most phones if you press andhold down the 0 key.

How do I setup my voicemail on my business phone?

Setting up from your business telephone line:

  1. Dial your Voice Mail Access Number. Or, you can dial yourtelephone number and press * when you hear the greeting.
  2. Follow the voice prompts to: Set up a new 4- to 8-digitPasscode. Set up your mailboxes. Record your greetings. Record yourname.

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Why is my voicemail not available?

Go to the Settings app, switch Airplane Mode to off,then switch it back on 30 seconds later. If that doesn't work, goto Settings > General > Reset and select Reset NetworkSettings. You also might want to try powering down your iPhone andturning it back on.

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What is a voicemail number?

Once you have listened to voicemail messages fromthe main telephone number, and are at the main menu, you canpress the number "7". The voicemail system willprompt you for the 10-digit telephone number of the mailboxyou wish to access. Enter the telephone number and followthe system prompts.

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How do I find out what my voicemail password is?

Calling from Phone
  1. Press *611 then press SEND (airtime is free).
  2. When prompted to state the reason for your call, say 'Resetvoicemail password'.
  3. If prompted, enter the requested info for securityverification.
  4. Follow the prompts to reset the password.

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How do you call straight to voicemail?

So now there's a way to get straight intosomeone's voicemail without actually talking to them orhaving their phone ring. It's called Slydial. Here's how it works:Dial (267)759-3425. At the prompt, dial the personyou want to reach.

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How do you access voicemail on an iPhone?

  1. Open the Phone app. It's the green app with a white phone iconin the middle and is usually located in the bottom-left of the dockon your home screen.
  2. Tap the keypad icon.
  3. Press and hold the "1" key.
  4. Follow the prompts to check your voicemail.

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How do you turn your voicemail off?

Deactivate your Voicemail viasettings.
Checking the voicemail settings and looking fora 'Turn Off' or 'Deactivate' option is a good firststep regardless of the type of phone you're using. If you find theright option, select it and the phone will turn off itsvoicemail function for you.

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How do you listen to voicemail on a landline?

  1. Dial your home phone number, wait for your voice mail to pickup, and then press 7 during the greeting. or. Dial your localaccess number, press #, and then enter your 10-digit phonenumber.
  2. Enter your PIN followed by the # sign.
  3. Choose from the menu options and follow the steps.

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Can I check voicemail over WIFI?

If you mean visual voicemail, it requires acellular data connection. The only way I know of to checkvoicemail over wifi is if you wave a wifi callingcapable phone.

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Does listening to voicemail use data?

Data is used to check yourvoicemail only if you have visual voicemail asdata transport the information to check your messages. Nodata is used if you use basic voicemailas you would make a phone call each time you check yourmessages.

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Can I check my voicemail online?

This enables you to check messages and manageyour account from any device connected to the internet. You cancheck your voicemail messages online by logginginto the YouMail website. Open your Inbox and click on any messageyou want to listen to. On the website, you have a few more optionsthan in the app.

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How do I check my voicemail on an Android phone?

The most common way to check yourvoicemail on your Android device is by calling intoyour mailbox. Call your number from your phone, or use thequick dial to access your voicemail: Launch the Phoneapp. At the bottom, tap the dial pad icon.

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Can you get voicemail on airplane mode?

Airplane Mode: Put your phone in AirplaneMode to block all cellular activity. Your calls will godirectly to voicemail, but you won't see who'scalling or even that you got a call until you check.Incoming calls will appear on your screen, but they won'tmake a sound and will go to voicemail if leftunanswered.

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How do I call my Verizon voicemail from another country?

To check your voicemail messages when outside ofthe US you can: Call your voicemailCall your Verizon Wireless number in Internationalformat ("+1" and then your 10-digit number). Interrupt the greetingby pressing # (pound key) and follow the prompts to navigate to thevoice mailbox.

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How do I listen to voicemail abroad with EIR?

In most destinations you'll be able to access yourvoicemail by dialling 171. If this doesn't work, you'll needto dial into your mailbox directly by putting a '5' afterthe 085 part of your number, making sure to include the prefix fordialling an Irish number while abroad - for e.g003538551234567.

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Can I access my Verizon Wireless voicemail from another phone?

To check your voice mailbox outside theVerizon Wireless network or from any phone: Callyour 10-digit mobile phone number. Tap # to interrupt yourgreeting. Enter your password and tap #.

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How do I access o2 voicemail abroad?

Calling 901 as usual works in most countries. If itdoesn't, call 1780 free from your mobile or +44 7802 090100, and we'll text you the right number to call. Dependingon which country you're in, you'll either go straight to yourmessages or you'll go to your voicemailgreeting.

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How do I transfer voicemail to Toshiba phone?

For transferring a call directly tovoicemail, press the Cnf/Trn button while on the activecall. Then enter #407 followed by the voicemail number,which is usually the same as the extension number, and finish bypressing #. The caller is then connected to the voice mailand you may hang up.

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How do I delete all messages on my Toshiba phone?

How do I delete all my voicemail messages atonce?
  1. Access your voicemail box on your phone by dialing *86 andentering your password.
  2. Follow the steps to listen to the messages in your voicemailbox.
  3. When listening to the first message, press 7 to delete allmessages.
  4. Press 7 again to delete all messages.
  5. Press 1 to confirm.

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How do I change the main greeting on my Toshiba phone?

  1. How To Change the Main or Company Greeting on the Toshiba CIX40. Telephone System: In order to record your main greeting, YOUMUST FOLLOW BOTH PART 1 & 2.
  2. Press the message button or dial pilot number for voicemail(usually. 250) Press # then *, immediately while the prompt issaying name.
  3. WIN 36D. WIN 100D. WIN 48CT.