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How do I access my Comcast router settings?

Make sure you are connected to your network
  1. Make sure you are connected to your network. This can be awiredor wifi connection.
  2. Open a browser and go to 10.0. 0.1.
  3. Enter username and password. Username: adminPassword:password.
  4. Change your password.
  5. Next up: Speed up your wifi connection.

Consequently, how do I change my Comcast router settings?

You may need your Xfinity username and password tologin.

  1. Log into and select "Settings."
  2. Then select "Internet."
  3. Go to "WiFi credentials."
  4. Now select "Edit" to change your WiFi Name or Password.
  5. Enter your new WiFi Name or Password and select "Save."

Furthermore, how do I find my Xfinity router username and password? Xfinity My Account Online
  1. Log into My Account. If you don't remember your usernameandpassword, we can help find your username and resetyourpassword.
  2. Select Settings on the top of the page.
  3. Select WiFi Network & Password.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. From here, you can change your WiFi network's nameandpassword.

Also question is, what is the default login for Xfinity router?

If you are using a Comcast wireless gateway,thedefault username is "admin" and the defaultpassword"password".

How do I find my WiFi name and password?

To find your WiFi network name and password:

  1. Make sure you're connected to your WiFi network.
  2. In the taskbar, right-click the WiFi icon, and then selectOpenNetwork and Sharing Center.
  3. Next to Connections, select your WiFi network name.
  4. Select Wireless Properties.
  5. Select the Security tab.
  6. Select Show characters.

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How do I find the username and password to my router?

To locate the default username and passwordforthe router, look in its manual. If you've lost themanual,you can often find it by searching for yourrouter'smodel number and “manual” on Google. Orjust search foryour router's model and“defaultpassword.”

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How do I find my IP address?

Find your PC's IP address
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Select an active network connection, and then, in thetoolbar,select View status of this connection. (You might need toselectthe chevron icon to find this command.)
  3. Select Details. Your PC's IP address appears in theValuecolumn, next to IPv4 Address.

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How do I change my Comcast IP address?

Click Start->Run, type cmd and press Enter.Typeipconfig /release at the prompt window, press Enter, itwillrelease the current IP configuration. Type ipconfig/renewat the prompt window, press Enter, wait for a while, theDHCPserver will assign a new IP address foryourcomputer.

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How do I know if my WiFi is 2.4 GHz?

To connect to a 2.4GHz network, go to Settings()>Wi-Fi. In this menu you will see alldetectablenetworks in your area. Locate the SSIDforyour network, and tap on the SSID with the2Gor 2.4 end notation. Connect to that networkusingthe Wi-Fi password associated withyournetwork.

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What is my wi fi password?

First: Check Your Router'sDefaultPassword
Check your router's defaultpassword,usually printed on a sticker on the router.In Windows, headto Network and Sharing Center, click on yourWi-Finetwork, and head to Wireless Properties> Security tosee your Network SecurityKey.

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How do I set up Xfinity WiFi?

Connect to XFINITY WiFi
  1. Click on the windows icon in the taskbar to bring up thewindowmenu and click on Settings.
  2. Click on Network & Internet in the Settings menu.
  3. Click on Wi-Fi to see the list of availablenetworks(SSIDs)
  4. Select xfinitywifi from the list of available networks andclickit.

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How do I login to my router?

To log in to your router and access its settings:
  1. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device thatisconnected to your router's network.
  2. Press Enter or click Search.
  3. In the router login window, enter your user nameandpassword.
  4. Click or tap OK or Log In.

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How do I find my Comcast IP address?

Open your browser and type "" intotheaddress bar. If this address fails toresolve,check your Comcast manual for the modem'sIPaddress. Alternatively, press "Win-R," type "cmd"(withoutquotes) and press "Enter" to open a Command Prompt window.Type"ipconfig" and press "Enter."

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How do I access my cable modem settings?

To access your surfboard cable modemopenyour web browser and use the IP address of192.168.100.1.The default page that will open is the Status page.The informationon this page gives a snapshot of a series of eventsthat themodem goes through when establishing aconnection toyour cable ISP.

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What is the username and password for my Xfinity router?

From your web browser, type Thetypicaldefault user id is "admin", the default passwordis"password", but you may have a blank passwordaswell. Go to Gateway -> Connection -> WiFi and press theEDITbutton next to your wireless network.

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What is my router's username and password?

Step 1: From a computer that is connected totherouter (wired or wireless), Open your Internet browserandtype the IP address of the router in the address bar.Thedefault IP address is At the login, entertheusername (admin) and your password(defaultpassword is nothing).

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How do I change my WiFi name and password?

To change the name of your WiFi network (also known asSSID,or Service Set Identifier), you need to enter your router'sadminpage.
  1. Enter your router's IP address into your favoritewebbrowser.
  2. Log in as the administrator.
  3. Go to settings and look for an option titled“WiFiname” or “SSID”.
  4. Enter your new WiFi name.

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How do I reset my router admin password?

To do this, press and hold the Resetbuttonfor 10 seconds. NOTE: Resetting yourrouter toits default factory settings will alsoreset yourrouter's password. The router's defaultpassword is“admin” as for theusername, just leavethe field blank.

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How do I find my Comcast wireless password?

There are two ways to find your network nameandpassword
  1. Open the My Account app and tap the Internet icon. ForAndroiddevices, tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner of thescreen,then tap Internet.
  2. Tap the Wireless Gateway.
  3. Select "Show WiFi Settings."
  4. Tap "Share" to send to yourself (or someone else) by text.